InspireUplift Crafting a Great About Us Page

InpsireUplift is one of the best dropshipping stores on the internet. From home goods, beauty products, clothing, electronics to pet harnesses, it’s also one of the most category-rich dropshipping stores.

If you just start a dropshipping business and are finding winning dropshipping products, InspireUplift is definitely a place you should keep a close eye on.

InspireUplift home page

The Store About Us Page

InspireUplift crafts a really great about us page, which is one of the most crucial pages to reinforce the store’s trustworthiness. It also creates an excellent opportunity for branding and communicating the store value with customers.

Another reason we bring up this case study is that many dropshippers and eCommerce owners often fail to care about branding while it’s a crucial element for the long-term success of any business.

First, the store tells a story about why it started and its growth journey.

InspireUplift story

Unlike traditional advertising, which focuses on talking about a product, a brand story can evoke an emotional reaction and strengthen the bond between a brand and its consumers. In fact, according to research, 92% of customers want brands to build marketing campaigns that feel like stories.

Next, the store declares its mission statement and vision statement.

Inspire Uplift mission
Inspire Uplift vision

They’re both great branding elements that help describe the goal of the store and serve as the motivation to move it forward.

And finally is the purpose.

The brand purpose is the reason why a brand exists aside from commercial intents. It helps the store define the meaningful motive behind its action besides making money.

In a Harvard Business study, 64% of customers stated that shared purpose and values are the primary reason why they have a brand relationship. Meanwhile, only 13% attributed frequent interactions with the brand as a reason for having a relationship.

As Simon Sinek said in the “Start with Why” book, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

Key Takeaways

  • Branding is an essential element of a successful eCommerce business.

Things to Improve

As we have also said in the Dropshipping Branding: The Ultimate Guide (+Checklist) article, we think InspireUplift failed to communicate its vision. It should be something like: “To become the number one place for people to shop the most interesting products by working around the clock with top manufacturers.”

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