Wix Review & Pricing: Robust Website Builder & ECommerce Platform

In this article, we’ll review every Wix feature as well as its benefits and weaknesses.

We’ll also compare Wix with Shopify – one of its most direct competitors – to give you a better idea of who it’s for and when to use it.

What is Wix?

Wix is a world-class site builder platform that helps you create a beautiful website and full-fledged eCommerce store without coding.

The platform offers robust features to support a wide range of audiences, from entrepreneurs, designers, developers, musicians, photographers to restaurant owners.

Founded in 2016, Wix now has over 200 million users in every corner of the world.

Wix about-us page

How Does Wix Work?

Wix is a cloud-based web application, meaning that you can create an entire website directly from your web browser without having to install a complicated desktop application. You also don’t need to go through the trouble of maintaining or upgrading your site. The platform will automatically take care of all of that.

Using Wix has many benefits, including a drag-and-drop site builder, 100+ templates, unlimited pages, a versatile eCommerce & dropshipping system, booking management, an extensive third-party app market, 24/7 customer support, and much more.

Wix Vs. Shopify Review

Shopify is the most widely used eCommerce platform on the internet and one of the most direct competitors to Wix. So, let’s compare them together.

Ease Of UseBeginner-friendly. But sometimes, you might find the dashboard a little bit confused.Easy to use but need a little bit of time to get used to.
Design & CustomizationWix ADI to help build elegant websites in minutes. Drag-And-Drop Editor for maximum personalization.Beautiful design but limited customization and personalization. No drag-and-drop functionality.
Templates (Themes)800+ design templates, not to mention templates from third-party websites.100+ themes inside the built-in theme store, not counting themes from third-party websites.
PerformanceAverage site speed on desktop but low on mobile.Moderate performance on both mobile and desktop devices.
FlexibilityCan be used for all kinds of business, such as building CVs, running restaurants, managing bookings, creating blogs, operating eCommerce, etc.Only great for eCommerce.
ScalingUnlimited bandwidth and number of products and orders.Same as Wix.
Domain Name & SSLFree domain address & SSL certificate. You can change the free site address. To connect custom domain names, you have to be on paid plans.Same as Wix, but you cannot change the free site address.
App Market300+ apps in the app market.4200+ apps in the app store.
ECommerceSell physical and digital products. Need to install a third-party app to sell gift cards.Easily sell everything.
DropshippingOnly a few dropshipping apps to choose from.Lots of dropshipping apps to choose from.
Print-On-Demand (POD)Only a few print-on-demand apps to choose from. Lots of print-on-demand apps to choose from.
Payment ProvidersConnect to Wix Payments and 50+ other payment providers. Connect to Shopify Payments and 100+ other payment providers.
Coupon SetupManual discount codes. No automatic coupons.Powerful coupon system with both discount codes and automatic discounts.
Shipping SetupBasic shipping setup.More advanced shipping setup.
Tax SettingsBasic manual tax settings. Provide automatic tax calculation.More advanced manual tax settings and automatic tax calculation.
CheckoutBasic checkout customization.Detailed checkout customization.
SEOGreat SEO with lots of built-in tools to guide you through setting up SEO correctly.Limited SEO functionality.
BloggingGreat blogging features.Limited blogging features.
MarketingPowerful email marketing and automation. Lots of beautiful email templates.Basic email marketing.
AdvertisingAI-powered advertising algorithm for Facebook & Instagram ads.Basic Facebook & Instagram ad settings.
Reports, Tracking, & AnalyticsDetailed reports & analytics.Less detailed but still great.
Sales ChannelsFacebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, Amazon, and eBay.Buy Button, Google Shopping, Facebook Shop, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Shopping, Amazon, Handshake, and wholesale channel.
POSSupport advanced POS.Same as Wix.
Other Built-In Features & ToolsLogo Maker, Video Maker, Live Chat, Workflows, Tasks & Reminders, etc.No additional built-in tools.
TutorialsAbundant tutorials from help center, courses, YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog.Same as Wix.
Support24/7 support.Same as Wix.
CommunityBig and very active community.Same as Wix.
Pricing$4.50/month up to $35/month.$29/month to $299/month.

Overall, Wix is more flexible than Shopify. It also provides better SEO features and many more powerful built-in tools. However, in terms of eCommerce and apps, Shopify is still the better one.

Wix Store Design Overview

Wix has an elegant and mobile-responsive design out of the box. Below is how various Wix pages look like.

  • Wix homepage design
  • Wix blog post design
  • Wix about-us page design
  • Wix collection page design
  • Wix product page design
  • Wix cart page design
  • Wix thank you page design

You can also visit Wix Website Examples to have a taste of what you can achieve with the platform.

Wix Features Review

Wix comes with tons of advanced features. We’ll go through them one by one to help you better decide if Wix is the right fit for your business.


First, let’s talk about Wix ADI – one of the most important characteristics that set Wix apart from other site-building platforms.

Wix ADI is an artificial design intelligence tool that makes the process of creating your own unique website become super easy and fast. It will first ask you a few questions about your business goals, basic business information, themes, pages, and tools you would like to use. Then, Wix ADI uses modern AI technology to process all of that information to build a tailor-made website that suits your needs in a matter of minutes.


Once done, you will be directed to the ADI editor and make changes if you wish to. At this point, you have a stunning website ready to go live.

There aren’t many site builders offering this feature. So, this is a big plus point for Wix.

Wix ADI Editor

Following Wix ADI, we’ll review the Wix ADI editor. It allows you to customize any part of your site, from your homepage, blog page, to thank you page.

Wix ADI editor

On the top of the editor, you can see options to add and manage sections, pages, or apps. You can also change your site design elements, including themes, colors, fonts, animation, and page design.

There’re a bunch of Wix themes for you to choose from. Simply click on the one you like, and the entire design of your site will change accordingly.

Change your Wix themes inside the ADI editor

Another great thing is that the ADI editor provides you with many color modes and pre-made palettes. You can quickly swap between them and still keep your site design consistent and pleasing.

Changing your site color inside the Wix ADI editor

The next unique feature is page animation & transition. It helps make your site more lively and fun to navigate around.

Adding animation & transition inside the Wix ADI

Each section on your Wix site comes with its own editor for modifying information, design, and layout. You can also add new sections and move them around by clicking on the arrow button next to them.

Designing sections in the Wix ADI editor

Additionally, the Wix ADI editor allows for viewing your site on both desktop and mobile. Hence, you can easily optimize your website for the best user experience across devices.

Previewing Wix site on mobile

If you aren’t quite familiar with the editor yet, you can click the question mark button at the bottom right to see various guides and tips on using it.

Wix ADI editor design help

All in all, The Wix ADI editor provides a beginner-friendly and intuitive site design experience. It has everything you need to create a fully functional website with just a few clicks.

Wix Drag & Drop Editor

The second design option is to use the Wix drag-and-drop editor (or Wix Editor for short). With it, you can truly build a personalized website tailored to your business needs. It’s also the best site editor on the internet right now.

Wix Editor Overview

After switching from Wix ADI to Wix Editor, you have a new design area with a tab menu on the left and an editor toolbar on the right.

Wix drag-and-drop site editor

Besides all features inherited from Wix ADI, this editor contains many more elements to work with, ranging from strip, text, image, button, gallery, decorative, interactive to grids, menu, social icons, and forms.

Wix editor design elements

All elements are fully customizable and can be drag and drop around to be put at whichever location you like.

Additionally, Wix Editor gives you some handy tools such as layers, rulers, gridlines, and snap to objects to help ease the design process.

Wix editor tool

Wix Editor Mobile Friendly

Next, let’s review other unique features only available on the Wix Editor.

The first one is Mobile Friendly. Since you can drag and resize elements freely, it’s important to turn on Site Mobile Friendly to ensure a great user experience across devices.

Wix mobile friendly

Wix Editor Image Sharpening

You can apply an image sharpening option to all of your site images. It increases the contrast of the edges where different colors meet, which tricks the eye into believing that the photo looks strong and sharp.

Wix Image Sharpening

There’re 6 sharpening preset to choose from:

  • None: Remove all sharpening from your images.
  • Mild: Suitable for soft and natural scenes.
  • Classic: The default option for your site, which is great for most types of images.
  • Moderate: Great for showcasing products, interiors, and landscapes.
  • Strong: Good for out-of-focus images.
  • Max: Great for images with text in them, such as posters and banners.

Wix Editor Multilingual

Wix Multilingual lets you translate your entire site into different languages manually or automatically with Google Translate. This helps you cater your site content to more audiences worldwide.

Wix Multilingual

Wix Editor Web Accessibility

There are around 253 million visually impaired people globally, and it’s especially challenging for them to do online shopping.

Understanding that, Wix Editor provides you with a special feature called Web Accessibility. It recommends a checklist showing you all accessibility issues on your site and how you can fix them.

Wix Accessibility Wizard

Wix Editor Velo Dev Mode

Velo by Wix is an advanced full-stack development feature for experienced developers, making it possible to add custom functions to your site using JavaScript and native APIs in a built-in IDE.

Wix Velo Dev Mode

Here are what you get using Wix Velo:

  • Visual Editor and Integrated Development Environment: Harnessing the power of the drag-and-drop editor and Velo APIs, you can quickly build dynamic event-driven web applications.
  • Third-Party Tools and Services Integration: Easily connect your site with third-party APIs from SendGrid, Twilio, Stripe, Google Cloud Operations, and more.
  • Powerful Database Management: Integrated database with the security of backups and PII encryption.
  • Production Tools: Debug, release, and monitor web apps at ease.

Wix Dashboard Interface

Wix gives you a compact and intuitive dashboard with a sidebar menu on the left and the content of each menu tab on the right.

Wix dashboard

On your main dashboard tab, you get to see helpful information on setting up your site, tips, suggestions, and apps to install.

Wix main dashboard

Additionally, you can click on the Site Actions drop-down menu to edit, view, rename, duplicate, transfer, or delete your site.

Wix site actions

Depending on the apps you install, the sidebar menu will show and direct you to different parts of your sites, such as your store products & orders, blog, customer management, marketing & SEO, analytics & reports, finances, settings, and app management.

Wix sidebar menu

In our opinion, it’s easy and straightforward to navigate around your Wix dashboard and make changes.

Wix Domains, Web Hosting & SSL Certificate

By default, your Wix site will be hosted for free under a free domain name in the format of username.wixsite.com/siteaddress. It also comes with a secured SSL certificate and HTTPS security protocol, meaning that people can safely surf your site without worrying about data leaked and stolen.

It’s possible to change the default domain name by editing your Username in your Accounts Settings and Site Address in the Rename Site window. This is a great feature as other platforms like Shopify don’t allow you to do so.

Change Wix site address

To connect your own custom domain to Wix, like bestwebsite.com, you will need to upgrade to a paid Premium plan. This is the same as any other site builder.

Wix Website Templates

A website template is a pre-designed layout that determines how your entire website looks and feels.

Currently, Wix has over 800 website templates in pretty much any industry. For instance, you can find templates for education, consulting & coaching, real estate, finance & law, sports & fitness, cafe & bakery, photography, music, portfolio & CV, fashion & clothing, and the list goes on.

Wix website templates

One big weakness of Wix is that once you have picked a template for your website, it’s not possible to switch to another. The only way to solve this problem is to start over with a completely new site and transfer some of the data from the old site to your new one.

Data you can transfer includes: premium plan, domain, mailbox, pages, elements, media, colors, and fonts. You cannot transfer your site theme, design, layout, premium apps, contacts, site members, blog, video, etc.

In general, we think Wix is doing a great job with the number of design choices. But, it’s annoying that you cannot change your template, and the platform needs to act on this feature quickly.

Wix ECommerce

When it comes to eCommerce, Wix has a bunch of built-in features and tools to help you easily manage and sell your products online.

Wix Store Product Management

Wix offers you a complete product management solution. You can add, duplicate, or remove products with a click of a button. Another advantage is that Wix allows you to import products into your store or export them in the format of CSV files.

Wix store product management

In the matter of editing a product, you can modify its name, ribbon, description, images, videos, variants, SKU, collections, inventory, shipping weight, price, and on-sale price.

Wix product editor

The description employs a rich-text editor. Therefore, you can style the text inside it however you like.

Wix product description editor

Furthermore, it’s possible for you to add additional info sections to your product pages, which is useful for displaying shipping and return policies.

Wix product additional info sections

Wix also allows you to show custom text fields to help with product personalization.

Wix product custom text fields

One more powerful feature Wix provides is the ability to edit product SEO settings, like URL slug, title, meta description, and product schema markup.

Wix product SEO settings

Selling Product Subscriptions On Wix

Your customers can pay for your products on a recurring basis with the help of product subscriptions.

Available settings are the subscription name, tagline, frequency, duration, discount, and price per period.

Wix product descriptions

After someone purchases a product subscription, a new order will appear every installment period. Then, you can send an invoice to the customer asking for payments. You can also set the subscription as auto-renew to automatically charge the customer.

Selling Digital Products & Gift Cards On Wix

Besides physical products, Wix makes it easy for you to sell digital products on your store. The process of creating them is pretty much similar to that of physical items. You simply upload a digital file, fill in all required information, give it a price, and start selling. You can also set its inventory like a usual product.

Creating digital products on Wix

As soon as your customers complete payments, they will receive confirmation emails containing links to download your digital products.

Regarding gift cards, Wix Stores does not yet have a built-in feature to allow you to sell gift cards that customers can give to their friends. However, installing the Gifted third-party app is a way to solve the problem.

Wix Store Order Management

Speaking of store order management, you can see and filter all of the customer orders as well as abandoned carts inside the Store Orders tab.

Wix store order management

Clicking on each order will allow you to examine its details (shipping address, billing address, delivery method, payment summary, order activity, etc.), print a packing slip, add a tracking number, create a shipping label, and mark the order status as fulfilled.

Wix order editor

Wix Shipping & Fulfillment Setup

In regards to shipping & fulfillment setup, it can be broken down into 2 components: shipping regions and shipping rules.

Wix shipping setup

Shipping regions are where your products are delivered to. Meanwhile, shipping rules determine how shipping is calculated, estimated delivery time, and the amount of money your customers have to pay.

Wix shipping rule setup

There’re 6 calculated shipping rates you can choose from, including Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Rate By Weight, Rate By Price, Rate By Product, and USPC Calculated Rate.

If your customers live inside your area, you can also set up local delivery to offer quick hand-shipping or local pickup to let customers pick up their orders manually.

Wix local delivery

Wix Store Checkout Settings

Touching on checkout page customization, you’re able to turn on and off fields that your customers have to fill in during the checkout process. For example, you can enable and mark company name, address line 2, or phone as mandatory fields.

Wix checkout settings

You should also consider turning on the email subscription checkbox and make it checked by default to collect more email marketing leads.

Lastly, it’s possible to display a policy agreement checkbox at checkout to make sure customers understand your responsibilities as well as theirs.

Wix Store Tax Settings

As for store tax settings, on the Business basic plan and lower, the platform allows you to manually configure a tax rate for each country.

Upgrading to the Business Unlimited plan or higher, you get access to automated and real-time sales tax calculation.

Wix store tax settings

Wix Order Email Notifications

In terms of order email notifications, Wix only lets you set up and customize the template for only a few of them, which are order confirmation, shipping confirmation, resending download links, and ready-for-pickup emails.

Wix order email notifications

There’s also not much information you can customize for each notification aside from the title, subtitle, footer title, footer description, email address, and phone number.

Wix email notification template customization

Wix Dropshipping

Dropshipping is not dead. According to research, the global dropshipping market size was around $102.2B in 2018 and will likely reach $167B in 2021. More and more eCommerce owners are using the model to test their ideas and even white-label dropshipping products.

To start dropshipping on Wix, you can install the Modalyst, Spocket, 365DROPSHIP, Syncee, or Importify app.

Wix dropshipping apps
  • Modalyst: One of the largest services on the internet to find winning dropshipping products. It offers 10+ million products of exclusive suppliers and high-quality AliExpress sellers in various dropshipping niches. It’s important to note that the number of Modalyst products you can import depending on your Wix subscription plan.
  • Spocket: Connecting you with US and EU suppliers, Spocket is one of the best dropshipping tools to find and sell premium US/EU-based products from trustworthy dropshipping partners.
  • Syncee: Access local dropshipping suppliers from all over the world for fast shipping.
  • 365DROPSHIP: 70+ unique companies with 200,000+ dropshipping products in 150 destinations.
  • Importify: Import products from Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Banggood, Dhgate, Gearbest, Taobao, and hundreds of other suppliers. Importify also provides tools to spy on other dropshipping stores.

All dropshipping apps help you fulfill your customer orders with a click of a button.

Wix Print-On-Demand

To sell print-on-demand products on your Wix store, you can use either the Printful, Printify, MyTshirt, or the in-house Wix Art Store app.

Wix print-on-demand apps
  • Printful: The biggest service on the internet to help you build a great print-on-demand and dropshipping brand, featuring a wide variety of products in many categories, from clothing, jewelry, device cases to pet accessories.
  • Printify: Another big print-on-demand player with 250+ custom products and a network of print providers from 90+ locations.
  • MyTshirt: Access 350+ fully customizable merchandise types.
  • Wix Art Store: Sell digital art and prints with 12 customizable layouts.

You simply add a product with your own design to your store and start selling. Print-on-demand platforms handle the rest, from warehousing, fulfilling, and shipping products.

Wix Sales Channels

Next, we’ll review Wix sales channels.

By default, the platform only allows you to connect to 4 sales channels: Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping (not supported in all countries), eBay (available on Business Unlimited and VIP plan), and Amazon (not available to all users).

Wix sales channels

In case you want to integrate your sites into other channels such as Google Shopping or other marketplaces like Walmart, Esty, or Wish, you have to use third-party apps.

After connecting, your product catalog will automatically get uploaded and synced across those channels. All customer orders are centralized and managed from your Wix dashboard.

In general, Wix still lacks built-in integration with a lot of sales channels, and we would like to see the platform improve on this feature.


Wix POS helps you unify online and in-person sales to provide a fantastic omnichannel experience for your customers. It means that they can seamlessly shop your store from a desktop, mobile to a brick-and-mortar store and purchase your products at whichever stage they like.

You’re also able to manage your entire product catalog and accept payments both online and offline effortlessly from one single dashboard. On top of that, Wix provides you with all of the necessary hardware devices to do so.

For instance, you can set up a barcode scanner, receipt printer, and payment terminal to let customers buy products right at your brick-and-mortar store and accept all types of payments from them.


Here are the benefits of using the POS system from Wix:

  • Omnichannel Sales: Unified product catalog, flexible delivery for your customers, pre-installed software, and one-click downloaded mobile POS app.
  • Fully Synced Inventory: Inventory is synced and tracked live and on autopilot.
  • Seamless Checkout: Custom checkout screen, custom product prices on the spot, saved customer shopping carts, and customized receipts.
  • POS hardware: Customer display tablet, barcode scanner, secure card reader, sleek receipt printer, charging dock, and cash drawer.
  • Native Payment Provider: Secure Wix Payments for all types of credit cards, debit cards, EMV, and Apple Pay.
  • Smart Analytics & Growth: Unified store analytics, customized reports, and unlimited staff members in your Wix Retail POS system.

Wix Ascend

Now, it’s time to review Wix Ascend – an all-in-one marketing suite to help you manage, promote, and grow your site traffic and revenue.

Wix Ascend Customer Management (CRM)

Wix Ascend CRM offers tools to nurture customer relationships and convert them into loyal buyers.

Ascend Inbox

Wix Inbox is a centralized home to reply to customer messages from different channels at once, such as Wix Chat, Wix Forms, and your Facebook page.

The tool also lets you schedule your chat hour beforehand and communicate with live visitors in real-time. Furthermore, Wix makes it easy for you to send coupons, payment requests, and product promotions.

Wix Inbox
Ascend Contact List

Whenever someone interacts with your site in certain ways, for example, submitting a contact form, subscribing to your newsletter, or buying products, they will be added to your Wix Contact List. By filtering them, you’ll able to send targeted marketing campaigns to the right people.

Wix Contact List

If you collect contact information from other places, you can add or import them manually from Gmail or CSV files to your contact list.

Ascend Forms

With Ascend Forms, you’re able to keep track of all of your site forms as well as submissions in one place. On a Wix Premium plan, it’s also possible to accept Payments via forms and let visitors upload files.

Wix Forms
Ascend Automations

The next worth reviewing tool within the Wix Ascend CRM stack is Automations. As the name suggests, it saves your valuable time and effort by automating a majority of manual tasks and processes.

For example, Wix Automations allows you to do the following jobs automatically: reminding customers of abandoned carts, sending thank you emails, greeting new visitors, replying to chat, labeling contacts, inviting paying customers back to your store, and more.

Wix Automations

An automation contains 3 main components that you can modify to make all kinds of possibilities:

  • Trigger: When to begin the automation.
  • Action: What to do after the automation is triggered.
  • Timing: How much time to wait before doing the action.
Creating an automation in Wix
Ascend Workflows

If you have experience using Trello, you will be very familiar with Wix Ascend Workflows.

A workflow is a board of drag-and-drop cards that help you keep track of all steps of a work process. By looking at it, you know which contact or customer is in which phase and what you need to do next.

Wix Workflows

You can create a workflow from scratch or choose from a handful of pre-made templates, including Sales Leads, Hiring Process, Help Desk & IT, Website Design, Online Store, Business Meetings, Site Members, and To-Do.

Wix workflow templates

In addition, you can use Automations in tandem with Workflows to automatically move cards to the next step instead of dragging and dropping them manually.

Ascend Tasks & Reminders

Following Workflows, we’ll review Wix Ascend Tasks & Reminders.

This tool works as a handy to-do list of various tasks you need to finish. It’s also possible to link tasks to contacts, set deadlines, and get notified when your tasks are due.

Wix tasks and reminders
Ascend Site Members & Badges

The final tool within the CRM stack is Wix Ascend Site Members & Badges.

When people sign up to your website, they become your site members, which you can manage their basic profile, set permissions, or block them from accessing your site.

Wix site members

Moreover, Wix gives you the ability to create badges and assign them to your members as rewards and motivation.

Wix member badges

Wix Ascend Marketing Integration

Next, let’s talk about Marketing Integrations. This feature provides you an easy way to connect your site with a handful of marketing & analytics tools, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Catalog, and Yandex Metrica.

Wix Ascend Marketing Integrations

These tools help track valuable information about your site visitors to run more profitable online marketing campaigns.

In addition, you can add your own ads.txt file to control who’s permitted to advertise on your site.

Wix Ascend Ads.txt file

Wix Ascend Social Posts

Another Wix marketing tool we really love is the Social Posts Creator. It gives you stunning design templates to create eye-catching content for your social media accounts.

Wix Ascend social posts creator

You can customize your social posts with a drag-and-drop editor and schedule to publish them in advance.

Wix social post editor

Wix Ascend Video Maker

Along with Social Posts, Wix Video Maker enables you to create engaging promotional videos to share with your social network audiences.

Wix Video Maker

Selecting from a wide variety of templates, you can upload your favorite clips and images, customize text, change styles, add music, and include your business info to have your own branded videos in a matter of minutes.

Customizing your video in Wix Video Maker

Wix Ascend Logo Maker

Using Wix Logo Maker, you can easily design a logo for your website, social media accounts, business cards, or even your merchandise.

Wix Logo Maker

The greatest thing about Wix Logo Maker is that it can generate a logo that suits your needs and looks the way you want just by asking you a few questions about your brand, business goal, and personal style.

Wix Logo Maker questions

Each logo is completely customizable, such as the logo font, colors, size, text, shapes, icons, and background. Additionally, there’re hundreds of layouts to choose from and modify.

Wix logo design layouts

Wix Ascend Business Cards

Wix Business Cards empowers you to create a professional business card for your company.

Wix Business Cards & Branded Merchandise

Similar to your social posts and logo, you can personalize your business card by making changes to its text, shapes, vector art, images, and background.

Wix Business Card edtior

In case you would like to possess physical prints for doing offline business, you can order them with Wix and have them delivered straight to you.

Order business cards with Wix

Wix Ascend Email Marketing

The next feature to review within the Ascend suite is Wix Email Marketing. It strengthens the relationship between you and your visitors by enabling you to send engaging and highly targeted email marketing campaigns.

Wix Email Marketing

Again, Wix does an amazing job with numerous pre-made templates, letting you promptly construct beautiful and consistent email design and layout.

Wix email templates

Each email comes with many elements, themes, and background images that are fully customizable with an intuitive editor.

Wix email template editor

Wix Ascend Advertising

Another big plus point of the platform is its AI-powered advertising algorithm.

Wix eases the time and effort it takes to run your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns by using an advanced algorithm to learn and analyze ad data from millions of Wix users. Then, it automatically runs the optimization process to help you achieve the best marketing results.

Below are some of the capabilities the Wix advertising algorithm can do:

  • Setting up the Business Manager and Facebook Pixel.
  • Choosing the best placement and target audiences.
  • Doing A/B testing to create optimized ad variations.
  • Tracking, monitoring, analyzing, and predicting ad performance to optimize ad spending and conversion rates.
  • Create retargeting campaigns.
Wix advertising

Wix Ascend Coupons

Wix Ascend gives you the ability to create coupons, which are codes that customers can enter on the checkout page to get a discount for their purchases.

As of now, you can select between 5 types of coupons:

Wix coupons setup

With each coupon, you can set up the coupon code, coupon name, discount, which products, collections, or order subtotal to apply to, coupon subscriptions, valid duration, and usage limitation.

One weakness of the Wix coupon system is that it doesn’t support automatic coupons. They are discounts that automatically apply to customers as soon as they qualify for a specific promotion, such as “Free shipping for cart value over $99.99.” In the case of Wix, customers have to manually enter the coupon code to get discounts, which is not a great user experience.

Wix SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Concerning SEO, Wix provides you with many robust tools to improve your site ranking and visibility.


The first tool to review is Wix SEO Wiz. It’s a step-by-step plan outlining what you need to do to get found on Google.

Wix SEO Wiz

The SEO Wiz has 3 main steps:

  • Get your site listed on Google: Set your homepage title, add homepage description, include keywords, check site mobile-friendliness, connect domain, and connect Google Search Console.
  • Optimize your site pages for search engines: Update contact details, connect social networks, create key pages, and add page hyperlinks.
  • Keep building on your SEO progress: Follow additional SEO guides and resources, track your SEO achievements, or hire a Wix SEO expert for professional tips and tricks.

SEO Patterns

The second SEO tool Wix provides is SEO Patterns. With the tool, you can apply the same SEO configuration for multiple pages of your site at once, which avoids missing SEO settings and saves your time.

Wix SEO patterns

By default, Wix automatically creates SEO patterns for all pages of your site, such as main pages, products, blog posts, blog categories, blog tags, and blog archive pages.

Each pattern comes with anywhere between 2 to 4 settings you can configure:

  • Search Engine & Social Media: Customize how search engines and social networks display pages. You can edit SEO title, SEO description, page URL, social title, social description, social share image, Twitter card size, Twitter title, Twitter description, and Twitter image.
  • Structured Data: Add structured data to pages to make them eligible for rich search results.
  • Advanced SEO Tags: Set additional info and Open Graph meta tags for pages, such as canonical tag, og:type tag, or og:url tag.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Enable AMP for pages to give visitors a better site loading experience on mobile devices.
Wix SEO pattern settings

Site Verification

Wix helps you easily verify and claim ownership of your website by adding meta tags provided by Google Search Console, Pinterest, Bing Webmaster Center, and Yandex Webmaster.

Wix Site Verification


The next feature within the Wix SEO stack is Sitemaps. It helps search engines quickly find all information about your site pages and the relationships between them.

Wix sitemaps

By default, Wix automatically generates optimized sitemaps for your website and store following the SEO best practices.

URL Redirect Manager

With the URL redirect manager, you can manage how your visitors get redirected when visiting an old URL on your site. Suppose you change a product page URL from “yourstore.com/white-shirt/” to “yourstore.com/colorful-shirt/.” In this case, it’s recommended that you redirect the old URL to the new one to avoid traffic loss and a 404 error message.

Wix URL redirect manager

The maximum limit of redirection you can make on a Wix site is 5,000.

Robots.txt File Editor

For advanced users, Wix lets you edit the robots.txt file to tell search engines which pages of your site to crawl or skip in search results. Note that this feature is only available when you have connected a custom domain name to your site.

Wix Robots.txt file editor

Other General SEO Settings

Finally, you can manage your site visibility in search results and set a default image for social networks when there isn’t a proper image available for a specific page.

Wix general SEO settings

All in all, Wix has the best out-of-the-box SEO among all site builders to help you boost your site search ranking and traffic.

Wix Analytics & Reports

Wix Analytics & Reports gives you comprehensive insights into your site activity, essentially helping you make informed business decisions.

The tool consists of 4 key modules:

  • Analytics Overview: Get a general overview of how your entire site performs, such as traffic, sales, or people data.
  • Reports: Obtain more insightful data into each part of your site activity, such as sales over time, sales by item, most abandoned products, top-paying customers, transactions summary, traffic over time, traffic by location, top referral, page visits, and blog activity to name a few.
  • Performance Analysis: Analyze and benchmark your site speed, unique visitors, average session duration, bounce rate, % returning visitors, % organic search, and % social traffic.
  • Monitoring Tools: Get email alerts when there’s any change in your site’s stats. You can also create new alerts or set the time to send them out (daily, weekly, or monthly).
Wix analytics & reports

Especially when you upgrade to the Wix Business Vip plan, you can create, duplicate, and customize reports to view data exactly the way you want.

Wix Business Mailboxes

A business mailbox comes with many benefits. The most apparent one is that you have an email address under your domain name, such as support@thecleverbusiness.com, instead of a personal one like thecleverbusiness@gmail.com. This improves the professionalism and trustworthiness of your email marketing campaigns.

Inside your Wix dashboard, you have a built-in tool connecting your site to Google Workspace to help you quickly purchase and manage a personalized business mailbox.

Wix business mailboxes

In addition to a domain email address, you get 30GB Inbox & Drive storage, online video meetings & messaging, collaborative Calendar, Docs, Sheets & Slides, and access to mailboxes on both mobile and desktop devices.

If you find Google Workspace a bit costly, you can connect email purchased from another service like Namecheap and add the mailbox provider’s DNS records to your Wix account to start using it.

Wix Finances

Wix Finances provides features to help you manage your payment providers, price quotes, and invoices.

Wix Payment Providers

A payment provider gives you the ability to accept money transactions from your customers through a variety of methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, digital wallets, etc.

Wix allows you to connect your site to more than 50 leading payment providers, supporting over 150 countries in the world. Available options are PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Square, Affirm, Afterpay, Clearpay, PayU, Worldpay, Lyra, and many more.

Wix available payment providers

Moreover, Wix has its own payment provider called Wix Payments, which offers a much easier and quicker setup process to start accepting payments on your site. However, it’s currently only accessible in specific locations, such as the US, UK, Austria, Brazil, Germany, and other European countries.

Wix Payments supported countries

If you would like to accept cash, check, and other custom forms of payment, you can do it in your Accept Payments Settings.

Wix Accept Payments Settings

Wix Price Quotes

Price Quotes helps you send professional-looking quotes to your clients and negotiate prices with them directly from your site’s dashboard. Once your quotes are accepted, you can turn them into invoices that your clients can pay online.

Wix Price Quotes

Wix Invoices

With Wix Invoices, you can create, send, and manage all of your site and store invoices, as well as request payments online from your customers.

Wix invoices

Wix also allows you to edit your invoice template like customizing your invoice header, adding your business logo, or appending extra notes.

Wix invoice template

Wix Financial Integrations

You can integrate your site with advanced accounting services like QuickBooks and Xero. Doing this enables you to sync and keep track of your sales and invoices in a smarter and more organized manner.

Wix financial integrations

Wix Blog

Compared to WordPress, Wix Blog is not as powerful and flexible. Specifically, WordPress has more than 30 block elements you can add to a blog post. In contrast, Wix only provides you with 7 block elements, including Image, Gallery, Video, GIF, Divider, File, and HTML code.

However, with the help of the built-in rich text editor, Wix Blog is still able to cater to most blogging usages.

Wix blog elements

You can format your text, adjust text alignment, add bullet lists, insert links, change indents, etc.

Wix blog post editor

Each blog post also comes with both basic and advanced SEO settings, allowing you to customize its URL slug, SEO title, SEO description, social share image, structured data, and meta tags. What is more, you can preview your post to see how it would look like on Google.

Wix blog SEO

In the event that you would like to monetize your blog, you can create reader subscriptions, add paywalls, insert AdSense ads, or put up Bannersnack banners.

Wix blog monetization

Moreover, Wix Blog enables you to translate your posts into multiple languages to reach more readers. Note that you have to do the translation manually.

Wix blog translation

Wix Site Notifications

One more useful feature of Wix is the ability to set up notifications that you and your site members receive via emails, mobile app, site feed, and desktop web push notifications.

Wix Site Notifications

In addition, it’s possible to turn on or off which notifications you would like to see in your Wix dashboard.

Wix dashboard notifications

Wix Website & Business Info Settings

Like other platforms, you can set your site name to define how it shows on Google and browser tabs. It’s also crucial to set your site logo, favicon, description, location, contact information, general social sharing image, and social accounts. This can be all done through the Wix Website & Business Settings.

Wix Website & Business Info Settings

Wix Language & Region Settings

You can change your site’s default language, time zone, region, and currency people see when visiting your site or buying products from your store. This is especially important to help assistive technologies interpret and adjust the accent, pitch, and speaking rate to your site content correctly.

Wix language & region settings

Wix Roles & Permissions

Wix makes it effortless for you to invite people to work on your site and store by simply sending an invitation via email. Once accepted, they can create a Wix account and sign in to your site to start working.

Accounts will have different roles and permissions which restrict them from accessing certain areas of your site. For instance, one might be an admin, website manager, website designer, billing manager, payments manager, store manager, or blog editor.

If you don’t find any built-in role suited for your business needs, you can create a new one with customized permissions.

Wix roles and permissions

To help you comply with various laws and regulations doing business online, Wix lets you add necessary legal pages and policies to your website, informing your customers about your store activity.

With Privacy & Cookies tools, you’re able to display a cookie consent, set up a privacy policy, and add a “Do Not Sell Data” link to your site. This is vital for GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliance, as well as increasing trust and transparency with your visitors.

Wix Privacy & Cookies

All of the collected consent is automatically saved in the Wix database. You can retrieve or delete this data if requested by your visitors.

For online eCommerce stores, you can set up Terms & Conditions, Return Policy, Contact Us, or Custom Policy pages in the Store Policies Settings. Once added, they will appear in the footer of your checkout page. You should also manually add them to your storefront footer.

Wix store policies

The platform doesn’t provide you with policy templates beforehand, so you have to write content for these pages from scratch or use our ECommerce & Dropshipping Legal Pages Generator tool to quickly create one for your site.

Wix Custom Code

Given that you want to add custom code snippets to your website’s header or body for site verification on other search engines or other analytics purposes, you can do so with the custom code editor.

Wix custom code

Wix Site History

Site History saves copies of your site, giving you the ability to roll back to a previous revision in case you accidentally make unwanted changes.

Wix Site History

Wix Multiple Site Management

Wix allows you to create and manage multiple sites under one account for free. Note that each site has its own subscription plan. Therefore, you have to upgrade them separately if you want to access advanced features.

Wix manging multiple sites

Wix In-House Apps

Before going into reviewing the Wix app market, we’ll go through some in-house apps that we find interesting.

  • Chat: Display a chatbox on your site and communicate with visitors in real-time.
  • Bookings: Let customers book services such as workshops, courses, or private sessions.
  • Restaurants: Create an all-in-one restaurant system to manage menus, take online orders, set up reservations, and receive payments.
  • Members Area: Generate a members area on your site. It means visitors can have their own accounts to manage their information, such as their order status, appointments, subscription, etc.
  • Online Programs: Create online programs and courses that your site members can join.
  • Groups: Classify your members into groups based on common interests or specific criteria.
  • Pricing Plans: Show a pricing table to let customers know how much you charge for your content and services.
  • Forum: Generate a forum where members can post, comment, like, and share content with each other.
  • Instagram Feed: Add an Instagram Feed to your site to share your Instagram posts.
  • Music: Promote and sell music.
  • Bandsintown: Display upcoming events and ticket links from a Bandsintown profile on your Wix site.
  • Video: Upload high-quality videos or add videos from YouTube and Facebook to engage your visitors.
  • Events: Inform site visitors about upcoming events and manage guest lists.
Wix in-house apps

Wix App Market

Besides built-in tools, Wix has a huge app market with over 300 third-party apps. They span across the whole spectrum of the internet industry, helping you extend functionality for blogs, eCommerce stores to creating engaging online courses, operating restaurants efficiently, and managing real estate effectively.

Wix app market

You can also find apps on marketing & advertising automation, SEO optimization, conversion rate optimization, accounting, crowdfunding, podcasting, communication, and much more.

From our own experience using many website builders, The Wix app market is among the largest on the internet.

Wix Owner App

Using the Wix owner app, you can manage your store wherever you go with your mobile device.

Wix owner app

Below are some features you can do with the app.

  • Track vital stats: Get details about your website, such as live visitors, sales, or revenue. You can also see how your site performs over different time periodsֿ.
  • Manage eCommerce: Manage your inventory, accept payments, and fulfill customer orders quickly.
  • Maintaining Blog: Creating, editing, and sharing your blog posts with your audience.
  • Live Chat: Reply instantly to messages from site visitors.
  • Others: Operate your forum, run your restaurant, review your bookings, and more.

In short, with the Wix owner app, you can manage your entire website on your mobile just like on a desktop.

Wix Spaces App

Spaces is an iPhone and Android app designed specifically for Wix site members. Basically, people can shop your online store, book your services, RSVP to upcoming events, read your blog, or join forum discussions from the mobile app just like on a web browser.

Wix Spaces App

Wix Performance Review

To test how fast Wix loads, we’ll use PageSpeed Insights – an analysis tool from Google that helps measure the performance of any website. It’s important to note that we’ll use the basic Wix eCommerce store with only some built-in apps installed, including Wix Chat, Wix Blog, and Wix Forms & Payments.

On mobile, the speed score is only around 30 while on desktop, the number is about 70.

Wix performance

These scores are pretty low in comparison with other site builders and eCommerce platforms. For example, the average Shopify speed scores on mobile and desktop are 65 and 80, respectively.

With a website built on WordPress, you have many plugins to optimize your site to reach very high performance across devices. In contrast, Wix lacks the necessary tools to do so.

Having said that, you can follow these 2 useful articles on Site Performance Best Practices and 10 Techniques For Website Optimization to somewhat increase your Wix site speed.

Wix Affiliate Program Review

The Wix affiliate program allows you to earn a $100 commission for every paid user you refer to the platform. It’s the highest payout we have ever seen across site builders & eCommerce platforms.

Wix affiliate program

Once accepted to the program, you get ready-to-use resources to start promoting Wix to your audience and an intuitive dashboard to track your traffic as well as your payments.

Wix Developer Program Review

For tech-savvy individuals, joining the Wix developer program is an amazing opportunity to start making money online by creating apps and promoting them to over 200 million Wix users.

Wix developer program

The platform provides comprehensive guidance on how to start on the developer support center and engineering forum.

Wix Enterprise Review

Wix Enterprise is a complete website building solution for brands wanting to launch an all-in-one platform tailor-made for any type of business at scale.

Wix Enterprise

Besides all of the features mentioned in this review, Wix Enterprise also provides you with the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Your site is protected with the highest international security standard.
  • Scalable Hosting: Reliable hosting with an uptime guarantee.
  • Advanced Security Monitoring: Keep your data secure and monitored all the time.
  • Accelerated Web Development: Develop your site with integrated databases, custom code, and 100+ APIs.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Partner with an account manager from scratch to success.
  • VIP Support: 24/7 priority support for all of your questions and demands.
  • Migration Support: Migrate from one platform to Wix Enterprise with dedicated support.
  • Tailored Onboarding: Create a seamless transitioning onboarding experience for you and your team.
  • Professional Training: Get tailor-made training sessions for your team.
  • 1-on-1 Consultations: Talk with an expert 1-on-1 who understands your industry.
  • Security Audit: Your site is evaluated to ensure that it’s set up correctly and all data is protected securely.
  • Code and Performance Reviews: Get your site code reviewed and optimized for speed and performance.

Wix Marketplace Review

Wix Marketplace is where you can hire a professional who knows the platform inside out to help you build your site. You can also find services for marketing, advertising, SEO, content writing, web design, and graphic design.

Wix Marketplace

Wix Editor X Review

Editor X is another site-building option from Wix made specifically for designers and agencies. However, Wix doesn’t incorporate it within its website creation platform but publishes it on a completely separate domain name.

Editor X offers more advanced design and layout capabilities than Wix Editor for building complex and fully responsive websites that look amazing across devices.

Wix Editor X

Since it’s not in the scope of this Wix review, you can check out the Editor X introduction here.

Wix Tutorials Review

Besides thorough articles on the Wix help center, the Wix blog is regularly updated to share with you the latest web design and business tips.

Wix blog

The Wix Academy and Wix Playground are also great places to learn and get inspiration to build a successful Wix site.

Wix Community Review

The platform has a very strong and active community. You can go to the Wix community forum and Wix partner forum to connect with other Wix enthusiasts.

Wix partner forum

In addition, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are other places to find a Wix community.

Wix Support Review

If you have trouble setting up your account, you can contact the 24/7 Wix customer support team. It’s available on all plans, including the free one.

You will first need to log in to your Wix account, answer a few questions about your issues, and request a callback with a customer care expert who will contact you within 3 minutes. Plus, with the help of an intelligent chatbot, the support process is quick and easy.

Wix chatbot support

Wix Pricing Review

Creating a website with Wix is totally free. However, to connect your own domain name, remove Wix ads from your site, and access more advanced features, you have to subscribe to a paid Premium plan.

Currently, Wix has 4 website plans and 3 business & eCommerce plans.

First, let’s review Wix’s website plans.

  • Connect Domain ($4.50/month): The most basic plan to let you connect your own domain name. It also provides you with a free SSL certificate, 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage space, and 24/7 customer support. Note that this plan still displays Wix ads on your site.
  • Combo ($8.50/month): Remove Wix ads entirely from your site. Additionally, you get a free domain name for 1 year, 2GB bandwidth, 3GB of storage space, and 30 minutes of video hours.
  • Unlimited ($12.50/month): You have unlimited bandwidth, 10GB of storage space, and 1 hour of video hours. Additionally, Wix gives you access to Site Booster and Visitor Analytics app.
  • VIP ($24.50/month): 35GB of storage space, 5 video hours, and priority customer service. Furthermore, you can use the professional logo design tool and export your logo to 40+ different sizes.
Wix website pricing plans

3 business & eCommerce plans are:

  • Business Basic ($17/month): Turn your website into an online store by importing an unlimited number of products, accepting one-time payments, managing orders and customer accounts, recovering lost sales with abandoned cart reminders, and sell on social channels. This plan also comes with a free domain name for 1 year, unlimited bandwidth, 20GB of storage space, 4 video hours, and 24/7 customer care. Other advanced features are an online booking system, ticket & event management, restaurant management, hotel reservations, and art & content monetization.
  • Business Unlimited ($25/month): 35GB of storage space and 10 video hours. On this plan, you can start selling subscriptions and accept recurring payments. Moreover, Wix gives you the ability to show product pricing in multiple currencies, automatically calculate sales tax for 100 transactions/month, sell on marketplaces, dropship up to 250 products with Modalyst, and display 1000 product reviews with KudoBuzz.
  • Business VIP ($35/month): 50GB of storage space and unlimited video hours. Besides, you’re able to create customized reports, sell all Modalyst dropshipping products, and show 3000 product reviews on your online store. 2 other benefits are the Smile.io loyalty program and priority customer care.
Wix business & eCommerce pricing plans

If you’re still wondering if Wix is the right fit for your business, the platform provides a 14-day free trial of any plan listed above.

Compared to other site builders, Wix provides reasonable and flexible pricing plans for all types of users.

Who Should And Shouldn’t Use Wix?

Wix is the best choice for you in these situations:

  • You want to build an elegant website fast: Wix has some of the most beautiful themes and designs out of all site builders. On top of that, with Wix ADI, you can create your own fully functional and unique website with just a few clicks.
  • You want to create a robust eCommerce & dropshipping store: With the help of built-in tools and third-party apps, There’s little that Wix cannot do. From marketing, advertising to accounting and analytics, you name it, Wix has it.
  • You don’t have much technical knowledge: Wix is super beginner-friendly and effortless to build and scale up. Customization and personalization are also made easy by using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • You would like to sell on multiple sales channels: You can easily set up your store with Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping, Amazon, eBay, and POS. Your customers can surf products on these channels and buy directly from them.

You shouldn’t use Wix if:

  • You want to build a powerful blog: Wix has great blogging features but nowhere as flexible as the all mightly WordPress.
  • You obsess about speed: Wix site speed is not great. And, as you install more tools and apps, you might run into some noticeable performance issues.

Wix Alternatives

Since Wix is both a great blogging and eCommerce platform, we’ll go through Wix alternatives in both areas.

Wix ECommerce & Dropshipping Alternatives

The first alternative to Wix that we have mentioned in this review is Shopify. It’s versatile and provides pretty much every feature that Wix offers. You can also have a look at our detailed guide on How to start dropshipping with Shopify here.

The second alternative is Ecwid. Although not as robust as Wix, Ecwid has a completely free plan with powerful features. You can also integrate it into any website such as WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and even Wix. Consider checking out our in-depth articles on Ecwid review and How to start dropshipping for free with Ecwid.

Our third recommendation is ShopBase – an affordable eCommerce platform specialized in dropshipping and print-on-demand. Here is our ShopBase review.

Other alternatives are BigCommerce and Magento.

Wix Blogging Alternatives

Powering more than 41% of the web, WordPress is obviously the best alternative blogging platform to Wix. To be more precise, it’s a free and open-source CMS that you can host on a hosting service like BlueHost, HostGator, or WordPress.com to start creating a blog of all sizes and shapes. You can also have a look at our guide on How to start a blog with WordPress here.

If you’re looking for a completely free blogging solution, Blogger is the go-to choice.

Wix Review – Conclusion

After reviewing Wix thoroughly and using the platform for quite some time, we think Wix is closely on par with Shopify when talking about eCommerce features and the app market. It even surpasses Shopify in terms of built-in marketing tools, design freedom, and SEO. Regarding blogging, Wix is not as versatile as WordPress yet but still a solid choice for anyone wanting to create an elegant blog in a few minutes.

But, one thing to note is that Wix has a problem with site performance, especially when installing many tools and apps. Anyone who obsesses about speed might still find Shopify and WordPress as better options.

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