Seller Pulse Review & Pricing: A Large Database of Dropshipping Products

Seller Pulse is one of many dropshipping product research tools that go under the radar of most dropshippers. The reason might be that it lacks sufficient marketing and a real community.

In this post, we’ll review Seller Pulse comprehensively to see how it can help you start dropshipping successfully.

What is Seller Pulse?

Seller Pulse is a dropshipping product research tool with a large database of products. The tool allows you to research winning products on both AliExpress and Amazon with many advanced filters.

Another feature that Seller Pulse offers is the ability to track dropshipping stores selling a specific product. With this, you’ll be able to analyze your competitors and adapt accordingly.

Seller Pulse In-depth Review

Below, we’ll review every feature Seller Pulse has to offer.

The first feature the tool offers is Database Search. It allows you to find winning dropshipping products through millions of AliExpress items using advanced filters.

These filters include categories, URL, keywords, feedback count, price, number of orders, day range, and video-only items.

Additionally, Seller Pulse provides 3 premade filters: Idea Generation, Advanced Settings, and High Ticket Items.

  • Idea Generation: Products with less than 5000 total orders and more than 100 sales over the last 3 days.
  • Advanced Settings: Items that have between 1000 and 5000 total number of orders and made 1000 sales in the last 15 days. This filter also excludes some categories such as furniture, home improvement, novelty & special use, wedding and events, etc.
  • High Ticket Items: Products that have a price higher than $14 and have made 100 sales for the last 3 days.
Seller Pulse Database Search

Each resulted products come with various pieces of information, including category, price, feedback count, rating score, total orders, and sales in the last X days.

Seller Pulse Database Search products

You’ll also be able to track the trend of a specific product by clicking on the green “View Product Trend” button.

Seller Pulse product trend

There are currently 4 types of trends you can track: price, feedback, orders and quantity.

Seller Pulse product price trend

If you would like to go to the AliExpress product page for further examination, you can click on the yellow “Go To Product Page” button.

Another noteworthy feature of Seller Pulse is the ability to track competing dropshipping stores. Clicking on the “List Of Competing Stores” will show you a list of stores selling a similar product. Doing this will allow you to assess which strategies each store uses and optimize your own dropshipping store accordingly.

Seller Pulse list of competing stores

Overall, although Seller Pulse Product Search lacks some other advanced filters such as shipping methods or the number of selling stores, it’s one of the largest databases of dropshipping products we have ever seen.

Seller Pulse Product Watchlist

If you track a product, it’ll appear in the Product Watchlist.

Seller Pulse Product Watchlist

With the Seller Pulse free plan, you can track up to 100 products. This number is 200 if you upgrade to the Pro plan.

Next, we’ll review the Seller Pulse Targeted Search. It includes 4 features: Search By Country, Opportunity By Country, By Dropshippers, and Country Of Dispatch.

  • Search By Country: Find the best products to sell in a specific country.
  • Opportunity By Country: Find products that sell well on AliExpress but little (less than 50 sales) in a target country.
  • By Dropshippers: Find products that sell well on AliExpress by dropshippers.
  • Country Of Dispatch: Find products that are shipped from a specific country.
Seller Pulse Targeted Search

Filters and results from these features provide pretty much the same functionalities as Seller Pulse Database Search.

With Seller Pulse Targeted Search, you’ll be able to discover interesting dropshipping products that can sell well in your target countries.

Seller Pulse Amazon Product Research

Besides researching products on AliExpress, Seller Pulse provides you with the ability to find winning Amazon products with the Amazon Product Research.

Seller Pulse Amazon Product Research

You can filter products by categories, countries, ASIN / URL, keywords, price, estimated monthly quantity sold, number of reviews, rating, rank, number of sellers, fulfillment method, and product size.

Seller Pulse Amazon Product Research results

We have to say we really love this feature. The sheer number of Seller Pulse’s advanced filters allows you to spot out winning Amazon products and find similar items on AliExpress to dropship.

Seller Pulse Chrome Extension

The Seller Pulse Chrome Extension gives you the ability to analyze and track high potential dropshipping products directly from AliExpress. The tool displays the demand trends, number of orders, comments, and daily sales of products.

Seller Pulse Chrome Extension

With a single click, you’ll also be able to add products to your Seller Pulse account for further tracking.

Seller Pulse Tutorials

The tool lacks a sufficient number of tutorials to help you get started. Its Youtube channel is also rather inactive.

Seller Pulse Tutorials

Below is one of the few tutorial videos in case you want to learn more about Seller Pulse.

Seller Pulse Community

Besides the Facebook page, Seller Pulse doesn’t really have a place where dropshippers can hang out and help each other out. This is another weak point of it. This might be the main reason why not many dropshippers know about Seller Pulse.

Seller Pulse Support

If you have any questions, you can send an email to They’ll typically reply within 24 hours. Otherwise, another method to contact Seller Pulse is DMing them through Facebook messenger.

Seller Pulse Chat Support

Seller Pulse Pricing Review

Seller Pulse offers a free 3-day trial plan with no credit card required, allowing you to access pretty much all of its features with a limit on the number of search requests or results. When you sign up for the $39 Pro plan, you can unlock the full potential Seller Pulse has to offer.

Seller Pulse Pricing

After reviewing many similar tools such as Ecomhunt, Sell The Trend or Dropispy, we think Seller Pulse provides a fair price for its users.

Seller Pulse Review – Conclusion

Overall, Seller Pulse is a good dropshipping product research tool. With a database of millions of products on both AliExpress and Amazon, it’s suitable for people seeking a solution to discover winning dropshipping items on a large scale.

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