FantasyFixture Selling High-Ticket Dropshipping Products

We came across one of the Facebook ads from this dropshipping store by accident when doing our usual product research.

Fantasy Fixture Facebook homepage

Store and Product Breakdown

Despite being relatively new, it achieves huge success with the Fantasy Falls product, which is a high-ticket shower panel.

The product is around $122 – $190 on AliExpress and only takes 7 days to deliver to the US.

Fantasy Fixture product on AliExpress

The store sells it for $299.99, which makes a very healthy profit margin even with free shipping fee.

Fantasy Fixture store page

This completely defeats the usual knowledge of dropshipping on Facebook, where you often learn to pick low-cost items and rely on impulse purchasing to make sales.

However, If we think about it a little bit further, the success of this store makes so much sense for a number of reasons.

  • Unique niche: It seems like there is no one selling similar products or in the same niche with the store on Facebook.
  • High-ticket products: Expensive items might require more money to run ads, but it eliminates the competition.
  • Fast delivery: The store guarantee to deliver the item within 7-days, which’s also clearly stated on the AliExpress product page. On top of that, we check the store’s HTML and see CJDropshipping, proving that it stocks products with the company for short delivery times.

Facebook Ads

There’s nothing special about the store’s Facebook ads. The ad copy is short and straight to the point. And, it seems that image creatives work very well.

Here, we would also like to point out a common misconception among dropshippers who just start dropshipping. They think video creatives work better than image creatives. In fact, it depends on so many factors like types of products or the quality of your creatives that you would never know until you test both.

Going back to the main topic, the owner seems to be still testing lots of different interests to determine which one is the most profitable.

Fantasy Fixture Facebook Ads

Store Design

The store runs on Shopify with the Debutify theme. Besides Klaviyo, there’s no other app worth mentioning since Debutify already has a lot of built-in extensions for different purposes.

The product page is also simple, featuring a basic volume discount, sales proof popup, currency converter, and customer review widget.

And if you’re wondering do volume discounts work on high-ticket products? The answer is yes.

Fantasy Fixture Volume Discount example

What’s most interesting is how the store upsells. By using warranty packages to leverage the zero-risk bias, you can quickly increase customer order value without having to display other products.

Fantasy Fixture upselling

Key Takeaways

  • Going for the blue ocean, where there’s little to no competition.
  • Fast delivery is important.
  • Warranty is an effective upselling strategy.

Things to Improve

  • Store speed: The store is slow on mobile. If you run into the same problem, consider using AMP to speed up your store. It’s also worth having a look at the optimization article from Shopify.
  • Pre-select the newsletter signup: The store doesn’t pre-select the “keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers” option. Turning it on will increase the newsletter signup rate, allowing for more effective email marketing campaigns later.
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