60+ Best Totally FREE Shopify Apps to Instantly Boost Your Revenue

It’s a good idea to use free Shopify apps when you’re just starting an online store. It helps you save costs and allocate more budget for product research and marketing.

However, with so many free apps on the Shopify app store right now, it’s hard to decide which to install. Some function poorly. Some might not meet your need.

To save your precious time, we have tested and listed the 60+ best totally free Shopify apps across different categories to help you boost revenue.

And, here they are.

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60+ Best Totally Free Shopify Apps To Boost Your Revenue

1. Debutify – High-Converting Free Shopify Theme

Debutify free Shopify theme

Debutify is a free Shopify theme designed to maximize your conversion rates. It’s simple, elegant, fast, and mobile responsive.

The theme’s main strength lies in its various powerful add-ons, including mega menu, live view, sales countdown, smart search, upsell, and more. In addition, Debutify has its own dropshipping product research tool that updates new potential winning products weekly.

With Debutify, you will be able to build high-converting Shopify stores quickly without searching and installing other third-party apps.

2. Automizely Marketing – 30-In-1 Shopify Email Marketing App

Automizely marketing free Shopify app

Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels. According to a study, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

Once installed, Automizely Marketing gives you access to a versatile email marketing solution, ranging from email popups, exit popups, abandoned cart emails to beautiful email campaigns.

The app also comes with 30 more powerful marketing tools to significantly increase conversion rates.

3. AAAeCommerce Web Push – Powerful Web Push Notification App

AAAeCommerce web push free Shopify app

Compared to email marketing, Web Push provides a more frictionless way to re-engage your customers.

With AAAeCommerce Web Push Notification, you can enable your customers to turn on the browser web push in a click and start receiving your store’s notifications.

Using the app, you can recover abandoned carts, promote discounts, or send quick advertising campaigns to boost your sales.

4. DSReviews AliExpress Reviews – Free Shopify Product Review and Review Importer App

DSReviews free Shopify app

According to Spiegel Research Center, a product with as few as five reviews boosts its conversion rate by 270% compared to a product with no reviews.

DSReviews AliExpress review helps you display elegant rating widgets on your Shopify product page and start collecting reviews from your customers. The app also supports the ability to import authentic AliExpress reviews into your products with a simple click.

5. Trafficly – Simple Visitors Counter to Create a Sense Of Urgency

Trafficly free Shopify app

Trafficly creates a sense of urgency and FOMO for your Shopify store by displaying the number of people watching a product.

This is also a great way to establish your store’s credibility and gives customers the confidence to take action.

6. Peek Mode – Beautiful Product Previewer

Peek Mode free Shopify app

Peek Mode is a totally free Shopify app that adds a preview function to your products. Your customers can quickly preview product details right from your collections without having to navigate between product pages.

When clicking the preview button, Peek Mode launches a small popup showing a snapshot of the product. Your customers can even select a variant and add it to their cart.

On top of that, Peek Mode comes with free built-in analytics to help you get insights into how customers interact with your store.

7. Proof Bear ‑ Easy Social Proof Popup

Proof Bear free Shopify app

Proof Bear boosts your revenue by displaying sales notifications to your visitors.

When someone purchases something from your store, the app saves the data to its database and later creates a beautiful popup of recent sales to show other potential customers.

It looks good on any device and can be customized to match the look and feel of your store.

8. AVADA SEO Suite – Best Free Shopify SEO App

AVADA SEO Suite free Shopify app

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to techniques with the aim to boost organic search traffic to a website by optimizing its content for search engines.

Compared to advertising campaigns, SEO takes more time to see its effectiveness. However, it’s a cheaper and more highly-rewarding way to gain long-term exposure. In a study, researchers reveal that SEO search results are 8.5 times more likely to get clicked than paid search results.

Once installed, AVADA SEO Suite guides you through every step to optimize your Shopify store for SEO and boost its visibility on search engines like Google.

9. Loyalty Hero – Loyalty Program App to Increase Customer Life Time Value

Loyalty Hero free Shopify app

A loyalty program can significantly boost your store’s retention by offering more and more rewards as your customers purchase your products.

Loyalty Hero is the only free Loyal program app on Shopify. It provides your store with many loyalty program features such as point rewards and referrals. The app is super easy to set up and customize to fit your branding.

10. UltraSell – Best Free Shopify Sales-Boosting App

UltraSell free Shopify app

Cross-selling and Upselling play a key role in the success of your store. In 2006, Jeff Bezos stated that Cross-sells and Upsells were responsible for more than 35% of Amazon sales.

UltraSell is a free yet mighty Shopify app that empowers your online store with cross-selling and up-selling. As a store owner, you can upsell and cross-sell everything and everywhere, from frequently-bought-together items on add-to-cart to related products at checkout.

Related Products free Shopify app

Globo Related Products boost your store’s sales and revenue by recommending related products and frequently bought together products to your customers.

Powered by a smart algorithm, it automatically analyzes your sales history to give out accurate and highly-relevant recommendations. Then, you can display the recommended products anywhere on your Shopify store, allowing your customers to add them to their cart with just one click.

12. Bundle Bear – Easy Shopify Volume Discount App

Bundle Bear free Shopify app

Bundle Bear makes it easy to create product bundles and tiered discounts. The more your customers buy, the more discounts they receive.

13. Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro – Complete Shopify Affiliate Marketing Platform

Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro free Shopify app

Affiliate marketing involves connecting you with marketers or influencers and letting them promote your products. For each sale they generate, they would get a commission. According to a research, 16% of global eCommerce sales come from affiliate marketing.

Goaffpro provides a complete affiliate marketing solution for your Shopify store. To become a partner, marketers or influencers only need to go to your store and sign up through a custom-branded affiliate portal. Then, they can get their referral links in a matter of minutes and start promoting your products.

14. CedCommerce Facebook & Instagram Shopping – Free Shopify App to Bring Products to Facebook and Instagram Users

CedCommerce Facebook & Instagram Shopping free Shopify App

With more than 2.80 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, they are the two best social media platforms for marketers to reach their target customers. As a matter of fact, Facebook and Instagram bring in a total of more than 91.1% of social referrals to eCommerce sites.

Ced Commerce automatically syncs your product catalog to Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping, enabling your customers to shop and checkout directly on the two platforms. It helps simplify the shopping journey without interrupting the social surfing experience.

15. Really Simple Google Analytics – Effortless Google Analytics Integration

Really Simple Google Analytics Shopify app

Google Analytics is an official analytics tool developed by Google. It lets you track and measure pretty much every web metric such as traffic, sessions, bounce rate, acquisition channels, conversions, revenue, and more.

However, it might not be easy to set the service up correctly, especially if you don’t know a thing about coding. Luckily, with Really Simple Google Analytics, you can effortlessly connect your Shopify store with Google Analytics in a blink of an eye. The app requires only the tracking ID of your Google Analytics account, which you can find quickly through the main dashboard.

On top of that, Really Simple Google Analytics gives you the ability to disable tracking on specific pages, which helps avoid loading unused scripts on those pages.

16. DSers AliExpress Dropshipping – Highest-Rated Shopify Dropshipping App

DSers free Shopify app

Dropshipping is not dead. In 2018, the global dropshipping market size was around $102.2B. Experts predict that it will likely reach $167B in 2021. This growth is attributed to various factors. They include the rise in entrepreneurial spirit, the increasing trend of cross-border trade, and how smartphones have revolutionized online shopping.

When starting a dropshipping business, the product importing and order fulfilling app is the most important app.

DSers is one the best Shopify dropshipping apps that integrate seamlessly into your store, allowing you to quickly find AliExpress products, import them with a click, and start selling.

Additionally, by connecting your AliExpress account to DSers, you can manage and fulfill multiple customers’ orders at once. The app also automatically tracks and syncs shipping information to Shopify.

17. Syncee – Best App to Find Dropshipping Products from Alibaba and Local Suppliers

Syncee free Shopify app

Syncee is a dropshipping platform that connects you with Alibaba and local US/CA/EU/AU suppliers.

Having millions of products from reliable suppliers, manufacturers, and factories with fast shipping, Syncee is one of the best dropshipping tools to scale your dropshipping business.

18. Printify – High-Rated Shopify Print-On-Demand App

Printify free Shopify app

Printify is one of the top-rated print-on-demand apps with more than 250 custom products ranging from T-shirts, mugs to socks. You can easily customize them with your own designs, import, and sell them in your Shopify store.

When your customer orders a product, Printfify will manage automated order printing and shipping directly to your customers. It’s an amazing app to create a branded dropshipping store.

19. Varinode Ads – Free Shopify Ad Exchange App to Acquire High-Quality Traffic

Varinode free Shopify app

Varinode Ads is a free Shopify ad exchange service that displays your store products on other partner stores. When someone sees your products, they can click on them and get directed to your store.

The traffic quality obtained by this way can be much higher than through Facebook or Instagram ads because customers are already in the mindset to shop.

20. Instant FAQ & Help Center – Fully Customizable FAQs App

Instant FAQ & Help Center free Shopify app

88% of people anticipate a response from a business within 60 minutes. However, it’s hard to maintain timely services while having to serve thousands of customers.

Because of that, the FAQ page becomes one of the most important pages on your online store. It helps address common questions about your products or shipping times and also works as an element to build trust with your customers.

With Instant FAQ & Help Center, you can quickly build a modern help center with unlimited FAQs in a matter of minutes. The app also comes with lots of advanced functions such as search bar, chat integration, categories ordering, etc.

21. AVASHIP – Best Free Shopify Order Tracking App

AVASHIP free Shopify app

97% of customers expect that they can track their orders throughout every step of the shipping process.

By using AVASHIP, you can create a totally free Shopify order tracking page. Your customers can now easily access the page and monitor their orders right on your online store. Thus, it doesn’t only reduce the number of complaints but also improves customer retention.

22. Multi Currency Converter Hero – Best Free Currency Converter App

Multi Currency Converter Hero free Shopify app

Labsnews pointed out that customer uncertainty on the product’s final price is a big purchasing-demotivated factor. Without a proper currency converter, customers might get confused about the applied exchange rate or how much an item costs exactly in their local currency.

Multi Currency Converter Hero automatically switches your Shopify store’s currency to a local one. Once installed, the app works right away without additional setup.

23. GTranslate – High-Rated Shopify Content Translation App

GTranslate free Shopify app

Language is a big hurdle when people purchase products online from foreign countries. Specifically, 34% of Chinese customers stop buying products from international eCommerce stores due to the lack of proper translation. 26% of Taiwanese and 22% of Vietnamese feel the same thing. If your store is only in a language like English, you potentially miss out on a large number of consumers. 

GTranslate apps help you translate your Shopify content to more than 103 available languages, making your site ready to sell globally upon installation for free.

24. Give & Grow Donations – Free Shopify Donation App to Increase Customer Retention

Give & Grow Donations free Shopify app

According to the Cone Cause Evolution Study research, 85% of consumers think more positively about a brand when it supports a charity. 80% of Americans also said they’re likely to switch to an alternative brand that donates to a cause.

Give & Grow is a free Shopify donation app. With Give & Grow, your store and your customers can support various causes around the world.

Integrating seamlessly with Shopify with an automatic and end-to-end donation solution, you can set up the system in a few minutes and instantly make the shopping experience more meaningful.

25. One Tree Planted – Simple App to Make a Positive Impact on The Environment

One Tree Planted free Shopify app

The One Tree Planted app allows your customers to donate to One Tree Planted – a non-profit 501(c)3 environmental tree planting charity that plants trees worldwide.

The app displays a simple widget, pop-up, or donation checkbox at checkout asking your customers about donation. If they agree, $1.00 is added to their order to support One Tree Planted.

26. Digital Downloads – Useful Shopify App to Sell Digital Products

Digital Downloads free Shopify app

It’s a great idea to sell digital items in conjunction with physical products to boost revenue.

Digital Downloads make it possible by giving you the ability to upload digital attachments and sell them like typical products. You can also link them to a variant on a specific item as a way to upsell. After purchasing, your customers get a direct download link at the checkout page or through an email.

Additionally, you can set a limit on the number of downloads to create a sense of urgency and scarcity.

27. Page Speed Booster – Simple Shopify App to Boost Store Speed

Page Speed Booster free Shopify app

According to a study, researchers show that a poor-performance store can see a decrease by79% in the number of repeat customers. In another study, a one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% loss in revenue.

Page Speed Booster instructs browsers to use idle time to preload page contents in anticipation of the user’s next action. By installing this free app, you will instantly see a lift in your Shopify store speed.

Related Blog Posts free Shopify app

Blogging is a crucial element for eCommerce. In a survey, 84% said they bought products based on how they were described in blogs. Sites with blogs lead to 55% more visitors than websites without blogs, according to HubSpot.

With Related Blog Posts, you can automatically suggest relevant content to your readers on your Shopify blog. It helps keep potential customers longer on your store to read more, thus improving your SEO as well as your conversion rates.

29. Rich Snippets For SEO – Ultimate Google Rich Snippets for Shopify Stores

Google Rich Snippets free Shopify app

Google Rich Snippets are important for SEO. It displays your search results with additional data, effectively improving your search ranking and considerably boosting clickthrough rates.

Besides key snippets like product prices, reviews, or breadcrumbs, Rich Snippets for SEO will also allow you to show additional structured data like faqs, how-to, and local business rich results.

30. Buy Button – Official Shopify App to Sell Products Directly on Any Website or Blog

Buy button free Shopify app

Buy Button is a free yet powerful Shopify app. It allows you to create a buy button for any product or collection.

You can then add it to any website or blog and lets your customers buy your products right on the spot.

31. Onollo – Free Social Media Manager

Onollo free Shopify app

Posting regularly on social media channels can help your store gain extra exposure. However, it’s tedious and time-consuming having to do it one by one. Furthermore, posting at the wrong time can decrease your engagement rates.

Onollo is a free marketing app that lets you schedule organic posts on major social platforms automatically. With a built-in AI prediction algorithm, Onollo shows you the best time to post to maximize the reach.

Currently, it supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Pinterest and TikTok are in progress.

32. Accessibility Assistant – Best Visually Impaired Assistance App

Accessibility Assistant Shopify app

It’s especially challenging for visually impaired people to do online shopping. For example, the text might be too small for them, or colors on your store lack clear contrast.

To serve them better, the free Accessibility Assistant app can help you display an assistant panel on your Shopify store. Your visually impaired customers can click on it and change various visual options to assist them in navigating your site and searching for products. This is also a great way to increase your brand perceived value.

33. PixPix Image Editor – Advanced Image Editor for Shopify

PixPix Image Editor Shopify app

PixPix image editor is a simple to use yet powerful Shopify image editing app. With its intuitive interface and tons of editing options, you can enjoy editing, cropping, resizing, and tweaking your product photos right on your web browser without having to install a bulky desktop app like Photoshop.

34. Size Matters – Hassle-Free Shopify Size Chart App

Size Matters free Shopify app

Body Labs said in a survey that wrong sizes account for 64% of the reasons why customers return clothing products. That’s why size guides are vital for eCommerce stores, especially apparel, shoes, or jewelry ones.

Size Matters is a free and simple Shopify app that helps create clear size charts for your products. With it, you can guide your customers to pick the right size and significantly reduce return & refund rates.

35. Infinite Product Options – Unlimited Options for Product Personalization

Infinite Product Options free Shopify app

Personalization is a powerful weapon for eCommerce. According to a research, brands offering personalized experiences can increase their sales by 20%. Furthermore, 77% of consumers said that they paid more for brands that provide personalized services.

With Infinite Product Options, you can display an unlimited number of customizations for your products, providing your customers with more freedom to customize and personalize the items.

36. Squadkin – Best Free Shopify Wishlist App

Squadkin free Shopify app

A wishlist is a useful tool for customers to save their favorite items and reference them later. As the number of shoppers using mobile devices grows, this feature becomes more and more important.

By installing Squadkin, you can enable customers to bookmark their favorite products with a click. The app is fully customizable to blend in with your store’s theme.

It’s also a great idea to leverage data collected by Squadkin to identify product trends and create remarketing campaigns.

37. Installment Recurring Payments – Flexible Shopify Payment App to Boost Sales

Installment Recurring Payment free Shopify app

Klarna – a Swedish fintech company – states that stores providing flexible payment options can see an increase of 58% in average order value and a lift by 30% in conversion rates.

Installment Recurring Payments makes it easy to install flexible payment plans for your Shopify stores. Your customers can now pay for your products in small chunks, which can help reduce their immediate financial burden. With this app, it guarantees that you would make more sales and increase customer retention.

38. Hextom Free Shipping Bar – Ultimate Shipping Bar App

Hextom free shipping bar

In a survey, Forbes points out that 77% of people abandon their cart because of unsatisfactory shipping options. On the contrary, 30% say they will buy more just to be qualified for free shipping. And as a result, it could increase sales by a whopping 84%.

Hextom Free Shopping Bar provides you with a wide variety of shipping bars for every occasion, from BlackFriday, Christmas, Valentines, Halloween to quick sales. Everything on the bar is optimized and customizable.

In addition, you can show your customers’ progress as they add products to their carts. Thus, encourage them to increase cart values to reach the cart goals.

EU Cookie Bar GDPR free Shopify app

The GDPR law requires you to get consent from EU visitors before you can track their data.

To ensure that you comply with the regulation, the EU Cookie Bar GDPR will present your customers with a cookie consent banner informing them about the use of cookies.

The app is one-click to set up. You can also customize it to match your store’s branding.

40. Mega Menu – Versatile Mega Shopify Menu

Mega Menu free Shopify app

Mega Menu is a wonderful Shopify app to showcase your products and graphic elements right from your store’s navigation menu.

With the drag & drop editor, you can easily create a beautiful, highly customizable, and fully responsive menu that replaces the default boring Shopify one. Mega Menu supports nearly every type of menu you can think of, from multi-level dropdowns, tabs, images, blog posts to contact forms placed directly on it.

41. Trust Me – Fully Customizable Trust Badges for Shopify Stores

Trust Me free Shopify app

 Statista found that 15 percent of the reasons why customers abandon their carts were due to security concerns. That number continued to grow to 19% in 2017, according to Baymard Institute.

To combat this problem, one way is to use trust badges. They serve as a trust factor that customers can instantly lean on and be more confident in making purchases.

With Trust Me, you can display every type of trust badge on your Shopify store, ranging from payment methods, security, free shipping to money-back. The app is mobile responsive and has a lot of customization options and animations.

42. Tawk.to Live Chat – Totally Free Shopify Live Chat App

Tawk.to free Shopify app

Implementing live chat can increase your conversion rate by 40%. One reason is that customers feel safer when talking with real persons while shopping and are easier to be influenced to buy something.

Tawk.to is a 100% free Shopify application. It empowers your store with an easy-to-use and robust live chat functionality that provides real-time support to your customers.

On top of that, Tawk.to offers iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX apps to stay connected with your customers anywhere and anytime.

43. RoarTheme WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & MORE – Many-In-One Shopify Chat App

Roartheme WhatsApp Chat Telegram MORE Free Shopify app

Aside from live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook chat are other channels worth exploring. They have hundreds of millions of active users with high engagement rates.

By installing RoarTheme WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & More, you can keep in touch with your customers via all popular native chat channels.

44. Discount Spin Wheel Exit Popup – Fun Shopify Popup App to Collect Emails

Discount Spin Wheel Exit Popup free Shopify app

In a survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, 38% of people said they like it when brands include interactive features along with the shopping experience. Furthermore, 30% said they’re more likely to purchase from stores that have gamification.

Discount Spin Wheel Exit Popup is an email popup app displaying a spin-to-win wheel on your Shopify storefront. It gives you a fun and interactive way to engage your customers, capture their emails, or offer discounts to boost sales.

45. Back in Stock Alerts – Premium Shopify Restock Alert App

Back In Stock alerts free Shopify app

By integrating Back in Stock Alerts, your visitors can quickly sign up to receive browser notifications when a product is restocked. This helps you avoid losing out on potential buyers and recover lost sales.

46. Pre‑Order Alpha – Best Free Shopify Pre-order App

Pre-order Alpha free Shopify app

Pre Order Alpha provides you with the ability to sell pre-order, out-of-stock, and “coming soon” products. It allows you to accept payments from your customers normally and fulfill the orders at a later date.

Optionally, you can display a notice to your customers that their pre-order items might arrive at separate times, which helps reduce the number of customers’ inquiries.

47. Zoom Magnifier – Free Shopify App to Showcase Product Images

Zoom Magnifier free Shopify app

For jewelry or apparel stores with high-quality images, it’s a great help to install Zoom Magnifier and let customers examine products more thoroughly.

The app is easy to use and works well across devices such as desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

48. Cozy Recover Sales By Tab – Free App to Recover Sales by Inactive Browser Tab Animations

Cozy Recover Sales By Tab free Shopify app

Next, we have Cozy Recover Sales. This free Shopify app helps bring back your customers by allowing you to change your store’s browser title.

Whenever your customers switch to another browser tab, your store’s tab title will be replaced with a lively message that is impossible to ignore. Eventually, they will come back and finish what they are about to do.

49. Tabs By Station – Fully Customizable Shopify Product Page Tabs

Tabs by Station free Shopify app

Tabs by Station help organize your product descriptions, shipping info, or reviews into easy-to-navigate and fully customizable tabs. This allows your customers to quickly go through all information they need and be more confident to buy your products.

50. Sticky Cart – Free Sticky Add-To-Cart Bar

Sticky Cart Shopify app

By installing the free Sticky Cart app, you can make your Shopify add-to-cart button always visible no matter where your customers scroll to. This gives them an easier and faster time to add a product to their cart, which can increase your conversion rate.

51. Cart & Button Animator – Simple Animation for Add-To-Cart Buttons

Cart & Button Animator free Shopify app

Animating your add-to-cart button is a great way to grab visitors’ attention and encourage them to take action.

Cart & Button Animator provides you with many ready-to-use animation styles and customizations, allowing you to turn your boring ATC button into one that your customers cannot help but notice.

52. Multi Pixels For Facebook – Multiple Facebook Pixels for The Same Shopify Store

Multi Pixels for Facebook free Shopify app

To implement multiple pixels for your Shopify store, you can use the free Multi Pixels For Facebook app.

With a simple installation process and concise interface, it makes it easy for you to manage multiple Facebook pixels at the same time and optimize your ad budget.

53. Lit Live View & Recordings – Store Session Recordings

Lit Live View Recordings Free Shopify app

Lit Live View records user sessions as they browse your store. With the app, you get accurate insights into how your visitors interact with your products, which sections they’re most interested in, etc.

Once you understand their behaviors, you can optimize your store user experience and significantly boost your sales and revenue.

54. Cozy AntiTheft – Easy Content Protection App

Cozy AntiTheft free Shopify app

Cozy AntiTheft makes it harder for a thief to steal your Shopify store content by disabling browser features such as Drag & Drop, Right Click, or Keyboard Shortcuts. The app not only works on desktops but also on mobile devices.

55. Drag & Drop PDF Invoice – Free Shopify Invoice and Order Printer App

Drag And Drop free Shopify app

Drag & Drop PDF Invoice allows you to print your Invoices, Orders, Refunds, and Packing Slips in PDF format, which is useful for record-keeping and reporting.

The app comes with a drag-and-drop editor, giving you the ability to create your own templates in a few clicks. Additionally, there is a wide variety of custom variables and design elements to choose from, helping you make your PDF documents look not only informative but also impressive and brandable.

56. BeProfit – Best Shopify Profit Report App

BeProfit free Shopify app

As your business grows, it’s imperative to closely track your expenses and profits to know where you need to optimize.

BeProfit saves your time and effort from doing paperwork by automatically calculating and tracking every metric on your store. Then, it creates detailed reports breaking down your COGs, shipping costs, sales, orders, and profits in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format.

You can also integrate the app with ad platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Google to track your ad expenses.

57. Urgency Bear – Free Countdown Timer for Shopify Stores

Urgency Bear free Shopify app

In a study, researchers show that adding a countdown timer can boost a business’ revenue by 9%. It creates a sense of urgency to encourage shoppers to make quick purchasing decisions.

By implementing the Urgency Bear app, you can add a free and fully-customizable countdown timer and countdown clocks to your Shopify store.

58. Discount Announcement Bar – Stunning Announcement Bar to Promote Store Discounts

Discount Announcement Bar free Shopify app

According to Invesp, 64% of online shoppers wait for a product to be on sale before buying, while 59% search for promo codes.

Discount Announcement Bar gives you an easy and impressive way to promote your Shopify store discounts, effectively driving more revenue and sales. The app looks good across devices and gives you total design control to match your branding.

59. GVariant – Free Shopify App to Show Product Variants on Homepage

GVariant free Shopify app

GVariant allows you to showcase product variants in swatch options on both homepage, collection page, and product page. Now, your customers can easily see all available styles and quickly go through all of your products.

The app also comes with a lot of pre-made templates and customization.

60. Automizely Mobile App Builder – Robust Native iOS & Android Mobile Store Builder

Automizely Mobile App Builder free Shopify app

Automizely Mobile App Builder helps you list your Shopify store on the AfterShip Shopping mobile app, which is an eCommerce application available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Once installed, it syncs your entire product catalog to the app and lets your customers shop directly from it.

61. Audio Background Music Player – Simple App to Add Music to Your Shopify Store

Audio Background Music Player free Shopify app

Audio Background Music Player helps you play music in your store’s background, which can drive visitors into the right mood for shopping.

Once installed, you just need to upload a media file, and the app will take care of the remaining job. You can also customize the speaker button to fit your branding and choose which page to play the background music.

62. Corner Ribbon Add To Cart – Creative Shopify App to Highlight Add-To-Cart Buttons

Corner Ribbon free Shopify app

Adding a corner ribbon to your ATC button is another great way to grab customer attention and potentially increase your CTR.

With Corner Ribbon Add To Cart, you can also customize the type, text, position, color, icon, or even add animation to the ribbon.

63. Ecomhunt – Free App to Find Winning Dropshipping Product Inspiration

EcomHunt free app

EcomHunt is one of the best free dropshipping product research tools that curates unique and high-potential dropshipping products on a daily basis.

The tool gives you access to in-depth data on recommended selling price, product analytics, saturation degree, Facebook Ads, etc. Additionally, it lets you know which other dropshipping stores are selling the product so you can learn from their strategies.

Overall, Ecomhunt is a great help to find winning dropshipping products, best dropshipping niches, or simply get inspiration for your next best dropshipping item.


Above is the list of the 60+ best free Shopify apps, ranging from email marketing, review, sales-boosting to reporting.

By using them strategically, you’ll be able to increase your sales, revenue, and get to the top of the eCommerce competition.

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