13 Best Knitwear Manufacturers In The USA

When it comes to knitwear, the quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship behind each piece can make all the difference.

With an increasing number of consumers valuing high-quality, locally-made, and ethically-crafted products, partnering with a reputable domestic manufacturer has never been more important.

To spare you the hassle of browsing the web, we’ve handpicked the 13 best knitted garment manufacturers in the United States and provided an overview of their offerings, including services, capabilities, and the pros & cons of each.

Best Manufacturers Of Custom Knitwear In The USA

Here’re the 13 best custom knitwear manufacturers in the United States.

1. Tailored Industry

Tailored Industry custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Tailored Industry is the best on-demand knitwear manufacturer located in New York, United States.

Its catalog contains 120+ production-ready styles in categories including men’s & women’s polos, t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, blazers, hoodies, joggers, pants, shorts, women’s bralette tops, dresses, knee-length skirts, leggings, long skirts, and scarves.

Those products can be made with your own labels. You can also request adjustments to create a custom style.



  • On-demand services cost $299-$699/month.
  • No-subscription bulk production services require a MOQ of 300+ pieces.

2. The Evans Group

The Evans Group custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Founded in 2005 in the US, The Evans Group is a reliable full-service fashion development and production house for over 3K emerging designers and high-end clothing brands, including Moncler, Banana Republic, Chantel Lauren, Kiln, Cosima, Over + Over, etc.

Its knitted apparel manufacturing services include sourcing, grading, marking, cutting, hand sewing, trimming & packing, installation projects, and dedicated sewing modulars.

When working with The Evens Group, you will be paired with a dedicated team that walks you from start to finish, including a project manager, a design & sourcing expert, a master patternmaker, and a seasoned seamstress.


  • In-house studio-level production with no minimum required (suitable for high-end brands that require special handling or quality, brands seeking rush orders, or brands seeking runs for publicity or up-front inventory for start-up sales).
  • International shipping.
  • Pay with major credit/debit cards.


  • Factory-level production has a minimum of 50 pieces per style.
  • 4-8-week turnaround times (rush deliveries within 1-4 weeks with additional charges).

3. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Royal Apparel is the next reliable eco-friendly manufacturer of knitted clothing based in New York, USA.

The company started in the early 90s offering private-label knitwear to luxury stores, national fashion brands, and big retailers. Nowadays, its products are picked by musicians, artists, wellness brands, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 corporations, the tech industry, national parks, museums, breweries, wineries, and restaurants.

Regarding customization options & services, they include colors, patterns, fabrics, pigment dye, labels, screen printing, embroidery, and graphic designs.


  • No minimum for in-stock blanks.
  • International delivery via FedEx and UPS.
  • Free freight shipping on stocked orders over $350 (within the continental US only).
  • Approved wholesale accounts can order 7 blank product samples per calendar year at a 15% discount.
  • Dropshipping services.
  • You can pay with all major credit cards, certified checks, and money orders.


  • Custom order minimums range from 1200-2400 units, per style and color.
  • The lead time is 8-10 weeks from the date your samples are approved.

4. Bomme Studio

Bomme Studio custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Bomme Studio is a made-in-US fashion manufacturer offering full-service development, sourcing, and production for custom knitwear.

Its services consist of personalized neck tapes, size labels, care labels, hang tags, patches, laces, plastic or metal aglets, heat-press stones, etc.

The company owns and operates manufacturing sites in California and Mexico, with an additional sourcing office in South Korea to ensure you get competitive costs at the highest quality available.


  • Digital marketing agency services, including Shopify website building, product photography/video content, SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, brand coaching, etc.
  • Payment can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Affinity Card, American Express, and PayPal.


  • For custom production orders, the MOQ is 150 units per style.
  • The MOQ for private-label blanks programs is 50 units per style.
  • Sample development takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
  • Production takes 10-12 weeks from the time your sample is approved.

5. Avendors

Avendors custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Avendors is a US-made knitwear manufacturer that works with clients such as Pangaia, Fear Of God, Vuori, Vince, etc.

As for services, Avendors provides pattern making, sample making, fabric knitting, fabric dying, grading, marking, cutting, production sewing, private labeling, and trimming & packing.


  • Global delivery.
  • Pay via major credit/debit cards.


  • 95-piece minimum.
  • The production turnaround time is around 4-6 weeks.

6. Indie Source

Indie Source custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Headquartered in Los Angeles, United States, Indie Source is a full-package manufacturer of custom knits & woven clothes. It has been featured on Forbes, VH1, WWD, and BET.

Indie Source helps you source fabric, make patterns, and build samples to achieve your target manufacturing costs. In addition, the company assists brands in marketing and selling their products at scale.


  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Support creating a high-converting Shopify store, producing high-quality photography, and other growth marketing services.
  • Payments via major credit/debit cards.


  • A MOQ of 300 units per style/color.
  • Production takes up to 6-8 weeks or a couple of months.

7. Luxury Knit

Luxury Knit custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Luxury Knit was established in 1981 in Los Angeles, CA, USA as a fabric converter and has evolved into a reliable custom knitwear producer.

Speaking of services, Luxury Knit offers development consultation, full-package manufacturing, pattern development, project management, sample development, specialty fabrics, graphic design, web development, SEO, and brand marketing.


  • Pay by Visa, Mastercard, etc.


  • Requiring an MOQ.

8. Knit Illustrated

Knit Illustrated custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Also based in New York, USA, Knit Illustrated is dedicated to providing established and emerging designers with a trusted domestic manufacturing option in the creation of their knitted garments.

Its services include on-site swatch development, full fashion knit sample making, knit consulting, fast-track domestic production, and scalable domestic and overseas production.


  • No MOQ.
  • Accept major credit & debit cards.


  • Production takes 8 – 12 weeks.

9. Knit Resort

Knit Resort custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Knit Resort is an all-inclusive knitwear development & manufacturing company located in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

It offers two-needle hand knitting & crochet, hand-flat knitting in gauges ranging from 2.5gg to 18gg, and computerized programming & knitting in gauges 7gg to 14gg.

Regarding product selection, Knit Resort is capable of producing tops, bottoms, hand-loomed knitwear, and knit headwear.


  • Accept major credit/debit cards.


  • Having an MOQ.

10. PDR Knitting

PDR Knitting custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

PDR Knitting was founded in 2006 in downtown Los Angeles, United States. It provides sample development and production services for high-end private-label knitwear, all done in-house in its own facility.

PDR Knitting currently possesses a 6000-sqft manufacturing space and operates 9 industrial machines, ranging from 1.5 gauge to 16 gauge.


  • Support major credit & debit cards.


  • Having a minimum order requirement.

11. Lefty Production Co

Lefty Production Co custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

Lefty Production Co is the next leading wholesale knitted garment manufacturing company based in the heart of Los Angeles, California, USA.

It has collaborated with some famous fashion brands like Matthew Williamson, Rosetta Getty, Christian Siriano, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

When working with Lefty, you’re provided with one-stop OEM/ODM service, from sketching, designing, fabric & trim sourcing, pattern making, branding, virtual 3D sampling, marking & grading, cutting, size testing, to production, laser cutting, and packing.


  • Deliver to the USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, and France.
  • Consulting and website development services.
  • Pay with credit/debit cards.


  • A MOQ of 50 pieces.
  • Not delivering globally.

12. ARGYLE Haus

ARGYLE Haus custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

ARGYLE Haus is a US-based design house and manufacturing firm of aesthetics knitted clothes, activewear, streetwear, outerwear, beachwear, uniforms, children’s wear, etc.

Since its launch in 2010, it has been offering one-stop services to 100+ established designers, growth-stage companies, and national brands.


  • Services include technical fashion design, research & concept development, fabric & material selection, pattern development, sampling & prototyping, cutting & sewing, private labeling, quality control & evaluation, marketing & promotion, etc.
  • Support major credit card payment methods.


  • High MOQ (starting from 300 pieces).

13. ALYYO Clothing Co

ALYYO Clothing Co custom knitwear manufacturer in the USA

ALYYO Clothing Co is another excellent knitwear manufacturer based in LA, USA.

It produces wholesale blank t-shirts, plain sweatshirts, blank sweatsuits, and customizable pieces featuring a variety of sought-after cottons, Supima cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, sustainable options, and more from premium knitting mills.


  • Pay with Visa, MasterCard, etc.


  • Requiring a minimum.

How To Start An Online Custom Knitwear Clothing Store In The USA Without Buying In Bulk From Manufacturers

If you don’t want to invest a large amount of money upfront to buy inventory, you can still start an online custom knitted garment store in the USA by leveraging a fulfillment model called “print-on-demand.”

It’s a process in which a product is only printed with your own design and shipped to your customer after an order has been placed. This allows for greater flexibility and reduced costs, as there is no need to maintain inventory or pay for large runs in advance.

To start, check out the best print-on-demand partners to create and sell custom clothes online.

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