How to Come Up with Infinite Viral Blog Post Ideas in Minutes

Coming up with new and viral blog post ideas consistently is one of the hardest parts of blogging.

Many beginners struggle to find the next best things to write about, whereas veteran bloggers seem to have unlimited ideas in their minds.

How do they do that?

Below, we provide you with numerous methods to help anyone come up with infinite viral blog post ideas in a matter of minutes. Hopefully, after reading this, you don’t have to waste countless hours wondering what to write about ever again.

1. Google Autofill

Google Autofill is a feature of Google Search Engine that helps users quickly perform a search query. Since the autofill results come from the most common questions people ask for, you can use it as a keyword research tool to find popular blog post ideas.

Google Autofill for "food recipes"

Looking at the autofill results for the term “food recipes” above, some blog post ideas for a food blog can be “10 best food recipes for dinner” or “10 food recipes with chicken.”

A little technique you can use to come up with more blog post ideas is playing with the alphabet. For example, adding a letter “c” at the end of “food recipes” can yield back some interesting results like “food recipes crock pot” or “food recipes chicken wings.”

Google Autofill for "food recipes c"

More often than not, you would like to check the popularity of these search terms. To do that, you can install a keyword research Chrome extension like Keyword Surfer. It allows you to see the estimated monthly search volumes of search terms directly in Google search results.

Keyword Surfer

It’s important to note that because the tool shows you the search volumes of exact match search queries for search terms like “food recipes with chicken,” and it’s rare for a user to perform a search query like that, you should check the data on the right side of your search result page to see how popular a topic idea truly is.

the search volumes of related keywords in Keyword Surfer

2. QuestionDB

A powerful alternative for Google AutoFill is QuestionDB. You can enter a broad term on the platform to find many related keywords and topics that contains it.

QuestionDB search results for "food"

Similarly, you can use these results as your blog post ideas.

Google Trends is an official Google tool that shows you the graph trends of search terms.

Google Trends

Besides helping you analyze how a term is performing, the tool shows you popular related search topics and search queries to that term. For example, “kimchi recipe” and “hummingbird feeder food recipe” are some trendy terms related to “food recipe.”

Related topics and related queries in Google Trends

4. Pinterest Suggestions

Pinterest is an online visual social network, allowing users to share images on almost any given topic.

With over 335 million monthly active users and more than 200 billion images, Pinterest is a perfect destination to find ideas for your blog.

Quite similar to Google, Pinterest offers a powerful search engine that helps users quickly find anything on the platform. As a blogger, you can use it to your advantage to discover what is trending and write blog posts around it.

For example, when typing the word “food” into Pinterest’s search bar and hit enter, you can see a bunch of suggestions related to your keyword at the top of the page.

Pinterest suggestions for "food"

Some popular keywords that come with the word “food” at the time of writing this post are “Recipes,” “Party,” “Cravings,” “Photography,” “Finger,” etc.

Extending on these keywords, you can write blog posts about “10 best breakfast recipes” or “15 food photography tips.”

You can also click on each of the keyword suggestions and look at other people’s images to have a general idea of what you should be writing about.

Going deeper into a keyword is a good idea to figure out more specific and less competitive terms. For instance, clicking on the word “Photography” shows you another whole range of suggestions, such as “Styling,” “Indian,” “Dark,” “Tips,” “Aesthetic,” etc.

Pinterest suggestions for "food photography"

It’s important to note that the popularity of keyword suggestions on Pinterest decreases from left to right. Therefore, if you think that a keyword is too competitive, try using a suggested term on the far right side like “Food photography lighting” or “minimalist food photography.”

Pinterest also offers a nice little research tool that shows you the estimated monthly search volume of a keyword. To use this tool, you have to switch your personal Pinterest account to a business one in the “Account Settings” section of your Pinterest settings.

Pinterest Account Settings

Then, click on “Ads” and “Create Ad.”

Create Ads on Pinterest

Quickly create an ad campaign and hit “Continue.” Don’t worry because you don’t have to run the ad.

Create an ad campaign on Pinterest

Scrolling down a little bit, and you will see a keyword research tool. Now, type in a keyword to check for its monthly searches. Although Pinterest doesn’t show the exact number, you can use it to see how popular a keyword is.

Pinterest keyword tool

5. Quora

Quora is an online community where people ask and answer questions with over 300 million monthly active users. With so many members on the platform, coupled with thousands of topics and billions of questions, you should definitely check out Quora to see what problems people are facing the most.

For example, by entering the word “food” into Quora’s search field, you can get back some popular results like “What is the healthiest food we can eat?” or “What is the best food for the brain?”

Quora search results for "food"

You can write content around those questions. Better yet, clicking on a question helps you see all its answers, so you get some interesting ideas for your own blog posts.

Quora answers for "What is the healthiest food we can eat?"

6. Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online community networks where people find, share, and discuss almost anything.

Like Quora, you can search for a specific topic and see what people are talking about.

Take “fitness” as an example. After entering the keyword into Reddit’s search field, click on a related community to see its content.

Reddit search results for "fitness"

You can set the filter at the top of the community page to “Top” and “All Time” to discover what people are interested in the most. Otherwise, set it to “Hot” to figure out what is trending.

Reddit community filter

Some interesting blog post ideas are “How to do pull-ups properly” and “Facts about smoking.”

Reddit posts

7. AnswerThePublic

If you want to quickly find out what people are asking for, you should take a look at AnswerThePublic. It shows you all of the related questions to a specific topic in a visualization way.

AnswerThePublic results for "fitness"

Again, use them as content ideas for your blog.

8. Blog Post Ideas Generator Tools

Some blog post idea generator tools like TCB Ideas Generator or Portent Ideas Generator let you quickly generate hundreds of ideas for your blog.

TCB blog post ideas generator

The results are sometimes nonsensical. So, consider tweaking them to suit your needs.

9. Analyze your competitors

One of the fastest and most effective ways to come up with viral blog post ideas is to check your competitors and replicate their success. There are many tools that help you do it easily, like UberSuggest, SEMrush, or Ahrefs.

For example, enter your competitor’s domain into UberSuggest’s search field. Here, we type “”


The tool gives you useful insights into the domain you have entered, such as organic keywords and organic monthly traffic.

Scrolling down to the “Top SEO pages” section, you get to see the domain’s most popular pages like “15 Minute Lo Mein Recipe” or “Spicy Shrimp Tacos With Garlic Cilantro Lime Slaw.”

UberSuggest top SEO pages

The “SEO keywords” section gives you the top keywords that the domain ranks for, such as “lo mein” or “peanut butter.”

Ubersuggest top SEO keywords

Although it might be hard to compete with your competitors on these topics and keywords since search engines already rank their content, it’s still worth a try.

10. Keyword Ideas Explorer

A powerful way to find viral but less competitive content ideas for your blog is to use keyword ideas explorer offered by many tools mentioned above.

Again, we will demonstrate this method with UberSuggest. You can also use a more versatile tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Ubersuggest keyword ideas explorer

In the “Keyword Ideas” tab, enter a keyword to find relevant suggestions.

With “food recipe,” you get back some popular terms like “angel food cake recipe” and “food recipes Mexican.” The tool also provides you with insightful information, including monthly search volume (VOL), Cost Per Click (CPC), Paid Difficulty (PD), and SEO Difficulty (SD).

It would be best to choose ideas with high search volume but low SEO difficulty. In that way, your content is easier to be ranked on the first page by search engines. If you want to run advertising for a specific term, choose one with low paid difficulty. You can also rely on the Cost Per Click metric to determine the value of an idea: the higher CPC, the more people are willing to purchase something or take a specific action.

You can also open up UberSuggest’s filters to quickly sort out ideas that suit your needs. For example, we enter “30” as the max value for SEO Difficulty and “1000” as the min value for Search Volume to filter out terms that have low competition but still have high search volume.

UberSuggest's filters

The results contain “food recipe for dogs,” “food recipe for baby,” and “food recipe Filipino.”

Ubersuggest keyword ideas explorer for "food recipe" with low competition and high search volume

You should also check out the “Related,” “Questions,” “Prepositions,” and “Comparisons” tabs to get more blog post ideas.

11. Content Ideas Explorer

Using content ideas explorer is another method to find hidden viral blog posts.

Typing “food recipe” into UberSuggest’s content ideas explorer tab, you will find many viral articles that don’t have a lot of search traffic but have tons of social traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. For instance, “Best Ever Strawberry Jello Angel Food Cake Dessert Recipe” has over 530 Facebook shares and 257,004 Pinterest shares.

UberSuggest's content ideas explorer

12. Follow The Trend

It’s a good idea to write blog posts around holidays and observances like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine. These kinds of content have a huge potential to go viral since people are more active in these special events and more likely to read and share content about them.

For example, if you have a food blog, you could write content about “10 Halloween appetizer ideas” or “10 tips to decorate your Halloween food.”

You can also use Pinterest or Google to get some interesting blog post ideas.

Pinterest search results for "Halloween food"


Not knowing what to write about is one of the scariest things when starting a blog. Even if you are familiar with your niche, it’s not always easy to come up with new and popular ideas.

Understanding the problem, we have provided you with many methods like using Google Autofill, Pinterest, Reddit, or Keyword Tools to help you overcome the fear.

Hopefully, after going through this blog post, you never run out of content ideas ever again.

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