Facebook Hidden Interests Finder

Discover Untapped Audiences and Generate More Profits with Ease!

Note: The Clever Interests tool leverages Facebook Graph API to scrape hidden interests, which requires us to use our Facebook token to access. As a result, the rate limit is only 200 calls/hour.

If you use the tool and don’t see any data shown up, it means the maximum rate limit is reached. In that case, please wait for one hour and try again.

Note 2: The rate limit remover is under development. 

Why You Should Target Uptapped Interests for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’re promoting the same product and target the same interests as other sellers, your Facebook ad cost is higher due to the competition for the same audiences.

By targeting entirely different interests, you mitigate the problem, resulting in a lower ad cost, higher ad performance, and better profit.

How to Use the Clever Interests Tool

This tool is simple to use. All you need to do is enter an interest into the blank field and click “Suggest.” It will quickly show you a list of all hidden and related interests. You can then copy them to an excel file for referencing later.

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