Coffee Dropshipping: Best 14 Suppliers, 11 Products, & 7 Tips To Start

Coffee is a multi-billion-dollar business. However, is it a good dropshipping niche?

In this post, we’ll try to answer whether you should dropship coffee and coffee-related products such as coffee machines or coffee mugs. And, if you insist on starting a coffee dropshipping business, we’ll also show you the best tips and resources to start selling coffee products without inventory in a smart way.

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Is Coffee A Good Dropshipping Niche?

Coffee is not a good dropshipping niche. Although the global coffee market is enormous, which was valued at $102.02 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.28% over 2021-2026, it’s highly competitive and dominated by established players. They are Nestle, JM Smucker Company, The Kraft Heinz Company, and Starbucks Coffee Company.

By 2025, researchers predict that 84% of spending on coffee will be attributable to out-of-home consumption. This essentially means that unless you’re a wholesaler, the eCommerce coffee segment left to dropship is not that big.

In addition, private-label brands, such as Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group or Tchibo GmbH, are regularly engaging customers with innovation and expansion strategies, making the competition even more fierce.

What is more, over the past few years, consumers are getting more conscious about coffee manufacturing. As a result, they’re constantly looking for the credibility of their coffee purchase.

Having said that, if you’re an experienced dropshipper, you can still compete in this niche with trustworthy coffee suppliers, unique selling points, and creative marketing strategies.

According to GrandViewResearch, the global coffee machine market size was valued at $5.88 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2019 to 2025. Although it’s highly competitive with prominent companies like Keurig, Panasonic Malaysia, Nestle Nespresso, De’Longhi, Electrolux, or Morphy Richards, there isn’t a brand that truly stands out.

For example, statistics show that leading companies that sell office coffee machines only account for 34% of the overall market revenue.

Hence, we think you have a chance to compete in the coffee machine dropshipping niche and make some money out of it.

Regarding other coffee-related products like coffee mugs or coffee tumblers, we don’t have any concrete numbers for them. But, they should be fairly easy to dropship.

How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping Coffee?

Now, it comes to the most important question you need to ask before jumping into the coffee dropshipping niche: “How much money can I make?”

To answer the question, let’s do a little bit of math.

The average customer lifetime value of a coffee eCommerce brand is $203. With an average conversion rate of 10% and a profit margin of 10%, if you get 10,000 visitors to your store, your profit would be 10,000 * $203 * 10% * 10% = $20,300.

Online coffee sales benchmarks

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dropshipping Coffee

Understanding the benefits as well as drawbacks of dropshipping coffee will allow you to better prepare and adapt to various circumstances during your business life cycle.

Below are the benefits:

  • Large Audience Base: There are at least 1 billion coffee drinkers worldwide. In the US, 63% of adults regularly consume coffee, while the number is 67% for Europe.
  • Sustainable Business: ECommerce coffee usually runs on a subscription model. Therefore, you can build a sustainable dropshipping business.

And, here are drawbacks of the coffee dropshipping niche:

  • Super Competitive: As we have mentioned, the global coffee market is dominated by established players and other famous private label brands.
  • Hard To Promote: If you don’t have competitive advantages, it’s challenging to convince people to try your coffee products.
  • Little Control Over Coffee Quality: Unlike clothing dropshipping, coffee beans are vulnerable to factors like temperature, weather, or seasons. And, you wouldn’t know if your suppliers suddenly deliver your customers low-quality and unfresh bags of coffee.

How To Start Dropshipping Coffee Profitably

To help you start dropshipping coffee profitably, we provide you with 7 tips and resources worth looking into.

1. Best ECommerce Platform For Dropshipping Coffee

We’ll recommend using Shopify for coffee dropshipping. The reason is that the platform is easy to use, fast to set up, stable, and effortless to scale up. On top of that, Shopify provides you with 21+ themes tailored-made for selling drinks like coffee and 4200+ apps to extend your store functionality.

Shopify homepage

You can also check out this article on how to start dropshipping with Shopify for more information.

2. Best Themes For Coffee Dropshipping

As we have mentioned, Shopify has a lot of themes. However, we think these 4 themes are the greatest for coffee dropshipping.

Express – Best Free Theme For Coffee Stores

Although Express only receives 30% positive reviews on Shopify, we think it’s still a theme worth trying out because of its uniqueness. It’s a one-page stylish store design theme made specifically for mobile devices, requiring little content and photography.

In addition, with quick buy and slide-out cart features, customers can quickly add multiple items without leaving their current page.

Shopify Express theme for coffee dropshipping

Editions – Best For Showcasing Coffee Dropshipping Products

Editions has a simple, clean, and spacious design, putting a heavy focus on showcasing your products. The theme also provides an infinite scrolling feature to let customers easily surf through all of your store’s items without leaving the homepage.

Editions currently receives 95% positive reviews and costs $100.00.

Shopify Editions theme for coffee dropshipping

Blockshop – Best For Product Promotion

The next one is Blockshop. With multiple slideshows, homepage videos, and marketing popups, this theme is great for introducing your newest coffee products as well as promoting special offers.

Another thing we love about Blockshop is its full-width layout design. It gives you an excellent opportunity to impress visitors with high definition and large imagery.

Blockshop costs $180.00 and receives 96% positive reviews on Shopify.

Shopify Blockshop theme for coffee dropshipping

Story – Best For Storytelling

Finally, we have Story. Living up to the name, the theme helps you capture your customers’ attention and tells your brand stories with a built-in timeline tool and story-focused product pages. Plus, you have a lookbook feature to display your collections in an editorial-style spread.

As of now, Story costs $180.00 and has 100% positive reviews on Shopify.

Shopify Story theme for coffee dropshipping

3. Store Design Tips For Coffee Dropshipping

Design components like color, typography, and graphics can greatly impact customer emotion and sometimes even alter their perception of your store.


Different colors mean different things and have different effects on the human brain. For example, you will often see technology companies like Paypal or Facebook use blue because it denotes professionalism and security. On the other hand, brands like Nintendo or Lego use red as it stands for passion and excitement.

For a coffee brand, black and white will trigger a sense of healthiness and cleanliness. You can also use brown to evoke a rugged and earthy mood.

With orange and yellow, customers will feel lively and energetic. On the contrary, use light blue if you want to exude freedom and tranquility.

Finally, green is great to signify growth and a connection to nature.

Coffee dropshipping store colors


Typography is the next design element you should pay attention to. Similar to color, each type of font is suitable for a specific kind of business.

In the case of a coffee store, we recommend using display fonts with hard edges such as Bebas Neue, Righteous, Odibee Sans, or Special Elite for your logo and social media images.

With heading and body text, sans-serif or serif fonts are both fine. Examples are Meriweather, Roboto, Noto, Raleway, or Oswald.


You don’t need to use high-definition images for your coffee products as customers care more about the flavors and benefits your coffee provides or the functions of your coffee-related products. However, they still must be clear enough (at least 500 pixels x 500 pixels) to make your store look trustworthy and professional.

Coffee dropshipping store graphics

4. Facebook Ad Target Audience For Coffee Products

Facebook is the biggest social media network on the internet. With more than 2.74 billion monthly active users, it becomes the destination for over 200 million active businesses of all sizes and shapes to connect with customers.

Dropshippers also choose Facebook Advertising as the number one platform to promote their products. The reason is that it’s simple to use, powerful, and tailored to various needs. Furthermore, Facebook Advertising can automatically find all people with specified characteristics and scale with business goals on autopilot.

For the food & drink industry, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads can be as high as 3.98%.

When setting up a Facebook ad campaign for your coffee dropshipping store, audience targeting is one of the most important elements. Picking the wrong audience makes it hard for Facebook to find the right customers for your products. Choosing the same audience as competitors in your niche lowers your conversion rates as customers have alternative options.

Understanding the problems, we’ll present you with some tips for better coffee audience targeting.


Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, United States (USA), Spain, Britain (UK), and Portugal are the top countries with the highest coffee consumption.

Top coffee consumption countries

When you’re just getting started, you can create an ad campaign targeting all locations listed above. Then, run it for a few days to let Facebook figure out the best countries for your coffee dropshipping product. After that, you can create an additional campaign targeting specifically those countries to compare the performance between the two.

Ages, Genders, And Languages

Research shows that 34% of people started drinking coffee before turning 17, and roughly 70% did so before turning 25. More surprisingly, the level of coffee consumption only increases over time.

With the information, we recommend simply selecting 18 and 65+ for the age section of your Facebook ad campaign and let the algorithm do its job.

In regards to genders, 50% of men consume coffee compared to 32% of women. However, males typically spend less money on coffee than females. Therefore, you can just target both genders and again let the Facebook algorithm do the hard job.

For languages, choose one depending on your store language. For instance, if your store is in English only, choose English (All).


Target interests like CoffeeCoffee Bean, or Coffee Roasting are too broad. Plus, they’re super competitive as nearly every advertiser in your niche will target them.

Therefore, it’s best to go for more specific ones with an audience size of less than 2 million. We recommend White Coffee (1,511,500), Organic Coffee (1,276,740), Coffee Cake (1,136,790), Frappé Coffee (1,017,430), Coffee Milk (957,760), Fika (903670), Single-Origin Coffee (915,260), or Green Coffee (229,720). It’s important to note that your products have to possess similar characteristics as your target audience for maximum marketing effectiveness.

For coffee machines and coffee makers, Drip Brew (2,630,280) or French Press (953,270) are great alternatives for Coffeemaker (19,114,900). You can also do the same thing for other coffee-related products.

Remember to exclude Dropshipping from your ad campaigns to reduce the possibility of being spied on by other dropshippers.

For more coffee targeting options, check out The Facebook Hidden Interest Finder tool.

5. SEO Keyword Ideas To Rank Your Coffee Dropshipping Store

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial element for the success of eCommerce. According to a study, 51% of website traffic is driven by search traffic. Researchers also show that 40% of companies’ revenue is generated through search users.

Regarding buying behavior, 81% of customers do online research before making a large purchase. Additionally, 69% of mobile device shoppers are more likely to buy from a store that addresses their queries.

When you’re just getting started optimizing your coffee dropshipping store for SEO, it’s nearly impossible to rank for competitive keywords like CoffeeCoffee Maker, or Coffee Machine. As calculated by Ubersuggest, they all have SEO difficulty of at least 70, and websites ranking for these terms are all long-term and established ones, like Amazon, Target, BestBuy, or Peets.

Instead, try ranking for low competition keywords to gradually build up your domain authority and backlink profiles. After that, it would be possible to fight for high-volume keywords.

We recommend aiming for keywords with an SEO difficulty of less than or equal to 30, such as Coffee addict (5,400 monthly searches in the US – 20 SEO difficulty), Caffeine Decaf Coffee (5,400 – 19), Coffee deserts (1,900 – 20), Clean a coffee maker with vinegar (5,400 – 14), or Japanese coffee maker (880 – 30).

You can also write articles to rank for question keywords like Is coffee a drug (2,900 – 6), How decaf coffee is made (2,900 – 7), Where coffee beans grow (320 – 7), Will coffee stunt your growth (210 – 7), or Where coffee comes from (210 – 6).

Coffee SEO keyword examples

6. Building A Pinterest Profile For Your Coffee Dropshipping Business

Besides Facebook and SEO, you should also take advantage of Pinterest to drive traffic to your store.

Launched in March 2010, Pinterest was the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors. Now, the platform has over 459 million monthly active users.

In addition to impressive user statistics, Pinterest is the number one social media in terms of social engagement. More than 40% of users earn at least $100K per year. Moreover, 66% make purchases after seeing a brand’s Pins.

Speaking of coffee, it belongs to the food & drink category, which is the 3rd-largest category on Pinterest and accounts for over 55% of all users.

Since Pinterest is a visual image search engine, you should aim to create coffee content that is not only Pinterest SEO friendly but also visually appealing.

Pinterest search results for coffee

Another important note is that Pinterest SEO shares some similarities with Google SEO. Hence, when you’re just getting started, it’s best to aim to rank for long-tail keywords as they’re less competitive. Examples are Coffee drinks at home, Watercolor coffee mugs, or Personal coffee mugs.

7. Tips To Increase Your Coffee Sales

Coffee subscription is the number one strategy almost every coffee dropshipping store uses to boost sales as well as customer lifetime value.

As straightforward as it sounds, your customers can choose to have their coffee automatically shipped to them on a weekly or monthly basis in exchange for discounts on each order.

Coffee subscriptions

Another way to increase your revenue is to cross-sell other related products like coffee mugs, coffee tumblers, coffee filters, coffee warming coasters, or affordable coffee makers.

Coffee products cross-selling examples

We also often see many coffee stores expand their business by dropshipping tea.

Store selling both coffee and tea examples

14 Best Coffee Dropshipping & Wholesale Suppliers

Below are the 14 best dropshipping & wholesale suppliers to find high-quality and low-cost coffee products.

1. AliExpress – Best For Beginner Coffee Dropshippers

Founded in 2010, AliExpress is an online eCommerce website owned by Alibaba Group. The platform provides 100+ million products from 200,000+ sellers in pretty much any category at very low prices. What is more, it accepts 20+ payment methods and delivers products to 200+ countries.

Because of those reasons, many dropshippers use AliExpress as a starting point to find winning dropshipping products for their business. Once they have great results with a specific product, they would find an agent or private suppliers to source products at a large scale.

On AliExpress, you will find thousands of interesting coffee dropshipping products such as reusable coffee filters, coffee stencils, multi-functional coffee machines, or foam coffee makers starting only from $2-$3.

Coffee dropshipping products on AliExpress

OberloDSers, and Topdser are the best Shopify apps to import AliExpress products to your store and start selling.

2. Banggood – Leading Wholesale And Cheap Dropshipping Suppliers

Banggood is an alternative to AliExpress that focuses on high-quality goods. With a network of trusted suppliers in 100+ Chinese regions, 37+ overseas warehouses, and an efficient supply chain, it allows to keep the cost of products low and still provide relatively fast shipping to 200+ countries globally.

Currently, Banggood accepts 40 different secure payment methods for more than 1M+ products.

By becoming a Bangood’s dropshipping partner, you gain a 5% – 20% discount on most items. The program has no membership fee and offers 24-hour customer service.

In regards to coffee product prices, they can cost around $3.99 up to $262.99.

Coffee dropshipping products on Banggood

To import Banggood products to your Shopify store, you can use the Banggood official app.

3. DHGate – Best Dropshipping Protection Service

DHGate is the next big dropshipping platform to find trustworthy coffee suppliers. With 2.2 million sellers and 22 million product listings, DHGate has served 26 million enterprise and individual buyers from over 222 regions. More than 60% of products on the platform are ready to ship from the US and European warehouses.

The most noteworthy feature when dropshipping with DHGate is that customer orders are guaranteed to get a 100% refund without returning actual items if they are defective. Moreover, the MyyShop app developed by DHGate that will allow for automatic scaling with your business needs.

Prices of coffee products on this platform start from $1.

Coffee dropshipping products on DHGate

4. Dripshipper – Best Private Label Coffee Dropshipping Supplier

Unlike most other platforms in this list, Dripshipper was born exclusively for high-quality coffee dropshipping. Offering complete customization and ownership, you can upload your logo and package design to have all of the coffee products delivered to customers with your own brand and labels.

In terms of shipping times, Dripshipper will ship all of your orders globally from the US facilities within 3-5 days.

Coffee dropshipping products on Dripshipper

To start dropshipping from Dripshipper, you just need to install the Dripshipper app.

5. Path Coffees – Best Dripshipper Alternative

If you don’t like the Dripshipper’s recurring monthly fee, try Path Coffees. It’s a supplier with 30+ years of experience building private coffee dropshipping brands, helping you do all the heavy lifting from sourcing, blending, roasting, packing to fulfilling orders.

Path Coffees have no monthly fee. However, it’s a little bit more complicated to work with. First, you will have to sign up with Path Coffees’ dropshipping program. Then, Path Coffees will connect your store with their ShipStation accounts to start receiving and fulfilling your orders.

Coffee dropshipping products on Path Coffees

6. CJDropshipping – Best For Sourcing AliExpress Coffee Products

Established in 2014, CJDropshipping is the best dropshipping service to help you source any AliExpress products. Providing a team of 1,114 professionals and 200+ warehouses worldwide from China, the USA, Germany to Britain, Australia, and France, CJDropshipping makes it easy for you to scale your AliExpress dropshipping business without worrying about running out of stocks or long shipping times.

The platform also offers products at lower prices than AliExpress, helping you make even bigger profits. Additionally, it allows you to brand your dropshipping store by shipping your products with custom packaging.

Coffee dropshipping products on CJDropshipping

The CJDropshipping app is a free Shopify app to help you start importing CJ products to your store.

7. Modalyst – Largest Dropshipping Directory

Modalyst is an inventory of 1000+ dropshipping suppliers from private label manufacturers to indie brands to AliExpress suppliers in 3,000+ product categories. Currently, the platform caters to 350,000+ online businesses and has reached 50+ million shoppers around the world.

On Modalyst, you can find a wide variety of coffee products, from $16 fresh coffee bags, $211 coffee pots to high-end coffee makers that cost over $1,000.

Coffee dropshipping products on Modalyst

Similarly, you can start selling Modalyst products using the official Modalyst app.

8. Spocket – Best To Find US/UK Coffee Dropshipping Suppliers

With Spocket, you’ll be able to discover high-quality dropshipping products from quick and reliable US/UK dropshipping suppliers. The platform is trusted by 60,000+ dropshippers and receives an average of 4.5-star reviews.

Like Modalyst, Spocket has numerous branded coffee products starting from $2-$3.

Coffee dropshipping products on Spocket

Regarding how to dropship from Spocket, you can use the Spocket app.

9. Syncee – Best To Find Cofee At B2B Wholesale Prices

Syncee is a technology partner of Alibaba, offering dropshipping products at B2B wholesale prices in 40+ different major categories. The best part is there’s no minimum order requirement, meaning that you can safely start real Alibaba dropshipping with no risk and no upfront investment.

Apart from Alibaba, Syncee also helps you connect with suppliers from the US, EU, AU, and other local retailers for fast shipping.

Currently, the platform provides coffee bags for as low as $8.

Coffee dropshipping products on Syncee

In order to start dropshipping from this platform, you need to use the official Syncee app – a free Shopify dropshipping app.

10. Automizely Dropshipping – Fast And Free Shipping Suppliers To The US

Next, we have Automizely. The platform provides winning products with 3-10 day trackable free shipping to the US. As of now, it has been trusted by more than 5,000 Shopify stores.

On Automizely, you can find numerous types of coffee machines, coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee mugs, and other coffee-related products anywhere between $6.99 and $400.

Coffee dropshipping products on Automizely

The platform also has its own Automizely Dropshipping app on Shopify.

11. Wiio – Best For Product Warehousing In China

Wiio is another great place to search for quality coffee tools for as low as $1. Founded in 2015, the company now has over 150 members ready to support you 24/7.

The strength of Wiio lies in the ability to help you easily find the right suppliers that best fit your budget. Then, it sources and warehouses your products in China and another 25,000 m^2 US repository.

Coffee dropshipping products on Wiio

Speaking of importing Wiio products to your store, you can use the official Wiio app.

12. EPROLO – Free All-In-One Dropshipping Platform

The next worth mentioning coffee dropshipping platform is EPROLO. Unlike others where you might get charged to access the product catalogs, EPROLO lets you import the entire 300,000+ products in 10 major categories and 107 subcategories for completely free. Since 2015, the platform has fulfilled over 30M+ orders and supported 100K+ users.

The great thing about EPROLO is that it’s an all-in-one dropshipping service, serving you at every phase of your business from product sourcing, inventory management, quality control, custom packaging to worldwide shipping.

On EPROLO, you can find coffee goods from $1 up to $39.99.

Coffee dropshipping products on EPROLO

By using the official EPROLO app, you can easily import the platform’s products to Shopify.

13. Wholesale2b – Most Integration-Supported Dropshipping Platform

Founded in 2004, Wholesale2b helps you start dropshipping 1 million products of 100+ companies from pretty much any sales channels, ranging from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Weebly, Facebook to eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, and more.

On Wholesale2b, you can find coffee products such as $10 coffee mugs or $417 automated espresso makers.

Coffee dropshipping products on Wholesale2b

14. Printful – Best Dropshipping Supplier For Custom Design Coffee Mugs

Founded in 2013, Printful is the leading dropshipping print-on-demand and fulfillment company that helps you sell custom products with your own design.

With a team of more than 1,400 professionals across North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, Printful has successfully catered over 362K clients, delivered 33.2M items globally, and made 795M+ in sales.

On the platform, you can find coffee mugs starting from $8.43.

Coffee dropshipping products on Printful

To dropship from this platform, you need to install the Shopify Printful app.

Additionally, you can check out similar platforms for more mug styles, including Printify, TeeLaunch, SPOD, CustomCat, Aqliiq, and Gooten.

11 Best Coffee Dropshipping Product Ideas

Here are the 11 most interesting coffee dropshipping product ideas that we think will have the best chance to compete in the market.

1. Green Coffee

Green coffee is regular coffee that hasn’t been roasted and remains completely raw. Many people, especially women, prefer this type of coffee because it’s effective for weight loss can reduce the risk of some chronic diseases.

GrandViewResearch shows that pharmaceutical coffee is anticipated to be the fastest-growing coffee segment, expanding at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2019 to 2025. This growth is attributed to the increase in promotional activities related to the benefits of healthy food and drink, which lead to the rise in health consciousness among people.

Many dropshipping suppliers provide green coffee at a price of $20 and recommend you to sell it at around $75.

Green coffee dropshipping product example

2. Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is coffee produced without the use of artificial chemical substances​, such as pesticides and herbicides.

As shown by AlliedMarketResearch, the organic coffee market size is estimated to grow from $6.8 billion in 2018 to $12.6 billion in 2026, registering a CAGR of 8.2%.

Regarding pricing, organic coffee is usually listed at $10, and you to drop it at around $19-$20.

Organic coffee dropshipping product example

3. Decaf Coffee

The next dropshipping product idea is decaf coffee. It’s short for decaffeinated coffee, which has had at least 97% of the amount of caffeine removed.

According to GrandViewResearch, the global decaf coffee market size is expected to reach $2.8 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.0%.

This product is a little bit expensive, having a listing price of about $100. And, you can sell it at around $200.

Decaf coffee dropshipping product example

4. Coffee Decorating Stencils

Coffee stencils are used to create interesting art on coffee cups. This product is great to dropship for small coffee shop owners or people who simply love making delicious-looking coffee to impress their friends and family members.

You can buy coffee stencils at around $2-$3 and sell it for $9-$10.

Coffee stencil dropshipping product example

5. Creative Coffee Coasters

A coaster is used to rest coffee drinks on. However, instead of the old boring coffee coasters, we recommend searching for unique and creative ones to dropship. They’re easier to catch people’s attention and convert.

Coffee coasters cost around $3, and you can sell them at $9.99.

Coffee coaster dropshipping product example

6. Creative Coffee Spoons

Another interesting coffee-related product to dropship is coffee spoons. You can also use these items as cross-sells or gifts to boost your conversion rates.

Similarly, you can find them for around $1-2 and sell them for $9.99.

Coffee spoon dropshipping product example

7. Coffee Tumblers

For office workers or avid travelers, coffee tumblers are great items to keep their coffee warm and fresh.

On the report of the drinkware market, whose coffee tumblers belong, it was valued at $3.87 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2019 to 2025.

Most suppliers offer coffee tumblers at around $10, and you can dropship them for $19.99.

Coffee tumbler dropshipping product example

8. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Personalization is a powerful weapon for eCommerce & dropshipping. According to research, brands offering personalized experiences can increase their sales by 20%. Furthermore, 77% of customers said that they paid more for brands that provide personalized services.

Another important insight is that the global personalized gifts market is expected to increase from $26.3 billion in 2019 to $41.3 billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 9.5%.

Personalized coffee mugs can cost around $12-$13 and can be sold at about $19.99.

Personalized coffee mug dropshipping product example

9. Self-Stirring Coffee Mugs

You might be wondering who would buy the self-stirring coffee mugs? Well, a lot.

Researchers show that we love convenience, and it’s deeply ingrained in our brains. They also show that people regularly spend more for convenience. Therefore, if something makes consumers’ lives easier, even just by a little, they would be very likely to buy it.

For further demanding proof, MarketResearchIntellect analyzes that the global self-stirring mug market is growing at a rapid pace with substantial growth rates over the forecast period from 2020 to 2027.

Many suppliers provide self-stirring coffee mugs at around $6 and you can dropship them for $19.99.

Self stirring coffee mug dropshipping product example

10. Portable Coffee Makers

The portable coffee maker market is estimated to reach a value of $4.43 billion and grow at a CAGR of 7.60% between 2020 and 2027. The increasing trend of social gatherings among millennials is the main factor that drives the growth of this market.

On most dropshipping platforms, you can find portable coffee makers at approximately $20 and sell them at $39.99 or higher.

Portable coffee machine dropshipping product example

11. All-In-One Coffee Machines

Finally, we have all-in-one coffee machines. People love these products because of their convenience. Additionally, a study reveals that perception of innovation is hugely important in purchasing decisions. 83% of respondents state that they would pay more for innovation, and 15% of them are willing to pay over 40% more.

We don’t have the exact statistics for all-in-one coffee machines. However, you can look at the numbers for smart coffee makers for reference. According to Our Company, the smart coffee maker market is expected to grow by $340.40 million during 2020-2024, registering at a CAGR of 13%.

All-in-one coffee machines can cost around $100, and you can dropship them for $199.99.

All-in-one coffee machine example

Dropshipping Coffee – Conclusion

If you’re a beginner dropshipper, we don’t recommend dropshipping coffee. The reason is that it’s highly competitive and dominated by established brands. Furthermore, you would have to be very clear about where your coffee products are from, come up with unique selling points, and create creative marketing strategies to compete in this niche.

For experienced dropshippers, we recommend sourcing your coffee products from AliExpress, Banggood, DHGate, Dripshipper, Path Coffees, CJDropshipping, Modalyst, Spocket, Syncee, Wiio, Automizely, EPROLO, Wholesale2b, and Printful.

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