Dropispy Review & Pricing: Affordable Adspy Tool for Dropshipping

Looking for an in-depth Dropispy review? Here at The Clever Business, we comprehensively review all dropshipping tools to help you choose the best ones for your business.

Regarding Dropispy, it is a pretty new ad spy tool designed specifically for dropshipping.

So, is it worth your money? Let’s see.

What is Dropispy?

Dropispy is one of the best ad spy tools with a large database of Facebook ads designed specifically for dropshippers and online retailers.

With its advanced technology, it gives you access to thousands of advertisements and lets you filter them quickly so you can find winning ads, discover profitable dropshipping products, or figure out winning dropshipping niches at ease.

Besides, Dropispy allows you to spy on various dropshipping stores to see all of their running ads, products, rankings, apps, daily page views, and more.

Dropispy in-depth review

Below, we review Dropispy comprehensively to see how good it is.


The Ads tab lets you quickly discover winning and most profitable Facebook advertisements with many advanced filters.

Dropispy Ads tab

Each ad comes with various additional information such as likes, shares, comments, ad creation date, last seen date. Clicking on the Facebook icon at the bottom of each ad will bring you to its original page.

Dropispy ad information

You can also click on the folder icon to save it to “My Folders.”

If you want to have a more in-depth look at the ad, click on the “Details” button. This will let you know which store is running it, and its likes & shares trend.

Dropispy ad likes & shares trends

You will also be able to see the audience countries, age, and genders of the ad. This information is very beneficial if you want to create a laser-focused Facebook ad campaign for a similar product.

Dropispy information on ad audience countries, age, and genders

Additionally, the tool lets you inspect which other ads the store is also running.

Dropispy other ads of the same store

Overall, Dropispy does exactly what it said it could do, allowing you to quickly find out winning ads and give you ideas of products you should be selling.

However, we would like to see more advanced insights such as ad budget, campaign type, audience interests, etc.


Next, we would like to review Dropispy’s search and filters.

Dropispy provides you with many advanced filters so you can quickly add or remove ads that don’t fit your needs.

Dropispy ad filters

These filters include keyword search, ad creation date, media type, page name, first seen date, last seen date, audience countries, language, gender, age, domain, eCommerce platforms, CTA button, likes, shares, comments, etc.

The tool also offers some built-in filters such as Dropshipping, Last Seen Winning Products, and High Engagement.

Dropispy built-in ad filters

Furthermore, you will be able to sort ads based on various criteria.

Dropispy ad sortings

For example, you can set the filter to Dropshipping and sort ads based on Running Time to see the most popular dropshipping ads that are doing well for a very long time.

Dropispy ad filter results example

However, it would even be better if you can filter ads based on product categories or niches. This is one part that Dropispy is currently lacking.


Under the Shops tab, you can see thousands of dropshipping stores to filter and spy on.

Dropispy Shops tab

Clicking on each store will provide you with detailed information, such as its ranking, daily page view, bounce rate, and eCommerce platform.

Dropispy shop detailed information

The tool even lets you see which app the store is currently using. Knowing this may allow you to optimize your own stores and landing pages for better conversion.

Dropispy shop apps

Besides, you will also be able to examine where its customers are coming from.

Dropispy shop customer countries

All running ads are also displayed.

Dropispy information on other ads of the same store

Finally, you can see every product the store is currently selling.

Dropispy information on products of the same store

Regarding our review for this Dropispy’s feature, we think it’s pretty amazing and on par with other similar ad spy tools on the market.

My Folders

Dropispy offers the ability to store and organize ads that you’re interested in. Although this is a simple feature, it can come in handy when you want to quickly save eye-catching ads and inspect them later.

Dropispy My Folders


Dropispy has pretty good supports. Send them an email, and you will typically receive their responses within 24 hours.

Upgrading to a premium plan also allows you to access the live chat feature.


After signing up for Dropispy, you will receive a document on using the tool.

Dropispy tutorial document

Additionally, you can learn more about it via its blog.

Dropispy blog

The tool also has a relatively active Facebook group with 3 thousand members at the time of writing.

Dropispy Facebook group

Dropispy pricing

Dropispy is free to use with a 2-month delay of seeing recent ads. The premium plan starts from $14,90/month, allowing you to remove that limit and access more advanced features such as the shop research tool, shop ranks, and shop real-time data analytics.

Dropispy pricing

Compared to other ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy or AdPlexity, Dropispy’s price is the cheapest among all.

Dropispy Review – Conclusion

With all of the features we have reviewed, we think Dropispy is definitely a powerful ad spy tool for dropshipping at a very reasonable price. If you are a beginner who wants to start a dropshipping business successfully, this is definitely a tool you have to try out.

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