14 Best Ad Spy Tools For ECommerce & Dropshipping (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best ad spy tools for e-commerce & dropshipping to learn more about your competitors’ store?

This blog post lists out the 12 best tools across different shapes and sizes. They’re a great help for studying ad strategies and figuring out the best products to start selling.

Why do you need an ad spy tool for eCommerce & dropshipping?

Using the right ad spy tool, you can quickly find out what others in your niche are currently doing, replicate their successful strategies, and essentially avoid wasting money testing ads blindly. Ad spy tools are also great weapons to figure out current e-commerce & dropshipping trends and discover profitable products before they get too saturated.

For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for home fitness equipment suddenly skyrocketed. Many dropshippers saw this opportunity and started advertising related products. If you used a powerful ad spy tool, you could quickly catch on to this trend and made decent profits.

14 best ad spy tools for eCommerce & dropshipping

Now you know the importance of ad spy tools. Below are the 12 best free and paid ad spy tools for e-commerce & dropshipping.

1. Ecom Swipes – Best Ad Case Studies for ECommerce & Dropshipping

Ecom Swipes

To be honest, Ecom Swipes is not much of an ad spy tool. It’s more of a collection of eCommerce and dropshipping case studies.

The tool doesn’t have any fancy filtering or spying feature. However, don’t underestimate it.

With the belief that your key to success is the actual understanding of successful marketing campaigns, it curates and breaks down various strategies behind winning eCommerce dropshipping products and ads. By applying them to your own use case, you will be able to create a much more profitable and long-term dropshipping business.

Pricing: Completely Free.

2. Facebook Hidden Interest Finder – Simple Tool to Find Hidden Interests For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Hidden Interest Finders

If you’re promoting the same product and target the same interests as other sellers, your Facebook ad cost is higher due to the competition for the same audiences. Using the Facebook Hidden Interests Finder tool to discover and target entirely different interests, you mitigate the problem, resulting in a lower ad cost, higher ad performance, and better profit.

Pricing: Completely Free.

3. Commerce Inspector – Shopify Store Tracking Chrome Extension With Built-In Ad Spy Feature

Commerce Inspector ad spy tool

Besides the ability to track best-selling products, apps, and traffic of any Shopify store, Commerce Inspector is one of the best dropshipping tools to help you see which Facebook ads a store is currently running. Since the data is pulled directly from Facebook Ad Library, you can be sure of its accuracy.

Additionally, the tool reveals the hottest Facebook product posts and popular e-commerce Facebook groups. Follow these closely, so you don’t miss out on any dropshipping trend.

Whether you’re a new or veteran dropshipper, Commerce Inspector is a powerful tool that you need to better compete and grow.

Pricing: Free for basic use. Paid plans start from $29/month up to $299/month.

4. ShopInspect – AI-Powered ECommerce Product Research And Facebook Ads Spy Tool

ShopInspect ad spy tool

Powered by AI, machine learning, and a team of e-commerce & dropshipping experts, ShopInspect is a powerful product research and ad spy tool to help you find winning dropshipping products before they go viral.

With this tool, you can search for winning Facebook & Instagram ads by brand names or keywords with various filters, see the number of likes or shares they get and their target audience.

ShopInspect also provides you with advanced features like sales prediction and product video customization.

Pricing: 2 paid plans – $39/month and $47/month.

5. SpyFu – PPC Search Ads Spy Tool For ECommerce

SpyFu PPC search ad tool

SpyFu does a good job helping you research both Google organic and PPC keywords and figure out which products are profitable to sell.

Using the tool, you can spy on the most successful advertisers and their best PPC search ads, organic ranking history, and in-depth organic search ranking analysis.

Pricing: Free use with limited data. Paid plans start from $39/month up to $299/month.

6. Dropispy – Ad Spy Tool Designed Specifically For Dropshipping

Dropispy - Ad Spy Tool Designed Specifically For Dropshipping

Dropispy is an ad spy tool with one of the largest Facebook ad databases, designed specifically for dropshippers and online retailers.

With its advanced technology, you can access tens of millions of Facebook advertisements, filter through all of them quickly to find winning ads and best dropshipping niches.

Besides, Dropispy gives you the ability to inspect various dropshipping stores, see all of their running ads, hot products, apps, daily page views, traffic, and more.

Pricing: Free use with limited functionality. Pricing starts from $29.99.

7. PowerAdSpy – Powerful Ad Spy Tool For Inspecting Ads On 8+ Platforms

PowerAdSpy - Ad Spying Tool On 8+ Platforms

PowerAdSpy is one of the most comprehensive ad spy tools on the internet that allows you to spy ads not only on Facebook, Instagram, Google but also on Reddit, Quora, GDN, and native ads.

Some advanced features the tool offers are detailed ad filtering, engagement-oriented information, GEO-targeted information, and CTA-based sorting.

Pricing: Free for 10 days then pricing plans start from $49/month up to $349/month.

BigSpy Ad Spy Tool

With BigSpy, you can inspect ads on various social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, and Pinterest.

Similar to other tools on the list, you have access to advanced searching, filtering, and tracking functionality. The Ad Ideas and Top Charts are its strong points, which allow you to discover interesting ad ideas and see a list of top Facebook advertisers.

Although BigSpy claims to be a free tool, you can only perform 5 search queries a day. Not so free after all.

Pricing: 5 search queries a day for free. Paid plans start from $9/month up to $399/month.

9. Drop Point – Cheapest Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Drop Point ad spy tool

If you’re looking for an affordable ad spy tool, Drop Point might be worth a try.

The tool constantly collects Facebook ads from various accounts, including basic information such as the number of likes, shares, views, last seen time, or CTA buttons. It also allows you to filter through ads by keywords, page name, country, button type, post type, etc.

Additionally, the winning Ali products tab is useful for people researching profitable AliExpress products to dropship.

Pricing: Free to use with limited functionality. The paid plan is only 5$/month.

10. Facebook Ad Library – The Only Free & Official Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Facebook Ad Library

Developed by Facebook itself, Facebook Ad Library is the only free and official ad spy tool on this list.

Although its functionality is limited, like you cannot see how many likes & shares an ad gets, or there are no advanced filters, it’s still worth paying attention to for up-to-date data.

Pricing: Free

11. Anstrex – Native & Push Ads Spy Tool

Anstrex Native & Push ad spy tool

Besides ads on social platforms like Facebook, Native & Push are other channels you should look closely into to find winning ads and products.

Anstrex allows you to spy e-commerce & dropshipping native and push ads on 30+ networks, gain campaign insights, analyze competitors, and figure out the best ad strategies to use.

In addition, you can access Anstrex Dropship for free to find the hottest products, browse through thousands of the best dropshipping stores, and automate your dropshipping business with its Oberlo-like Chrome Extension.

Pricing: Anstrex Dropship is completely free to use while in beta. Anstrex Native & Push starts from $69.99/month up to $139.99/month.

12. Adbeat – Largest & Most Insightful Ad Spy Tool

Adbeat ad spy tool

We consider Adbeat to be the largest and most insightful ad spy tool on this list.

The tool pulls data from 90+ ad networks, revealing ad buying strategies, top creatives, landing pages, and estimated ad spend. You can also compare advertisers and get detailed publisher data in just a few clicks. In addition, it allows you to generate ad reports in a variety of formats.

Adbeat is suitable for businesses who want a complete and comprehensive analysis of any brand or company.

Pricing: Free with very limited use. Pricing plans start from $249/month.

13. Eboost Ad Spy – Handy Free Facebook Ad Spy Chrome Extension

Eboost Ad Spy

A method to quickly find ads of any store without going to Facebook Ad Library and searching for it manually is to install Eboost Ad Spy – a handy dropshipping Chrome Extension.

It’s simple to use. Just go to any e-commerce or dropshipping store or any website you’re interested in. If the extension icon turns blue, that means it found a Facebook page. Then, you can click on it to open the website’s ads in Facebook Ads Library.

Eboost Ad Spy also works on Facebook pages. Go directly to any Facebook page and click the extension to see the associated ads. This is a little and handy weapon for any marketer to learn more about their competitors quickly.

Pricing: Completely free.

14. Swipe Worthy – Best Ad Resources For Marketing & Copywriting Inspiration

Swipe Worthy

Visting Swipe Worthy, you get to see great ads crafted by experts in various fields, how they write ad copy, and which strategies they use.

The tool is totally free, and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn and find inspiration for marketing & copywriting.

Swipe Worthy example ad

Pricing: Completely free.

Best Ad Spy Tools For ECommerce & Dropshipping – Conclusion

Using ad spy tools along with the best dropshipping product research tools, you can quickly find winning ads and products and start selling to make big profits.

Each tool on this list has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some even serve a slightly different purpose. Therefore, we recommend trying out all the tools yourself and see which ad spy tool is the most suitable for your business.

Remember, winning ads and products don’t guarantee your dropshipping store’s success. Many other factors can significantly influence your sales performance, such as your store design, how trustworthy it looks, sales-boosting elements, email marketing, customer relationship, and more.

Please check out How to Start a Successful Dropshipping Business for more information on building a long-term successful dropshipping business.

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