38 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps For Successful Online Stores

When starting a Shopify dropshipping business, you might be wondering which app you should install for product sourcing, product review, email marketing, SEO, etc.

With thousands of Shopify apps right now, it’s hard to decide which one is worth installing.

Understanding that, we have listed the 38 best Shopify apps that any dropshipping store’s owner should try out. You don’t have to install all of them, and you absolutely shouldn’t. Knowing about them and using them at the right place and at the right time is the way to go.

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38 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

1. Oberlo – Free dropshipping app for importing and fulfilling products

Oberlo Shopify dropshipping app for importing and fulfilling products

The single most important app when starting a dropshipping business is a product importing and order fulfilling app.

Although many apps can get those same jobs done well, Oberlo is still one of the best for dropshipping stores because of its ease of use and compatibility with Shopify.

Using Oberlo in conjunction with the Oberlo dropshipping Chrome extension, you can quickly find popular AliExpress products to sell, customize the details, import them into your dropshipping store, and fulfill them in just a few clicks.

2. Klaviyo – Best email marketing app for dropshipping

Klaviyo Shopify email marketing app for dropshipping

According to CampaignMonitor, email marketing can result in a 4400% ROI (Return On Investment). It means that with each dollar spent on an email marketing campaign, you can get back $44 in return. Therefore, it plays a key role in both the short-term and long-term success of any dropshipping store.

With Klaviyo, you have the ability to create media-rich and personalized email marketing campaigns. It also allows you to set up automation rules to have emails delivered timely and automatically to your customers without any intervention. On top of that, you have access to various detailed metrics to easily optimize your email campaigns for the best results.

Klaviyo is one of the best dropshipping tools to run a successful online store.

Read our detailed guide on How to integrate Klaviyo with Shopify here.

3. Judge.me – Best product review and review importer app

Judge.me Shopify product review app

Social proof from reviews can significantly increase the trustworthiness of your dropshipping store and boost your conversion rates.

Using a product review app like Judge.me, you can display a beautiful rating widget and start collecting reviews from your customers.

If your products don’t have any reviews yet, Judge.me lets you import them from other apps or AliExpress with ease.

4. Plug in SEO – Powerful SEO app for Shopify dropshipping stores

Plug in SEO app

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a set of techniques aimed at increasing organic traffic to a website by optimizing its content for search engines.

If you have never heard about SEO before, don’t worry! Plug in SEO can help you easily manage your store’s SEO and improve its search ranking without much SEO knowledge beforehand.

5. Langshop – Content translation and currency converter app

Langshop Shopify app

LangShop helps you translate and localize your dropshipping store’s content into different languages. With this app, you can be confident selling products in multiple countries.

6. PageFly – Best Shopify page builder

Pagefly app

If you feel like the Shopify theme editor is a little bit limited in letting you customize your store design the way you want, installing PageFly is a good solution.

PageFly is an intuitive, drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to quickly create elegant, high-converting landing pages, product pages, FAQ pages, blogs, etc. The app is fully compatible with Shopify and effortlessly integrated with other top-rated apps.

7. Frequently Bought Together – Product page cross-selling and up-selling app

Frequently Bought Together Shopify cross-selling and up-selling app for dropshipping

Frequently Bought Together brings to your Shopify dropshipping store the power of cross-selling and up-selling.

With this app, you can create a related-product section under the main product on product pages, allowing customers to add them to carts with a single click.

You also have the ability to apply automatic discounts to the bundles like Percentage discounts, Fixed Amount discounts, or Free Shipping, effectively incentivizing the buy-more-for-less behaviors.

8. Reconvert – Thank you page cross-selling and up-selling app

Reconvert Shopify cross-selling and up-selling app for dropshipping

Besides product pages, the thank you page gives you another opportunity to re-engage customers. Additionally, your customers might visit this page multiple times because they want to check their order status. Therefore, optimizing the page and adding upsells or cross-sells can significantly increase your Shopify dropshipping store’s revenue.

ReConvert is one of the best Shopify apps for thank you page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page easily with many different styles and elements.

9. Smile.io – Full-fledged loyalty program for Shopify dropshipping stores

Smile.io loyalty program app

A loyalty program is a fun and engaging way to build long-term relationships with customers and encourage them to buy more for exclusive advantages.

With the Smile.io app, you can implement a full-fledged loyalty program to your Shopify dropshipping store. The app offers various features such as Loyalty Points, Referral Program, VIP Program, Popup Rewards, etc.

10. Smart Search & Instant Search – Smart search and filters for large dropshipping stores

Smart Search & Instant Search app for large dropshipping stores

If your Shopify store has a lot of dropshipping products, it’s a good idea to optimize its search functionality. In that way, customers can easily navigate around and find what they want.

For this job, we recommend Smart Search & Instant Search. It helps you integrate smart search and filters into your Shopify store without any bit of coding.

11. Foursixty – Shoppable Instagram

Foursixty Shoppable Instagram

The Foursixty app brings to your Shopify dropshipping store the Shoppable Instagram feature. It turns your Instagram content and user-generated content into shoppable galleries. Customers can also shop directly from your organic Instagram posts.

12. SMSBump – Best SMS marketing app for dropshipping

SMSBump SMS marketing app for dropshipping

SMSBump gives you another highly effective way to remind customers of your store through SMS marketing.

The app lets you send personalized messages to your customers, create automated SMS flows, segmentation, A/B testing, and more. You also have the ability to track orders, link clicks, conversion rates, and various other stats.

13. PushOwl – Highest-rated Web Push notification app

PushOwl Web Push notification app

Unlike other types of marketing, where you have to collect email addresses or phone numbers, Web Push offers a less intrusive way to re-engage your customers.

With the power of Web Push, your customers only need to click one button to turn on the feature and start receiving notifications from your store such as cart abandonment, offers, discounts, etc.

To implement this feature, you can use PushOwl – Shopify’s highest-rated Web Push app.

14. Aftership – Number one order tracking app for dropshipping

Aftership Shopify order tracking app for dropshipping

Integrating with more than 700 carriers worldwide, AfterShip is the number one app for order tracking.

The app helps you create a branding dropshipping tracking page right on your Shopify store and lets customers track their orders with ease. Thus, you can reduce the number of inquiries and focus on scaling your dropshipping business.

15. Product Personalizer – Unlimited product options with live preview

Product Personalizer - Unlimited product options with live preview

Offering an unlimited number of product customizations with live preview, Product Personalizer is a must-have app for any Shopify store selling customizable dropshipping products.

Available product options are text, fonts, colors, images, sizes, and more.

16. Trackify X Facebook Pixel App – Multiple pixels for one Shopify store

Trackify X multiple pixels for one Shopify store

Sometimes you might want each of your product pages to have a distinct Facebook pixel to analyze and optimize them separately for better conversions. However, by default, Shopify only allows you to enter one pixel into your store.

With Trackify X, you can quickly integrate multiple Facebook pixels, add more pixel events, and run better ad campaigns.

17. Volume & Tiered Discounts – Bulk discount app

Volume & Tiered Discounts for Shopify dropshipping stores

Besides cross-selling other products, offering bulk discounts is another technique to increase the average order value (AOV) of your dropshipping store.

By installing the Volume & Tiered Discounts app, it allows you to create bulk pricing or quantity breaks, incentivizing customers to add more items to their cart.

18. Back In Stock – Product restocked alerts

Back In Stock - Product restocked alerts

Back in Stock makes it easy for customers to sign up for a product restocked alert. When a product gets restocked, customers will instantly receive email or SMS notifications, encouraging them to go back and complete the purchase.

19. Ultimate Sales Boost – Many-in-one sales-boosting app for Shopify dropshipping stores

Ultimate Sales Boost app for Shopify dropshipping stores

Ultimate Sales Boost offers many-in-one sales-boosting features, including Countdown Timer, Get-it-by Timer, Buy-one-get-one Message, Low Stock Warning, Free Shipping Message, and more.

Ultimate Sales Boost app in cart pages

Furthermore, those features aren’t only available on product pages. You can also add them to your collection pages or even cart pages.

20. Ultimate Trust Badges – Ultimate free trust badges

Ultimate Trust Badges app

Ultimate Trust Badges provides every type of trust badges necessary for dropshipping stores, allowing you to ease customers’ fears and encourage them to shop with confidence.

21. Tidio Live Chat – Powerful live chat and chatbot app

Tidio Live Chat - Powerful live chat and chatbot app

Research shows that live chat can result in an increase of 40% in conversion rate. Furthermore, people are more likely to buy from a company offering live chat support.

With Tidio Live Chat, you can empower your customers with a quick, easy-to-use, and effective live chat functionality. Additionally, the app lets you create advanced chatbots that automatically reply to popular inquiries, allowing you to save time and operating costs.

22. Sales Popup ‑ Live social proof

Sales Popup app

The Sales popup app displays order notifications of what others have recently bought. This is another method to increase your Shopify dropshipping store’s trustworthiness and create a sense of urgency.

23. Privy – Advanced popups made simple

Privy advanced popups for dropshipping stores

Email marketing cannot be done successfully without an effective method to collect email addresses from your customers.

Out of all techniques to acquire customers’ email, popups are the most effective and widely used. The reason is that they can quickly catch visitors’ attention before they leave.

Using Privy, you have access to a suite of highly-customizable and mobile-friendly popups that help you grow your email list quickly.

Besides all types of popups like discount, free shipping, or cross-selling popups, the app also comes with other high-converting templates such as spin-to-win wheels, banners, flyouts, announcement bars, and embedded forms.

24. Printful – Top-rated print-on-demand dropshipping and warehousing service

Printful app for Shopify print-on-demand, dropshipping, and warehousing service

Printful is a print-on-demand and dropshipping app/service that lets you customize its products to become your own and sell them in your Shopify store. After your customer places an order, Printful will take care of all the behind-the-scene parts like designing, packaging, and shipping.

Printful is free to get started and you only have to pay for the service when a customer buys from you.

25. Full Page Zoom – High quality zoom for high quality images

Full Page Zoom app

Full Page Zoom allows customers to click on an image and display it in full screen. This is useful for stores that have high-quality photos and want to further showcase products.

26. FREE Tabs – Smart and fully customizable tabs for Shopify product pages

FREE Tabs Shopify app

If you would like to organize your product descriptions, shipping info, reviews, and other information into smart and easy-to-navigate tabs, Smart Tabs is a great help.

27. Sales Motivator – Boost sales with Free Gifts

Sales Motivator Shopify app

Offering gifts based on cart total value with the Sales Motivator app is another great method to increase your Shopify dropshipping store’s revenue.

28. Sticky Cart – Sticky add-to-cart bar

Sticky Cart Shopify app

You can use an app like Sticky Cart to display an add-to-cart bar at the top or bottom of the product page whenever the main add-to-cart button is scrolled past. This can help your customers save some time from having to go back to click the button.

29. Tiktok Pixel – TikTok pixels for Shopify dropshipping stores

 Tiktok Pixels app for Shopify dropshipping stores

Similar to Facebook pixels, TikTok pixels contain tracking information that helps you optimize TikTok ads for better conversion.

30. Shopping Feed for Google – Easy Google Shopping

Shopping Feed for Google allows you to easily list and showcase your dropshipping products across Google services such as Google Search, Google Shopping, or Assistant.

31. Bing Shopping – Shopping Feed for Bing

Similarly, Bing Shopping sends your Shopify dropshipping products to Bing Merchant Center and showcase them across Bing channels, including Bing Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Shopping, etc.

32. Cozy AntiTheft – Content protection

The Cozy AntiTheft app protects your Shopify dropshipping stores from potential stealing behaviors by disabling certain browser features such as Right Click, Drag and Drop, or Keyboard Shortcuts.

33. Add To Cart Button Animation – Animation for Add to Cart buttons

You can make your add-to-cart button more standout by animating it using Add To Cart Button Animation.

34. Varinode Ads – Free Ad exchange to acquire high-quality traffic

Varinode Ads - Free Ad exchange app

Varinode Ads is a free Ad exchange service that places your ads on other similar online stores. When customers see your products, they can click on them to get directed to your store.

Because customers are already in the mood to make a purchase, the traffic quality obtained by this method is much higher than through Facebook or Instagram.

35. Lucky Orange – Heatmaps and Replay for Shopify dropshipping stores

Lucky Orange - Heatmaps and Replay app for Shopify dropshipping stores

Lucky Orange provides you with an advanced feature called heatmap – a graphical representation that shows where visitors clicked, scrolled, and moved. Using this information, you can pinpoint parts of your dropshipping stores that people care about the most, what needs to be optimized, etc.

Additionally, the app offers the replay feature that records visitors’ sessions. With this, you know exactly how people interact with your products, what button they click on, which sections they stop by, and so on.

36. VITALS App – All-in-one dropshipping app for Shopify stores

VITALS App - All-in-one dropshipping app for Shopify stores

Installing multiple different apps can make your Shopify store slow and laggy. Furthermore, there is a high chance that one app is not fully compatible with another, which might break your store’s main functionalities.

A solution to solve the problem is to use VITALS – an all-in-one app that includes most of the tools mentioned in this list. Specifically, VITALS offers features similar to 40+ Shopify apps, ranging from Product Reviews, Currency Converter, Volume Discounts, Facebook Pixels, Sales Boosters, Content Protection, and more.

37. Sell The Trend – Versatile dropshipping product research tool

Sell The Trend - versatile dropshipping product research tool

Sell The Trend is one of the most versatile dropshipping product research tools that helps you discover winning dropshipping products quickly.

Additionally, it gives you the ability to spy on other dropshipping stores and see their top-selling products, estimated monthly traffic, and revenue.

Using Sell The Trend, you also have access to many extra creative tools such as Video Creator, Store Intelligence, Audience Builder, and Engagement Calculator that further assist you in your dropshipping journey.

Check out our Sell The Trend review here.

38. Dropispy – Affordable Ad Spy Tool For Dropshipping

Dropispy - affordable ad spy tool for dropshipping

Dropispy is among the best ad spy tools with huge databases of Facebook ads, designed specifically for dropshippers and online retailers.

With its advanced technology, The tool allows you to spy on various dropshipping stores to see all of their running ads, best-selling products, winning dropshipping niches, rankings, apps, daily page views, and more.

Check out our Dropispy review here.


With thousands of Shopify apps, it’s hard to decide which one to use.

From product sourcing, product review, email marketing, sales-boosting, to content protection, we have provided you with a relatively complete list of the most advanced Shopify apps for dropshipping stores.

As we said, you don’t need to use all of them. Integrating and using them at the right moment is the way to go.

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