Sell The Trend Review & Pricing: Versatile Dropshipping Product Research Tool

If you are looking for an in-depth Sell The Trend review, you come to the right place.

Sell The Trend is a relatively new dropshipping product research tool that has just entered the market.

Compared to others, it shows the potential to be one of the greatest and most versatile research tools on the internet.

So, is Sell The Trend worth the money? Let’s thoroughly review every feature it offers and see.

What is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend is one of the best dropshipping tools to help you discover winning dropshipping products on AliExpress and Amazon.

The tool also allows you to spy on various dropshipping stores to see their top-selling products, estimated monthly traffic, and revenue.

Besides, you can connect your Shopify and WooCommerce stores to Sell The Trend to manage and fulfill your customers’ orders all in one place.

Additionally, it provides you with many extra creative tools such as Video Creator, Store Intelligence, Audience Builder, and Engagement Calculator.

In short, Sell The Trend is an all-in-one dropshipping app.

Sell The Trend in-depth review

To help you have a closer look at Sell The Trend and decide if it is worth the money, let’s review all features that the tool offers.


One of the most powerful features of Sell The Trend is the NEXUS research machine. Using a dropshipping AI algorithm, it allows you to see what is trending across popular E-commerce stores quickly and easily.

Sell The Trend's The NEXUS

There are 7 tabs in the NEXUS, including Hot Products, Trending Products, On The Rise, New Products, All Products, Hot Stores, and Trending Stores.

Hot Products

Hot Products are products that are being sold by many stores and have a high number of orders.

NEXUS hot products

These products are likely winning products in the past. However, since many stores have been selling them, watch out for competition and saturation if you decide to step in now.

You can also sort all products on this page using many advanced filters. However, we will review this Sell The Trend’s feature more comprehensively later.

Clicking on each product allows you to see the orders trend, number of AliExpress orders, product cost, recommended selling price, profit margin, selling stores, and top customer countries.

Sell The Trend's product page

You can also click on “Source From AliExpress” to see the product page on AliExpress.

AliExpress product page

Clicking on “Find on Amazon” to quickly see similar products on Amazon. This will help you have a general idea of product demand.

Amazon product page

Additionally, the Stores Trend tab will show you the timeline and trend of when stores have added the item.

Sell The Trend's Stores Trend

The Facebook Targeting section lets you know the audience that is the most likely to resonate with the product. It includes Interest, Magazines, TV And Movies, Demographic, and Life Events.

Sell The Trend's Facebook Targeting

Knowing this will help you quickly set up Facebook advertising without having to wonder who to target.

That’s basically all of the main features inside Hot Products. Note that all other tabs we are about to show you in this review will have similar advanced functionalities.

Trending Products contain a collection of items that have seen stores start selling. It means they are likely high potential dropshipping products that are starting to get noticed. For that reason, you should pay attention to this tab the most.

NEXUS trending products

Similar to Hot Products, you can click on each item to see their trends and various relevant pieces of information.

On The Rise

On The Rise tab contains items with a high growth rate but relatively low sales.

Nexus On The Rise products

These products have potential. However, their sales performance can be unstable due to many factors, such as certain seasons or events. Therefore, you need to further assess them to make sure if they are winning products.

New Products

New Products contain dropshipping items that are just discovered by the system in the last 30 days.

Nexus new products

Since there is not much data about these products, you might have to test them yourself to see how things turn out.

All Products

All Products tab allows you to find and evaluate all of the products provided by The NEXUS.

Nexus all products

Hot Stores

If you want to see which stores are doing well and which products they are selling, just click on the Hot Stores tab.

Nexus hot stores

Spying on the stores that are in the same niche as yours will let you know what strategies they are using and which products you should be selling.

The Trending Stores list contains stores that have made recent appearances in the system and are selling some popular products.

Nexus trending stores

At the time of writing this review, we don’t really find any difference between the Hot Stores and Trending Stores tab. It might be because of a bug in the system or because two types of stores are pretty much the same. However, we think it’s not a big problem.

Search and Filters

Before moving on to other features, let’s review Sell The Trend’s search and filters comprehensively as it’s one of the most important features that any excellent product research tools must have.

The tool provides advanced search and filters that let you quickly find and sort products based on various conditions.

Sell The Trend's search and filters

The first filter is the category filter. Clicking on one instantly gives you a list of dropshipping products in that category.

Sell The Trend's category filters

Sell The Trend also provides you with various dropshipping niches to choose from.

Sell The Trend's niche filters

With product filters, you will be able to include or remove products based on certain criteria. For example, you can filter products with over 250 orders and a price under $20, so you have a list of hot items but not too pricy to start dropshipping.

Sell The Trend's product filters

Additionally, sorting products by Nexus rank, the number of selling stores, or the number of orders will allow you to see the most popular or high potential items immediately.

Sell The Trend's product sorts

Overall, Sell The Trend provides one of the most advanced and easy-to-use search and filters that we have ever seen across all dropshipping product research tools.


Another feature Sell The Trend offers is the ability to discover hot, trending, or hidden gem products from AliExpress, Amazon, or other Shopify stores.

Sell The Trend's explorers


The AliExpress explorer contains nearly every AliExpress product with extra information such as daily growth trends or overall growth trends. You can also click a specific item to see further examine it just like the NEXUS.

Sell The Trend's AliExpress Explorer

Besides many filters that we have previously discussed, 3 additional noteworthy ones in this tab are New Stars, Hot Products, and Hidden Gems.

Sell The Trend Explorer's special filters

New Stars products are those that have just been discovered by the system and are showing promising signs of turning into winning products.

New Stars products

Hot products are products with huge increase in sales recently.

Hot products

Hidden Gems contain products that don’t have many orders or rank increase but hold the potential to become winning products.

Hidden Gems


Similar to AliExpress explorer, you can use Amazon explorer to discover hot products from Amazon.

Sell The Trend's Amazon Explorer

There is not much to say about this tab, as it’s pretty much the same as the previous section.

Researching hot products on Amazon and find similar items on AliExpress is a great method to start dropshipping profitably.

Shopify Products

Sell The Trend collects thousands of products from numerous Shopify stores.

Sell The Trend's Shopify Products

These products are not necessarily dropshipping products. However, again, you can find similar items on AliExpress to start dropshipping.

Shopify Stores

The Shopify Stores page shows various Shopify stores that Sell The Trend is currently tracking and rank them according to its popularity in a specific niche.

Sell The Trend's Shopify Stores

You will also be able to see their monthly traffic and daily orders. However, these numbers are estimated and sometimes kind of misleading.

Store Connection and Management

You can connect your Shopify or WooCommerce dropshipping store to Sell The Trend to easily manage it, including adding products, managing orders, and fulfilling them all in one place.

Connect Shopify or WooCommerce dropshipping stores to Sell The Trend

Adding a product to your store is painless with the help of the 1-Click Add To Store feature. Unlike Oberlo, the title, description, tags, images, and selling price are automatically populated, so you can immediately import the product to your store without having to come up with all of the information yourself.

Import products from Sell The Trend to stores

When someone places an order on your dropshipping store, Sell The Trend will notify you, and you can connect your AliExpress account to the system to quickly fulfill it.

Fulfill orders in Sell The Trend

Although many features above can be done through a free app like Oberlo, it’s handy for you to manage all the main dropshipping processes in one place.

Creative Tools

Besides the ability to research winning dropshipping products, Sell The Trend provides you with a couple of creative tools to assist you further in your dropshipping journey, and they are worth reviewing.

Sell The Trend's creative tools

Store Intelligence

By entering a store URL into Store Intelligence, you can instantly see its top-selling items, estimated monthly traffic, monthly orders, and monthly revenue.

Sell The Trend's Store Intelligence

Audience Builder

If you get stuck coming up with interests or demographics to target when creating Facebook ads, using Audience Builder can help you solve the problem.

Just enter a keyword related to your products, and the tool will show you relevant information about the types of audience you should be targetting.

Sell The Trend's Facebook Audience Builder

Video Creator

With Video Creator, you can create a video for your products from images imported from other stores or uploaded from your computers in a matter of minutes.

Sell The Trend's Video Creator

The tool offers many non-copyrighted music tracks to choose from. You can also adjust the top bar text, bottom bar text, background color, or add your own brand name to the video.

Sell The Trend's video preview

Although the tool is pretty basic, it’s good enough to quickly create an engaging video to test your product.

Engagement Calculator

If you intend to contact Instagram influencers to promote your products, it’s important to check their engagement rate to have a general idea of how their audience will react.

Sell The Trend offers a nice little tool called Engagement Calculator. By entering the number of followers, likes, and post comments into the required fields, you can instantly check their engagement rating.

Sell The Trend's Engagement Calculator

However, it must be noted that Instagram influencers can buy fake likes, followers, and even comments. Therefore, be sure to check for these problems before deciding to spend your money. This is also the feature that the tool is lacking.

Discovery Machine

There is nothing special about Discovery Machine, although it has a pretty dope name. It’s basically a random tool that shows you random products. If you are lucky, you might find something interesting.

Sell The Trend's Discovery Machine


Sell The Trend has pretty fast supports. We asked them a question about the system and got a response in under 12 hours.

You can click on the messager icon in the bottom left corner to chat with them directly and send them an email via contact page.

You can also join its private group with nearly 4000 members.

Other Stuff

There are some other things that we think are worth mentioning.


The tutorial section contains many useful resources that help you quickly get used to all features Sell The Trend has to offer.

Sell The Trend's tutorial videos

Success Academy

Another thing we love about Sell The Trend is the Success Academy. If you aren’t quite familiar with dropshipping yet, here is one place to learn more about it.

Sell The Trend's sucess academy

Facebook Course, 1-On-1 Coaching, and Custom Stores

If you are interested in more advanced dropshipping stuff, you can have a look at their Facebook Course, 1-On-1 Coaching, or Custom Stores. However, you have to pay additional fees to access these features, and they are relatively expensive.

Sell The Trend pricing

Sell The Trend offers two pricing models. The monthly plan costs $39,97/month, while the yearly one is $32,97/month, allowing you to get up to 2 free months.

You can also start a 7-day free trial to try out the tool. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription at any time without any additional charge.

Sell The Trend pricing

Compared to other product research tools like Niche Scraper or Ecomhunt, Sell The Trend’s price is reasonable.

Sell The Trend Review – Conclusion

With all of the features we have reviewed in this post, Sell The Trend is certainly one of the most powerful and versatile dropshipping product research tools on the internet right now. If you want to start a successful dropshipping business, this is definitely a tool that you don’t want to miss out on.

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