Fashion Clothing Dropshipping: Best 16 Suppliers, 8 Products, & 8 Tips To Start

If you’re wondering whether to start a fashion clothing dropshipping business, you come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll try to break down the demand for the clothing niche as well as its benefits and disadvantages. We’ll also show you tips and resources to start selling clothes without inventory as successfully as possible.

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Why Dropship Fashion Clothing? Is Fashion Clothing A Good Dropshipping Niche?

According to research, the global apparel and clothing market revenue was valued at $1.5 trillion in 2020. By 2025, it is projected to reach $2.25 trillion. In terms of eCommerce, fashion and footwear account for the largest revenue share of 24.71%. Furthermore, experts predict that there’ll be a 20% or more growth in online fashion sales in 2021. Hence, fashion clothing is the best niche to start dropshipping.

The global apparel and clothing market revenue

There’re several reasons for the rise of eCommerce fashion sales.

The first one is the rise of the fast fashion industry. Despite the fact that consumers are slowly shifting towards more eco-friendly and sustainable pieces of clothing, the fast fashion trend will not go away anytime soon.

Second, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people were restricted from visiting clothing boutiques and stores. As a result, digital adoption happened. Although the global fashion eCommerce market experienced a decline from $531.25 billion in 2019 to $485.62 billion in 2020 due to the slow production and limited international trade, online sales are expected to skyrocket after recovering.

Third, the advance in technology makes it easy for customers to try on and purchase clothing at the comfort of their home, effectively boosting eCommerce transactions.

If you still aren’t convinced, here is another insight. The search volumes for fashion-related keywords are consistently at a very high level, proving the tremendous demand for the clothing dropshipping niche. For example, “clothing” has 450,000 searches/month in the US alone, and the number for “fashion” is 165,000 searches/month.

Search volume for clothing

How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping Fashion Clothing?

Now, it comes to the most important question you need to ask before jumping into this dropshipping niche: “How much money can I make?”

To answer the question, let’s look at some case studies from successful apparel dropshipping brands.

According to the owner of Azura Runway, he dropships branded and luxury fashion globally, generating a revenue of $44,000/month. What is even more impressive is that the store average monthly sale value is a whopping $508 per order. Plus, there’re products with a profit margin of around 60%.

Azura Runway clothing dropshipping store

Another successful case study is from Sebastian Radu. He started a collaboration with a brand new woman clothing eCommerce store. It went on to generate $10,000/month in sales in just 4 months using Facebook ads alone.

In addition to case studies, you can also look at some math below to have a general idea of how much one can make based on store traffic and conversion rates.

The average order value for fashion eCommerce stores is around $97 with a profit margin of approximately 8%. It means that for every sale, you can make about $7.76 in net profit.

The average conversion rate of the eCommerce clothing industry is between 1.01% and 1.41%. So, if you get 100,000 visitors/month to your store, your monthly profit would be 100,000 * $7.76 * [1.01% and 1.41%] = [$7,837 and $10,941]. Thus, you could make $94,044-$131,292/year.

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to make 6-figure/year dropshipping fashion clothing.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dropshipping Fashion Clothing

Understanding the benefits as well as drawbacks of dropshipping clothing will allow you to better prepare and adapt to various circumstances during your business life cycle.

Below are the benefits:

  • Highly Demanding: As dissected in this post, apparel and clothing account for the biggest market size of all eCommerce categories.
  • Easy To Promote: Almost all social media networking sites have large and active audiences for the niche. Furthermore, there is no shortage of ad interests related to fashion you can target for your ad campaigns.
  • Numerous High-Quality Product Sources: You can find high-quality pieces of clothing to sell on pretty much any dropshipping platform.
  • Upselling & Cross-selling Potential: When selling clothing, it’s simple to upsell and cross-sell relevant products such as fashion accessories, shoes, sneakers, etc.

And, here are drawbacks of the clothing dropshipping niche:

  • Super Competitive: Besides other dropshippers, prepare yourself to compete with established brands like H&M, Zara, Mango, Forever 21, etc. 
  • Meager Profit Margin: As we have mentioned, the average profit margin for fashion clothing is around 8%. For comparison, hair extensions can have a profit margin of as high as 50%.
  • High Return Rates: The clothing industry is heavily size-based. Suppose customers receive shirts that don’t fit their bodies. They’re very likely to return the products.

How To Start Dropshipping Fashion Clothing Profitably

To help you start dropshipping apparel and clothing as successfully as possible, we provide you with 8 tips and resources worth looking into.

1. Best ECommerce Platform For Dropshipping Clothing

We’ll recommend using Shopify for clothing dropshipping. The reason is that the platform is easy to use, fast to set up, stable, and effortless to scale up. On top of that, Shopify provides you with 60+ themes tailored-made for selling apparel and 4200+ apps to extend your store functionality.

Shopify for clothing dropshipping

You can also check out the complete guide to start dropshipping with Shopify for more information.

2. Best Themes For Fashion Clothing Dropshipping

As we have mentioned, Shopify has a lot of themes. However, we think these 4 themes are the greatest for showcasing your clothing products.

Minimal – Best Free Theme For Fashion Clothing Stores

As the name suggests, Minimal gears towards a simple and clean design that keeps the focus on products.

The theme has built-in slideshows and home page videos to create a great first impression with customers. Moreover, with product image zoom, you can give shoppers a closer look at product details when they hover over an image.

At the time of writing, the theme receives 82% positive reviews and is completely free to use.

Shopify minimal theme for clothing dropshipping stores

Prestige – Best For Premium Apparel Dropshipping Brands

Prestige is specifically designed for premium and high-end apparel brands. The theme optimizes for large and high-resolution images to help you best showcase your clothing items with customers.

Furthermore, Prestige provides you with a unique feature called image hot-spot linking. It allows you to tag specific items on your store image for in-context product discovery.

Prestige currently receives 93% positive reviews and costs $180.00.

Shopify Prestige theme for clothing dropshipping stores

Motion – Best For Visual Storytelling

Motion captures your customers’ attention and tells your brand stories with high-quality text, images, and page animations. Plus, it supports product quick view to let shoppers see product details in a popup without leaving their current page.

As of now, Motion costs $180.00 and has 98% positive reviews on Shopify.

Shopify Motion theme for clothing dropshipping stores

Empire – Best Theme For Large Fashion Product Catalogs

Empire is an Amazon-inspired theme optimized for large product catalogs. With predictive search and product filtering, shoppers can quickly find and sort out items they like or best sellers on your clothing dropshipping store.

Another unique feature the theme provides is custom promotion tiles. They help you promote sales, discounts, and highlighted products in special promotional square areas.

Empire costs $180.00 and receives 72% positive reviews on Shopify.

Shopify Empire theme for clothing dropshipping stores

3. Design Tips For Fashion Store

Design components like color, typography, and graphics can greatly impact customer emotion and sometimes even alter their perception of your store.


Different colors mean different things and have different effects on the human brain. For example, you will often see technology companies like Paypal or Facebook use blue because it denotes professionalism and security. On the other hand, brands like Nintendo or Lego use red as it stands for passion and excitement.

For a fashion brand, black and white will trigger a sense of modernity and luxuriousness, making them a great choice for high-end clothing products.

Clothing store color example

If your store is geared towards young audiences, orange and yellow are great options as they signify playfulness, vitality, and friendliness.

In case your audience is female only, pink can help evoke femininity and innocence.

Finally, brown is used for earthy and old-fashioned clothing styles.


Typography is the next design element you should pay attention to. Similar to color, each type of font is suitable for a specific kind of business.

Display fonts like Lobster, Playball, or Comfortaa and handwriting fonts like Dancing Script or Great Vibes are great for the logo and short heading text of your clothing dropshipping brand because of their decorative nature.

With long heading and body text, sans-serif fonts such as Open Sans, Montserrat, Raleway, or Poppins are great choices since they’re easy on the eyes but still keep a stylish look.

Clothing store typography example


Unlike household items, whose functions and benefits are all that matter, clothing products must have sharp, clear, and zoomable images to let customers scan details.

It’s also important to use lots of photos featuring real people so that shoppers can vividly imagine how they would look using your apparel goods.

Clothing store graphic example

4. Facebook Ad Target Audience For Clothing Products

Facebook is the biggest social media network on the internet. With more than 2.74 billion monthly active users, it becomes the destination for over 200 million active businesses of all sizes and shapes to connect with customers.

Dropshippers also choose Facebook Advertising as the number one platform to promote their products. The reason is that it’s simple to use, powerful, and tailored to various needs. Furthermore, Facebook Advertising can automatically find all people with specified characteristics and scale with business goals on autopilot.

In fact, for the fashion & clothing niche, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads can be as high as 4.11%.

When setting up a Facebook ad campaign for your apparel dropshipping store, audience targeting is one of the most important elements. Picking the wrong audience makes it hard for Facebook to find the right customers for your products. Choosing the same audience as competitors in your niche lowers your conversion rates as customers have alternative options.

Understanding the problems, we’ll present you with some tips for better fashion clothing audience targeting.


Countries including the United States, Japan, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Canada, Spain, Indonesia, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Sweden, etc., are dominant players in the global fashion industry.

Global fashion industry by country

When you’re just getting started, you can create an ad campaign targeting all locations listed above. Then, run it for a few days to let Facebook figure out the best countries for your dropshipping product. After that, you can create an additional campaign targeting specifically those countries to compare the performance between the two.

Age, Gender, And Languages

Overall, regardless of age groups, there’s a demand for apparel and clothing. Therefore, we recommend selecting 18 and 65+ for the age section of your Facebook ad campaign and let the algorithm do its job.

Regarding genders, it depends on your products to decide which half to target.

For languages, choose one depending on your store language. For instance, if your store is in English only, choose English (All).


Target interests like Clothing, Shirt, or Hoodie are too broad. Plus, they’re super competitive as nearly every advertiser in your niche will target them.

Therefore, it’s best to go for more specific ones with an audience size of less than 2 million. We recommend Online Clothes Shopping (1,903,226), Fashion Clothes (1,357,533), Clothes Shop (388,140), Curvy Clothing (300,846), or Curvy Girl Clothing (101,858).

Sustainable clothing (1,220,980) and Organic Clothing (699,250) are great choices if you dropship sustainable fashion.

Interests like Rash Guard (1,763,800), Poet Shirt (1,657,460), African Fashion (1,497,580), Indo-Western Clothing (1,276,960), Christian Clothing (1,092,520), or Original T-Shirts (144,041) should be used for products with similar characteristics.

If you want to try your luck with broader interest targeting, we recommend Formal Wear (20,646,800), Folk Costume (13,418,560), Fur Clothing (4,319,240), or Sun Protective Clothing (2,387,470).

Remember to exclude Dropshipping from your ad campaigns to reduce the possibility of being spied on by other dropshippers.

You can also check out The Facebook Hidden Interest Finder tool for more clothing targeting options.

5. Leveraging Instagram Influencers To Promote Fashion Clothing

Another way to promote your products is through Instagram influencers.

According to Statista, Instagram is the 5th-most visited social media network, having over 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users.

Nowadays, there’re at least 1 billion posts about fashion and clothing on Instagram. The fashion industry also accounts for the most active Instagram brand interaction at nearly 25%. What is more, 42% of Instagram users are interested in fashion clothing.

In terms of Instagram influencers, there are 500,000 active influencers on the platform, contributing to a marketing spending of $8.08 billion. In a study, researchers show that 70% of people are likely to buy a certain clothing item if it has been recommended by an influencer they follow. Furthermore, user-generated content results in a 4.5% higher conversion rate than paid advertisements.

To start finding Instagram influencers for your boutique clothing dropshipping business, just go to and type in “fashion” or “clothing” in the category field. You can also choose total reach, number of followers, or engagement rate if you want to. Note that you have to create a free account first before being able to see the search results.

Instagram influencers for fashion clothing

Then, depending on your budget, you can contact each of them to promote your clothing products.

For instance, Karla Bustillos has 1.3 million followers with a fantastic engagement rate of 7.6%. With an average influencer conversion rate of around 2.5%, if you make a profit of $7.76/sale, your total gross profit would be 1,300,000 * 7.6% * 2.5% * $7.76 = $19,167. Normally, an influencer of this tier would charge you $10,000/post. After subtracting this fee, your net profit would be $9,167.

The second method is to go directly to Instagram and use hashtags like “#clothing” or “#fashion.” It would take more work this way to find the right suitable influencers for your dropshipping business. But, you have more options to choose from.

Instagram hashtag results for fashion

6. SEO Keyword Ideas To Rank Your Clothing Store

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial element for the success of eCommerce. According to a study, 51% of website traffic is driven by search traffic. Researchers also show that 40% of companies’ revenue is generated through search users.

Regarding buying behavior, 81% of customers do online research before making a large purchase. Additionally, 69% of mobile device shoppers are more likely to buy from a store that addresses their queries.

When you’re just getting started optimizing your fashion dropshipping store for SEO, it’s nearly impossible to rank for competitive keywords like Clothing, Clothing For Girls, or Clothing Sale. As calculated by Ubersuggest, they all have SEO difficulty of at least 70, and clothing stores ranking for these terms are all long-term and established ones.

Instead, try ranking for low competition keywords to gradually build up your domain authority and backlink profiles. After that, it would be possible to fight for high-volume keywords.

We recommend aiming for keywords with an SEO difficulty of less than or equal to 30, such as Girl Boutique Clothing (8100 searches/month in the US – 24 SEO difficulty)Latex Clothing (8,100 – 29), Replica Designer Clothing (1900 – 28), Pakistani Clothing Brand (1,900 – 20), Casual Dating Outfit (1,900 – 25), Cute Outfit For A Rainy Day (1900 – 7), etc.

You can also write articles to rank for question keywords like How To Get Paint Out Of Clothing (14,800 – 28), How To Get Pen Out Of Clothing (3,600 – 24), How To Get Red Wine Out Of Clothing (3,600 – 14), or How To Draw Wrinkles In Clothing (1,900 – 6).

Low competition keywords for clothing

7. Building A Pinterest Profile For Your Clothing Store

Besides Facebook and Instagram, many fashion clothing dropshipping brands take advantage of Pinterest to drive traffic to their store.

Launched in March 2010, Pinterest was the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors. Now, the platform has over 459 million monthly active users.

In addition to impressive user statistics, Pinterest is the number one social media in terms of social engagement. More than 40% of users earn at least $100K per year. Moreover, 66% make purchases after seeing a brand’s Pins.

Speaking of fashion, it is the 8th-largest category on Pinterest, accounting for over 46% of all users. 53% of millennials also say the platform inspires them to buy clothing items to complete a look.

Pinterest SEO is very similar to Google SEO. Therefore, when you’re just getting started building a Pinterest profile for your clothing dropshipping store, it’s best to aim to rank for long-tail keywords as they’re less competitive. Examples are Comfy Cute Outfits, Cute Outfits For Women, New Style Clothes, Fashion Summer Outfits, Cool Shirts For Girls, etc.

Pinterest profile example for clothing dropshipping stores

8. Tips To Expand Your Fashion Clothing Dropshipping Business

Apart from clothes, you can easily expand your dropshipping business by selling related fashion items and accessories. A few are shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, makeup essentials, hair extensions, hair accessories, and other fashion accessories.

They also work amazingly as gifts to increase conversion rates or cross-selling offers to increase customers’ order value.

Example products to expand clothing dropshipping stores

16 Best Fashion Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

Below are the 16 best dropshipping & wholesale suppliers to find high-quality and low-cost fashion clothing products.

1. AliExpress – Best For Beginner Clothing Dropshippers

Founded in 2010, AliExpress is an online eCommerce website owned by Alibaba Group. The platform provides 100+ million products from 200,000+ sellers in pretty much any category at very low prices. What is more, it accepts 20+ payment methods and delivers products to 200+ countries.

Because of those reasons, many dropshippers use AliExpress as a starting point to find winning dropshipping products for their business. Once they have great results with a specific product, they would find an agent or private suppliers to source products at a large scale.

On AliExpress, you will find 3 million+ good and beautiful fashion clothing dropshipping products at a wide variety of prices, from $2-$3 to $30-$40.

Clothing dropshipping products on AliExpress

OberloDSers, and Topdser are the best Shopify apps to import AliExpress products to your store and start selling.

2. Banggood – Leading Wholesale And Cheap Fashion Suppliers

Banggood is an alternative to AliExpress that focuses on high-quality apparel goods. With a network of trusted suppliers in 100+ Chinese regions, 37+ overseas warehouses, and an efficient supply chain, it allows to keep the cost of products low and still provide relatively fast shipping to 200+ countries globally.

Currently, Banggood accepts 40 different secure payment methods for more than 1M+ products.

By becoming a Bangood’s dropshipping partner, you gain a 5% – 20% discount on most items. The program has no membership fee and offers 24-hour customer service.

In regards to clothing prices, they can cost around $2.99 up to $130.99.

Clothing dropshipping products on Banggood

To import Banggood products to your Shopify store, you can use the Banggood official app.

3. DHGate – Best Dropshipping Protection Service

DHGate is the next big dropshipping platform to find trustworthy clothing suppliers. With 2.2 million sellers and 22 million product listings, DHGate has served 26 million enterprise and individual buyers from over 222 regions. More than 60% of products on the platform are ready to ship from the US and European warehouses.

The most noteworthy feature when dropshipping with DHGate is that customer orders are guaranteed to get a 100% refund without returning actual items if they are defective. Moreover, the MyyShop app developed by DHGate that will allow for automatic scaling with your business needs.

Prices of fashion clothing products on this platform start from $1.

Clothing dropshipping products on DHgate

4. BrandsGateWay – Best To Find High-End Fashion Wholesale And Dropshipping Suppliers

Next, we have BrandsGateWay. This platform connects you with 70+ luxury fashion brands, offering 90,000+ products with up to 90% discounts. As a result, you can earn up to 250% on every order, creating spare budgets for marketing and advertising.

Other great features of BrandsGateWay are social media image templates and Facebook ad guides, which can help you quickly set up an advertising campaign to test products.

Clothing dropshipping products on BrandsGateWay

As for importing products from this platform, you need to register with BrandsGateWay’s dropshipping program first to get access to its dropshipping app.

5. BrandsDistribution – Best For Dropshipping Original Fashion Brands

BrandsDistribution is quite a special platform where you can dropship 500,000 fashion products from 120+ original brands like Adidas, Nike, Levi’s, Gucci, etc. They cost anywhere between $3.45 and $280.

Clothing dropshipping products on BrandsDistribution

To dropship from BrandsDistribution, you can use the BrandsSync Shopify app.

6. Trendsi – Best To Find Trendy Clothing Products

Trendsi is a relatively new dropshipping platform but shows huge potential with affordable and trendy boutique-style apparel starting from $6.

The strongest point of Trendsi over other services is its in-house photography. Having a professional model team, Trendsi provides you with beautiful, unique, and clean product photos for your dropshipping store and marketing creatives.

What is more, with its local warehouses, you get 2-10 business days fast US shipping and free returns.

And, when you scale up, you can also contact a dedicated sourcing agent to help source products with the best suppliers at lower prices.

Clothing dropshipping products on Trendsi

To start dropshipping from Trendsi, you have to use the official Trendsi app.

7. CJDropshipping – Best For Sourcing AliExpress Clothing Products

Established in 2014, CJDropshipping is the best dropshipping service to help you source any AliExpress products. Providing a team of 1,114 professionals and 200+ warehouses worldwide from China, the USA, Germany to Britain, Australia, and France, CJDropshipping makes it easy for you to scale your AliExpress dropshipping business without worrying about running out of stocks or long shipping times.

The platform also offers products at lower prices than AliExpress, helping you make even bigger profits. Additionally, it allows you to brand your dropshipping store by shipping your products with custom packaging.

Concerning clothes, you can source them for as low as $1.

Clothing dropshipping products on CJDropshipping

The CJDropshipping app is a free Shopify app to help you start importing CJ products to your store.

8. Modalyst – Largest Dropshipping Directory

Modalyst is an inventory of 1000+ dropshipping suppliers from private label manufacturers to indie brands to AliExpress suppliers in 3,000+ product categories. Currently, the platform caters to 350,000+ online businesses and has reached 50+ million shoppers around the world.

On Modalyst, you can find fashion clothing at a wide variety of prices, from $1 to even $3,300.

Clothing dropshipping products on Modalyst

Similarly, you can start selling Modalyst products using the official Modalyst app.

9. Spocket – Best To Find US/UK Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

With Spocket, you’ll be able to discover high-quality dropshipping products from quick and reliable US/UK dropshipping suppliers. The platform is trusted by 60,000+ dropshippers and receives an average of 4.5-star reviews.

Clothing on Spocket also has various prices, ranging from $1 to $700.

Clothing dropshipping products on Spocket

Regarding how to dropship from Spocket, you can use the Spocket app.

10. Syncee – Best To Find Fashion Clothing At B2B Wholesale Prices

Syncee is a technology partner of Alibaba, offering dropshipping products at B2B wholesale prices in 40+ different major categories. The best part is there’s no minimum order requirement, meaning that you can safely start real Alibaba dropshipping with no risk and no upfront investment.

Apart from Alibaba, Syncee also helps you connect with suppliers from the US, EU, AU, and other local retailers for fast shipping.

Currently, the platform has approximately 343,513 clothing items, pricing from $10-$20 to $200-$300.

Clothing dropshipping products on Syncee

In order to start dropshipping from this platform, you need to use the official Syncee app – a free Shopify dropshipping app.

11. Automizely Dropshipping – Fast And Free Shipping Suppliers To The US

Next, we have Automizely. The platform provides winning products with 3-10 day trackable free shipping to the US. As of now, it has been trusted by more than 5,000 Shopify stores.

On Automizely, you can find numerous types of clothes anywhere between $6.99 and $299.88.

Clothing dropshipping products on Automizely

The platform also has its own Automizely Dropshipping app on Shopify.

12. Wiio – Best For Product Warehousing In China

Wiio is another great place to search for quality apparel for as low as $2-$3. Founded in 2015, the company now has over 150 members ready to support you 24/7.

The strength of Wiio lies in the ability to help you easily find the right suppliers that best fit your budget. Then, it sources and warehouses your products in China and another 25,000 m^2 US repository.

Clothing dropshipping products on Wiio

Speaking of importing Wiio products to your store, you can use the official Wiio app.

13. Yakkyofy – Best To Ship Products To Amazon FBA

Yakkyofy allows you to browse a huge supplier database of more than 12M items at 15% to 50% cheaper than most Chinese marketplaces. Moreover, with the Special Line shipping service, the platform can help deliver your dropshipping products to the US within 3-8 days and most EU countries in 12 days.

Besides warehousing, Yakkyofy offers a complete solution to ship products to Amazon FBA directly from China, along with paying duties and clearing customs with only a few clicks.

Another unique feature the platform provides is that you can upload a picture or insert a link to let an advanced algorithm find similar items in the database.

Clothing dropshipping products on Yakkyofy

To start dropshipping from Yakkyofy, you can use the Shopify Yakkyofy app.

14. EPROLO – Free All-In-One Dropshipping Platform

The next worth mentioning clothing dropshipping platform is EPROLO. Unlike others where you might get charged to access the product catalogs, EPROLO lets you import the entire 300,000+ products in 10 major categories and 107 subcategories for completely free. Since 2015, the platform has fulfilled over 30M+ orders and supported 100K+ users.

The great thing about EPROLO is that it’s an all-in-one dropshipping service, serving you at every phase of your business from product sourcing, inventory management, quality control, custom packaging to worldwide shipping.

On EPROLO, you can find fashion clothing from $2 up to $200.

Clothing dropshipping products on EPROLO

By using the official EPROLO app, you can easily import the platform’s products to Shopify.

15. DropCommerce – Best For Dropshipping Branded US/Canada Apparel Products

DropCommerce connects you with 400+ fast and reliable branded US/Canada apparel suppliers, allowing you to dropship products to most North American countries within 3-5 days. All the items are hand-picked to ensure the highest product quality. In addition, products are shipped with branded invoices and no transaction fees.

The platform offers 1,800 fashion products with pricing starting from $15.

Clothing dropshipping products on DropCommerce

Using the official DropCommerce app, you will be able to import products from the platform to your Shopify store and start selling.

16. Printful – Best Dropshipping Supplier For Custom Design Products

Founded in 2013, Printful is the leading dropshipping print-on-demand and fulfillment company that helps you sell clothes with your own custom and personalized design.

With a team of more than 1,400 professionals across North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, Printful has successfully catered over 362K clients, delivered 33.2M items globally, and made 795M+ in sales.

On the platform, you can find more than 230 different products. Most are men’s and women’s shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, and sports bras. Prices range from anywhere between $8.80 and $54.61.

Clothing dropshipping products on Printful

To dropship clothing from this platform, you need to install the Shopify Printful app.

Additionally, you can check out similar platforms for more fashion styles, including Printify, TeeLaunch, SPOD, CustomCat, Aqliiq, and Gooten.

8 Best Clothing Dropshipping Product Ideas

Here are the 8 most interesting clothing dropshipping product ideas that we think are highly unlikely to go away anytime soon.

1. Sustainable Clothing

Kicking off the list, we have sustainable clothing. It refers to fashion apparel that is designed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

In the past decade, there has been a steady ship away from fast fashion due to its massive negative impact on the environment. According to research, nearly half of fast fashion retailers have experienced a decrease in sales. Additionally, in a survey, 66% of respondents said they consider sustainability when purchasing a clothing product.

Experts also predict that the market for sustainable clothing will increase from $6.35 billion in 2019 to $8.25 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 6.8%.

Sustainable clothing dropshipping products

2. Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing is produced from a special fabric that can protect the wearers from UV rays.

As shown by ReportsAndData, the worldwide market for these clothing dropshipping products was valued at $567.8 million in 2019 and is expected to reach $1.16 billion in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 9.2%. This is mainly attributed to the increasing prevalence of skin cancer and other skin-related diseases.

Sun protective clothing dropshipping products

3. Heated Clothing

Heated clothing is designed to keep your body warm for cold-weather sports and activities, such as motorcycle riding, skiing, diving, winter biking, and snowmobiling.

According to the research, the global market for heated clothing is projected to grow from $62 million in 2020 to $191.4 million in 2026 at a CAGR of 17.3%.

Heated clothing dropshipping products

4. Decorated Apparel

The next clothing dropshipping product idea you should try out is decorated apparel. It refers to clothes that have creative and bold designs or exaggerated prints with bright colors.

Statista shows that the global decorated apparel market size was valued at $26.75 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 10.91% over the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

Artsy clothing dropshipping products

5. Kawaii Fashion

Along with the rapid adoption of Japanese animes and mangas, Kawaii fashion quickly expands to become one of the most pursued clothing styles among teenagers.

Kawaii clothing dropshipping products

6. K-POP Fashion

Similarly, the fast growth of the K-pop industry made way for the rise of K-pop fashion across continents. Example products include denim skirts, berets, off-shoulders, or checkered skirts.

KPop clothing dropshipping products

7. Custom T-Shirts

A prevalent style of t-shirts is custom t-shirts with sayings and quotes printed on them.

According to Statista, because of the increasing disposable income of consumers and rising preferences in customized clothes, the global custom t-shirt printing market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Quote T-shirt dropshipping products

8. Subculture Fashion

The final fashion dropshipping product idea we would like to introduce is sub-culture clothes. They belong to bigger fashion categories but have enough distinct characteristics and looks to be put in a separate category. Examples are hipster, hippie, punk, gothic, and Y2K clothing.

Sub-culture clothing dropshipping products

8 Best Clothing Dropshipping Stores To Get Inspiration

Below are the 8 best dropshipping stores in the fashion clothing niche to keep an eye on and get inspiration.

1. Aesthentials – Best Aesthetic Clothing Dropshipping Store

Aesthentials clothing dropshipping store

Live up to its name, Aesthentials offers stylish and aesthetic clothing dropshipping products, ranging from tees, crop tops, pullovers to pants and skirts.

Besides, the store sells accessories like earrings, necklaces, and phone cases. And, they’re also heavily used as free gifts to boost the store’s sales.

Currently, Aesthentials has over 100k visitors/month from the US, Canada, UK, Indian, and Australia. It also has an impressive Instagram account with 327K followers.

When it comes to SEO, the store did an amazing job ranking for super competitive and high volume keywords, including Aesthetic Clothing (74,000 – 51), Aesthetic Store (2900 – 42), Aesthetic Shop (2900 – 42), Aesthetic Crop Tops (1,600 – 70), and more.

2. Men’s Luxury Boutique – Best For Men’s Fashion

Men's Luxury boutique clothing dropshipping store

The second one is Men’s Luxury Boutique. As the name suggests, this store focuses on dropshipping men’s fashion, especially shoes and sneakers.

At the time of writing, the store has nearly 300k visitors/month, which mostly are direct traffic from the US, Korea, Germany, UK, and India. It also ranks for competitive keywords such as Men’s Boutique (2900 – 41), X9X sneakers (880 – 49), and its own branding name Men’s Luxury Boutique (1,000 – 78).

Regarding social media, Men’s Luxury Boutique puts a great effort into growing its Instagram profile, reaching 400K followers.

3. Koisea – Best For Japanese Street Fashion

Koisea boutique clothing dropshipping store

Next, we have Koisea. This store sells Japanese street fashion, which is a fantastic dropshipping niche with little competition.

Koisea ranks number one for Japan Jacket (2,900 – 41), Sukajan Jackets (1,600 – 42), Japan Bomber Jacket (1,600 – 51), Oni Hoodies (480 – 58), etc.

Apart from search traffic, Koisea acquires shoppers through direct traffic from the US, Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, and an Instagram profile of 68.9K followers.

All result in a total of 200k visitors/month.

4. Cosmique Studio – Best For Subculture Outfits

Cosmique Studio clothing dropshipping store

Cosmique Studio dropships alternative subculture outfits, such as grunge, VSCO, Y2K, kawaii, e-girl, indie aesthetic, and others.

Currently, the dropshipping store has over 150k visitors, mainly driven from a Pinterest profile with 10M+ monthly views and Google search, which it ranks for Indie Clothing Aesthetic (1,600 – 73), Aesthetic Clothes (74,000 – 51), and 80s Aesthetic Outfits (1,600 – 82). The most visited countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany.

5. Annie Cloth – Best Casual Wear Dropshipping Store

Annie Cloth clothing dropshipping store

If you’re looking for inspiration for casual fashion dropshipping, we recommend Annie Cloth.

Annie Cloth is a casual fashion brand with 2M monthly visitors. 30% of them come from display ads, and another 30% are from search queries for the brand name itself. The brand also owns a Pinterest profile with 10M+ views/month.

6. VIVIMARKS – Best For Summer Clothing

VIVIMARKS clothing dropshipping store

Following is VIVIMARKS. This is the fastest dropshipping store to grow on Pinterest we have ever seen, reaching 10+ million views in just 6 months. Hence, 90% of the 150K monthly store visitors are from Pinterest.

VIVIMARKS sells various types of apparel. However, it still keeps a heavy focus on sexy and simple summer fashion clothing.

7. Breath Of Youth – Best For Girly Fashion

Breath Of Youth clothing dropshipping store

Breath Of Youth has a pleasing pink store design that amazingly showcases its large product catalog of cute, romantic, nostalgic, and feminist fashion.

As of now, it has nearly 200K monthly visitors driven primarily through 271K Instagram followers and 10M+ Pinterest views.

8. Nasty Gal – Best Dropshipping Store Of All Fashion Styles

Nasty Gal clothing dropshipping store

Finally, we have Nasty Gal. This is the largest clothing dropshipping brand on the list with 6M monthly visitors. More than 50% are from search queries like Slip Dresses (49,500 – 76), Platform Shoes (110,000 – 62), Cheap Dresses (60,500- 73), Nasty Girl (18,100 – 81), and Women Clothing Website (9,900 – 71).

The brand also has impressive social profiles with 4.9M Instagram followers and 10M+ monthly Pinterest views.

Nasty Gal sells all styles of women’s fashion, ranging from skirts, dresses, knitwear, jackets, jumpsuits to two-piece sets, swimwear, and lingerie.

Dropshipping Fashion Clothing – Conclusion

Accounting for the largest global eCommerce market share and enormous audiences across social media networking sites, fashion clothing is definitely one of the best dropshipping niches.

When it comes to clothing suppliers, AliExpress, BangGood, DHGate, BrandsGateWay, BrandsDistribution, Trendsi, CJDropshipping, Modalyst, Spocket, Syncee, Automizely, Wiio, Yakkyofy, EPROLO, DropCommerce, and Printful are great places to find high-quality and affordable products.

And finally, running Facebook ads, using Instagram influencers, building a Pinterest profile, and optimizing your store for SEO are excellent methods to promote your clothing products successfully.

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