CatCaveCo Using Priority Processing to Upsell

CatCaveCo is an eCommerce store selling cat caves. Besides the interesting and unique niche, it implements a special upsell tactic, allowing customers to add Priority Processing to their cart.

Store and Product Breakdown

The store claims that by adding the priority processing, the customer order will enter a priority processing queue, which gets it shipped ahead of other orders for faster delivery.

CatCaveCo upselling with priority processing

If you’re using Shopify and wondering how to implement this feature, simply add a product named “Priority Processing” to your store like normal. Then, use an upselling app like Frequently Bought Together or Upsell Funnel Engine to display it (see Best Shopify apps to increase your sales).

CatCaveCo priority processing product

Another small thing the store did right is the language used for the shipping method. “Tracked & Insured Shipping” sounds much more trustworthy than phrases like “Standard Shipping” or “Fast Shipping” (See Zero-risk bias).

CatCaveCo shipping method

Key Takeaways

  • Priority Processing is an effective upselling strategy.

Things to Improve

There’re 2 other places for the store to upsell. Maybe the owner has tested both and decided to turn them off. But, to be sure, we will go through them.

The first one is when customers click on the add-to-cart button, which is a great opportunity to display an upselling popup. See the example below.

Add-to-cart button upselling example

The second one is on the cart page like the image below.

Cart page upselling example
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