Karma&Luck Giving Back to The Community

Karma & Luck is a spiritual eCommerce brand with the signature tree of life collection. All of its ads have simple descriptions but still doing very well due to the store branding and eye-catching products.

Karma And Luck Facebook Ads

Store And Product Breakdown

The Karma & Luck product page shows you the number of families and kids donated by customers’ purchases.

Karma And Luck product page

This is an effective way to trigger the Noble Edge effect, our tendency to develop preferences for companies demonstrating social responsibility. As a result, we are more likely to make purchases.

Numerous research has also pointed out the advantage when leveraging this effect. Specifically, 94% of shoppers think that businesses should do more than just make money. 47% of consumers are more loyal to a brand when it supports a charity. Additionally, eBay retailers have reported that they reduce customer churn rate by 67% with the power of giving back.

When starting a Shopify eCommerce & dropshipping business, you can use Change Commerce or Give & Grow Donations to quickly implement a powerful and automatic donation feature for your online store. (see list of the best Shopify apps).

Key Takeaways

  • Leveraging the noble edge effect can help you increase sales, improve customer loyalty and build brand reputation.

Things to Improve

Karma And Luck has quite a few elements it can potentially improve.

The first one is its ad copy which we have mentioned earlier. Obviously, you can make it more compelling by focusing on the product benefits and use emotions to sell. It also helps to use one or two emojis to better catch people’s attention.

The second element is the product description. Besides improving the way the product is described, it’s important to include key images in this section for an optimal mobile experience.

There’re 2 reasons for this optimization. Firstly, people enjoy seeing pictures more than reading words. Secondly, visitors swipe landing pages from up to down on mobile devices. By not showing images such as product sizes or how-to guides in the description section, visitors must go back up to the image grid section to find the information.

Below is an example.

Product description with key images example
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