Shopify: How to Find Top Shopify Stores in Minutes

Using can help you quickly discover top Shopify stores. This is useful for e-commerce owners to find the best dropshipping niches or get inspiration for products or store designs. This blog post will show you how.

How to Use for Shopify

Here is a simple detailed step-by-step guide on using to find top Shopify stores.

1. Go to homepage is a WHOIS IP lookup service that enables you to find the hosting company of any website. It also allows you to reverse WHOIS, meaning that you can see a list of sites on a specific IP address or IP range.

To start finding top Shopify stores, first, go to

2. Enter Shopify’s IP Address in the Search Field search field

On, enter Shopify’s IP address into the search field.

You can either type in,,, or They are all owned by Shopify.

Another way is to enter – Shopify’s reserve DNS.

Then, click the button “WHOIS Lookup.”

3. Check for Other Shopify Sites on IP

Now, you should be able to see information related to Shopify’s IP Address, including IP Location, IP Reserve DNS, IP Range, etc.

Shopify's IP Adrress information on

To find all other Shopify sites, click “Other Sites On IP.”

4. Look for Shopify Site Records

All Shopify Stores discovered by

After clicking the button, scroll down the page until you see a table. This is a preview list of all Shopify stores. Click “View All Records” at the bottom right corner to open the entire list in more detail. provides you with the “World Site Popular Ranking” sorting, which allows you to discover top Shopify stores. Now, you can start inspecting them for product or design inspiration.

Top Shopify stores

5. Simple Ways to Inspect Shopify Stores

The easiest way to inspect any Shopify stores is to install Commerce Inspector or SaleSource Chrome extension. These are some of the best dropshipping product research tools, which provide you with the ability to track any Shopify store’s best-selling products, apps, and traffic sources. Use them frequently, and you will have a more comprehensive look at your e-commerce & dropshipping competitors.

Commerce Inspector in use

Another one is Dropispy – one of the best ad spy tools. With advanced technology, it gives you access to thousands of Facebook advertisements and allows you to uncover profitable ads as well as find winning dropshipping products at ease.

Dropispy in use


When creating an e-commerce store or starting a dropshipping business with Shopify, it would be a tremendous help that you know what others are doing.

Using, you can quickly and easily find top Shopify stores, inspect them and learn from their success.

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