Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale: 15 Best Providers

A prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store is a Shopify site that has already been set up with real dropshipping products from real dropshipping suppliers as well as all basic functionalities to allow merchants to start selling online instantly.

It doesn’t only help you save time and effort from building a completely new one from scratch. Some good premade stores can even generate sales from day 1.

In this post, we’ll show you the 15 best providers for prebuilt Shopify dropshipping businesses for sale. We’ll also point out what elements to look for to make sure you purchase a legit & profitable store and what to do after buying one.

15 Best Websites To Buy Premade Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale

Here’re the 15 best online providers to buy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale.

1. Dropbuild

Dropbuild prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Dropbuild offers the most beautiful premade Shopify dropshipping stores.

First, the company will send you a list of the most profitable niches and winning products to choose from. Then, it will design your online store and add the items you have picked along with their descriptions and links to suppliers the with fastest shipping times.

Another factor making Dropbuild stand out is that it can help you create high-converting video ads, ad copy, and catchy social network content for every item.


  • Niche & product research.
  • Elegant product graphics and excellent descriptions.
  • Customized branding, logos, and icons.
  • Facebook Ads strategy & target audience suggestions.
  • SEO and speed optimization.
  • Payment processor configuration.
  • Lifetime support & guidance.


  • Turnaround times for store creation are 7-10 working days.


$499 for a fully-done Shopify store with one winning dropshipping product and $649 for 10 winning products.

2. Brandafy

Brandafy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Brandafy is a cheap provider for new prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores loaded with best-selling and fast-shipping products for sale from Spocket – a marketplace that connects merchants with vetted suppliers based in the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Asia.

Besides new turnkey storefront services, Brandafy also provides more advanced custom solutions to help you build a unique conversion-optimized one-product or niche shop ready to make sales with Facebook Pixels, Analytics, and payment gateway setup.


  • Fast dropshipping vendors with average shipping times of 4-10 days to the US/EU.
  • Professionally designed branding and logo.
  • Performance-optimized theme with apps to help increase conversions.
  • Auto currency switching.
  • Facebook & WhatsApp integrated.​
  • Email marketing setup and autoresponders.
  • ​Reviews and descriptions imported​.
  • Legal pages & shipping setup​.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • 24-72 hours to receive a new prebuilt store.


  • 7-14 business days to complete advanced custom store.


A basic prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store costs $21. An advanced one is $697-$997.

3. Flippa

Flippa prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Flippa is a leading online provider for buying and selling businesses in a wide spectrum of industries, including premade Shopify eCommerce & dropshipping stores for sale, profitable AdSense blogs, affiliate Amazon websites, SaaS, etc.

The marketplace has an expert vetting team reviewing the stated financial and operational metrics of 1000 listings monthly by going directly to the source, such as Shopify, Stripe, Quickbooks Online, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and more.

Flippa was founded in 2009 and has sold 300K+ digital assets to 3M+ users.


  • Each verified store listing contains the site age, monthly profit, page views, refund rate, average order value, profit multiplier, revenue multiplier, etc.
  • Escrow payment system.
  • Due diligence service that provides deeper analysis, identifies hidden risks, and independently assesses the value of your purchase.
  • Negotiable prices.
  • Post-sales support and legal consultation.


  • Be careful with many unverified scammy & low-quality stores.
  • Lack of ownership migration help.


Small prebuilt stores cost around $100-$1000 and established ones can be up to $1M-$5M.

4. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Empire Flippers is a reliable broker geared towards providing successful online businesses for sale, including curated 6-7-figure turnkey Shopify dropshipping sites.

It’s one of Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in the US and has generated over $400M worth of digital assets with a 75% success rate.


  • All listings are thoroughly vetted and quality-checked by an expert team.
  • Each listing contains a detailed summary of product sources, suppliers, traffic types, customer countries, opportunities, skills required, and other elements like created date, monthly revenue, monthly net profit, multiplier, email lists, social media accounts, domain, employee contracts, etc.
  • Advanced services like preparing a profit and loss statement (P&L), mediating conference calls, providing legal documentation, handling escrow, etc.
  • Done-for-you account migration help.


  • Very high prices.
  • Not having many websites for sale.


An existing Shopify dropshipping business on Empire Flippers is around $400K.

5. Exchange By Shopify

Exchange Marketplace By Shopify prebuilt dropshipping stores for sale

Important: Shopify shut down Exchange Marketplace on November 1st, 2022.

Exchange is the official Shopify marketplace for selling and buying new and established dropshipping businesses for sale in a broad range of niches (art, gifts, mugs, stationery, furniture, phone accessories, fashion, etc.) prebuilt by Shopify merchants.

The platform pulls information like traffic and revenue data directly from Shopify. It means sellers can’t edit their store data and buyers can be confident that what they see is what they get.


  • Wide variety of businesses in numerous countries (from fresh-created to 6-figure, AliExpress to Fulfillment by Amazon, and traditional dropshipping to print-on-demand to inventory).
  • Each listing contains thorough descriptions of why the store was started, the year it was founded, the reasons for selling the store, what’s involved in running the store, how to grow the business, and other elements like logo & branding assets, domain, product photos, social media accounts, mailing lists, etc.
  • Medium & big stores come with average monthly revenue, monthly sessions, monthly profits, profit margins, and average monthly sales.
  • Your payment is protected through an Escrow system until both the seller and you are 100% satisfied with the purchase.
  • The price of each store is negotiable by sending a message to the seller.
  • Transfer ownership help and post-purchase 24/7 Shopify support.


  • The transfer store process might take at least 3 days.
  • Many small & medium-sized websites have ugly designs and slow-loading speeds.


Starter ready-made Shopify dropshipping stores are as low as $50, while established & successful businesses with high traffic can be at least $1M.

6. Dropship For Sale

Dropship For Sale prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Dropship For Sale is trusted by over 8K+ merchants since 2017 and finishes 3K+ done-for-you online Shopify niche dropshipping stores every year.

Each store is integrated with fast-shipping suppliers that can ship goods within 1-2 weeks to the United States, Canada, and Europe.


  • High-quality products with customized packaging.
  • A free “.com” domain name.
  • Unlimited social media ad, logo, and graphic design.
  • Unlimited store revisions.
  • Switch to a different site at no extra cost if you’re still on an active membership.
  • Marketing guides.
  • Set up payments via credit/debit cards and Paypal.
  • Build and deliver your premade Shopify store within 24-48 hours.


  • Products might not be available for global shipping.
  • Advanced custom stores with specific requirements can take a long time to complete.


Dropship For Sale charges a monthly fee of $99/month. The platform also features already-built and ready-to-transfer stores with good domain names that cost a one-time payment of around $495-$997.

7. BigBuy

BigBuy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

BigBuy is not simply a website to buy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale. It’s a wholesale dropshipper based in Spain with nearly 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry.

The company has 20,000-square-meter logistics warehouses all over the EU, which allow for urgent shipping to most European and North American countries.

When using BigBuy’s comprehensive 360-degree turnkey store solution, you get access to hundreds of BigBuy’s products with no minimum at a very competitive price (up to 70% off compared to retail).

The premade Shopify dropshipping shop can also be integrated easily with e-marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Rakuten, Conforama, and Google Shopping to allow you to expand your sales channels to reach wider audiences. Additionally, it’s equipped with a blog to help with SEO & organic traffic.


  • Products are delivered globally within 5-11 days with express couriers like GLS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, etc.
  • A maximum of 30,000 products, of which 5,000 are reserved for new items.
  • The catalog is multi-currency and translated into 24 European languages.
  • Personalized store logo.
  • Many store themes and design templates that can be customized to suit your niche.
  • Responsive design to adapt perfectly to the size of any device.
  • Integrated with the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the product card.
  • Tools for newsletter generation and Mailchimp integration.
  • Real-time synchronization of products, categories, inventory, prices, orders, carriers, shipping costs, and shipment tracking.
  • Access hundreds of optimized banners, images, and videos ready to use on social media platforms, newsletters, and promotional messages.
  • Support resources with tutorials and technical aspects of the prebuilt Shopify dropshipping shop.
  • Commercial support to help you launch your shop and continuous technical support.
  • 50% discount on a 2nd 360-degree dropshipping shop.
  • Payment methods include Paypal, credit cards, wire transfers, Shopify Payments, and Amazon Pay.


  • Expensive subscription & activation fees.
  • Setting up your store in 2-5 days.


A BigBuy’s premade Shopify dropshipping store costs €790. In addition, you have to pay a one-time activation fee of €99 and a subscription fee of €69-€99/month.

8. DropCommerce

DropCommerce prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

DropCommerce offers you a one-off premium prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store loaded with 100+ trending products for sale with historically proven sales, Facebook ads documentation, and high-converting descriptions.

The platform features 400+ original North American brands in a variety of niches that are hand-picked for high quality and fast shipping.


  • Blind ship items to the US/Canada within 7 days.
  • Product prices at up to 35% discount compared to retail.
  • Branded invoicing.
  • The purchase includes a professional domain name.
  • 15+ high-quality storefront templates to choose from.
  • Branding, logo, & banner files and copyright-free images.
  • Setup e-book.
  • Each premade Shopify store comes with 3 months free of the DropCommerce Pro plan.
  • You get your store within 24 hours.


  • Not all products are available for international delivery.
  • Long shipping times for orders outside North America (Up to 30 days).
  • Some orders need up to 10 days to process.


It costs $249 for a turnkey store. After 3 months, you have to pay a $49 subscription plan to continue dropshipping DropCommerce’s products.

9. Dropship Beauty

Dropship Beauty prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Dropship Beauty is an online provider & dropshipper that builds premade Shopify dropshipping website for sale in the cosmetics, lashes, and hair care niches.

All orders are processed in Atlanta and shipped to addresses in the USA & Canada within 1 week.


  • 100+ products, including hair extensions, wigs, 3D lashes, lip glosses, matte lipsticks, edge controls, conditioners, and more.
  • Branded packaging, hang tags, and care instructions specifically designed for your business.
  • Professional product photos and product videos for marketing.
  • Helps you hire social media influencers to promote your beauty brand without any extra fees. You only have to pay for the influencers themselves.
  • Auto-sync orders & tracking numbers.


  • Products can only be dropshipped to the US & Canada.
  • 7-10 business days to complete your store.
  • No Shopify app setup.


$299 one-time payment for a turnkey store plus a $19.99/month subscription plan to dropship Drop Beauty’s products.

10. Fiverr

Fiverr prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. It allows people to list and advertise countless digital gigs to buyers all over the world, including programming, art design, virtual assistance, market research, product photography, online tutoring, etc.

There’re of course a lot of freelancers providing services to help you create a completely automated prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store. However, it’s important to thoroughly take a look at their portfolio and read their descriptions to see which one suits your needs the most.


  • A wide range of prices, from cheap to expensive.
  • You can hire freelancers to do additional jobs like advertising, writing product descriptions, creating video ads, dealing with customer service on your behalf, or even legal consulting.
  • Great buyer protection to help you get a store as described or get a refund if you’re not satisfied.
  • Rating system to allow you to easily choose the best sellers.


  • The quality of work on Fiverr is hit or miss. Some freelancers provide amazing turnkey stores while others don’t do a really good job.
  • Some sellers might need 5-10 days to complete a store.


Anywhere between $45-$395 for a turnkey Shopify dropshipping store.

11. Lemon Dev

Lemon Dev prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Lemon Dev helps you create a beautiful prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store that connects to BrandsGateWay – one of the best luxury dropshippers established in 2017 in Sweden EU.

The supplier carries authentic designer shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, leggings, dresses, cardigans, handbags, sunglasses, shoes, socks, jewelry, and watches of 100+ original brand names.

Some of them are Nike, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Cavalli Class, Pompei Donatella, Trussardi, Orient, Aviator, Esprit, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Daniel Wellington, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Pierre Cardin, Skage, etc.

Many items on BrandsGateWay are at great discounts (up to 85% off) to help you earn up to 250% profit margins.


  • 15K+ genuine products (and weekly new arrivals) that can be shipped within 3-10 days to Europe and 15 days to North America and Asia via UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • All items come with their original tags. Some of the products will have dustbags, boxes, and authenticity cards included. Watches come with warranties.
  • Real-time product updates and one-click order fulfillment.
  • Lemon Dev’s theme (called Liv) comes with a mega menu, automatic photo adjustment, automatic category creation, mobile responsiveness, color swatches, homepage sliders, product recommendations, color filtering, sticky add-to-cart, Wishlist, Instagram Feed, and basic SEO.
  • Terms of Service, Shipping & Returns, FAQ, and Contact Us pages created with your company details.
  • Social media links setup.
  • Product star rating and currency change functionalities.
  • European VAT directly on the Product Page so the users can see the final price of their selected products.
  • Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics configuration and installation.
  • High-quality product photos and descriptions.
  • Social media image templates.
  • SEO and Facebook ad guides.
  • Setup of additional Shopify apps.


  • Low inventory levels on a number of products.
  • Lemon Dev needs 3 days to set up your store.
  • Expensive activation & subscription costs.


A Lemon Dev’s ready-made Shopify dropshipping store is €1,499. In addition, you need to pay BrandsGateWay’s subscription fee, which is €197/month.

12. BDroppy

BDroppy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Belonging to Brandsdistribution Group, BDroppy is a leading high-ticket dropshipping provider based in Italy that offers ready-to-use Shopify luxury fashion eCommerce boutiques for sale.

It has 12+ years of experience supplying tops, bottoms, activewear, street apparel, swimwear, and high-end accessories from 120 designer brands like Gucci, Dior, Timberland, Sector, Maserati, Emporio Armani, Diesel, Komono, Michael Kors, Guess, Calvin Klein, Gant, etc.

Apart from the turnkey webstore service, BDroppy also has a social selling solution to allow you to start dropshipping on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Messenger, and Telegram without the need of building an online site.


  • Ship to 50+ countries and territories in the EU, US, UK, and extra-EU within 2-3 weeks via DHL, FedEx, Poste Italiane, and Boxberry.
  • Choose among 20 languages and 24 currencies.
  • Free domain registration.
  • Mobile-friendly web design.
  • Automatic synchronization of product quantities, prices, and orders.
  • Real-time order tracking.
  • Email marketing tools configuration.
  • Link to social pages.
  • HD photos and editorial images for marketing campaigns.
  • Integrated payment system (PayPal, Stripe, and Shopify Payments).


  • Doesn’t support global shipping.
  • Low stock on many products.
  • Slow customer service.
  • High yearly subscription fee.
  • Might need a couple of days to set up your shop.


A BDroppy’s prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store costs €490/year.

13. MyShopifyStores

MyShopifyStores prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

MyShopifyStores presents with you affordable premade/customized store solutions and additional services to help you kick-start an online dropshipping business with Shopify successfully and hassle-free.

The provider does not only do proper product hunting and adds top-selling products to your site. It also offers complete business development packages, such as SEO, marketing (Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Snapchat/Google Ads campaigns or email marketing), store redesign, store optimization, and maintenance.


  • Proper product titles.
  • Shipping setup.
  • Social media integration.
  • Logo & graphic design.
  • Sales badges, cart reminders, and other​ apps to boost conversions.
  • Fully-automated inventory management and order fulfillment.
  • Facebook & What’s App messaging​ integrated.
  • Google & Bing verified and submitted.
  • Payment gateways setup.
  • Duplicate service to help you clone any Shopify store with your own personal branding.


  • 3-7 days to set up custom stores.
  • Not providing good item descriptions.


MyShopifyStores charges $99 for a prebuilt dropshipping site for sale.

14. BeBiggy

BeBiggy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

BeBiggy offers ready-to-go-live web stores and established turnkey Shopify dropshipping websites for sale with pre-populated and budget-friendly items.

You have complete ownership and control over the shop, including adding more products, changing prices, connecting your own domain, and reselling the business at a higher price.


  • Fully automated inventory syncing & order processing.
  • Supplier & app setup.
  • Lifetime after-sales support.
  • 3-month free subscription of BeBiggy’s winning product service.
  • 24-72 hours to complete a store.


  • Not having good product descriptions.
  • Stores load fairly slowly.


$29.99-$59.99 for a new premade store and $499 for an established one with a great domain name.

15. Ecommerceify

Ecommerceify prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale

Ecommerceify has created 1K+ responsive & SEO-friendly prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores in more than 50+ niches and helped clients generate over 1M in sales in the past year.


  • 40-70 pre-loaded trending products from AliExpress & Spocket suppliers.
  • Various themes to choose from.
  • Custom-written product descriptions.
  • High-quality item images and social media graphics.
  • Contact Us and 4 policy pages.
  • Order tracking functionality setup.
  • Free lifetime support.
  • 48 hours to deliver premade stores.


  • Turnaround times for personalized shops are 14-21 business days.
  • No Shopify app setup.


An Ecommercify’s basic prebuilt store costs $149. Otherwise, you can opt for the $299 advanced package for additional 20 social media posts, multiple payment gateway integrations, and a customized logo.

Unique custom stores assembled from scratch are anywhere between $199-$399.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Store

Below are the advantages of buying a premade Shopify dropshipping store:

  • Save time and effort: For experienced merchants, buying a premade dropshipping store is especially worth it since you don’t have to go through all the tedious setup processes all over again. It also creates an opportunity for you to focus on what matters most, which is marketing and selling. Some providers even stock the prebuilt Shopify shop with actual trending products from fast suppliers which save you from the trouble of digging around AliExpress or Alibaba to search for them.
  • Having a professional-looking store: If you’re not a designer, it’s very likely to be a pain to create a site that looks both beautiful and trustworthy. In this situation, turnkey stores will definitely prove their worth.
  • Learning the secrets: If you don’t quite understand the ins and outs of the dropshipping business like how to research winning products, where to find reliable suppliers, which Shopify app to maximize conversions, or how to write good sales copy, buying a prebuilt store allows you to access all of this knowledge.
  • Ability to make money right away: With stores equipped with good items, images, and advertising materials or ones already having organic traffic, it’s very likely that you can generate sales from day 1 and gain the momentum to further grow the sites.

And, here’re the disadvantages:

  • Larger upfront investment: A good prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store can cost at least $200. On top of that, you still have to pay the usual Shopify subscription fees, domain costs, and app costs.
  • Risk of not knowing the process: For beginner merchants, it’s not a good idea to buy a turnkey store since you might not have sufficient knowledge to deal with unwanted technical problems as well as continue running it in a profitable manner.
  • Out-of-date products: You might bump into a shop that had good sales numbers in the past. However, it doesn’t guarantee the site will continue doing well in the future due to saturated niches or simply out-of-trend items.
  • Scams: Some providers might sell stores that are blacklisted by suppliers, Google, Facebook, Stripe, Paypal, Shopify Payments, or have run into copyright issues in the past. Others might still have a way to take the stores back after trading.
  • Not aligning with your skills and hobbies: Don’t buy an existing store simply because it generates sales. If you’re not familiar with the niche, it’s tough to scale the business further to make up for your investment.

How To Buy A Legitimate & Profitable Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Store For Sale

Here’re 12 main elements to keep in mind to purchase a good premade Shopify dropshipping store for sale:

  • Domain name: Choose a site with a domain name resonating with its niche. It’s also best to pick one that is short, memorable, and comes with a “.com” extension.
  • Sources of traffic: Where does the traffic come from? Organic, social, or paid ads? Can you increase it further? For example, if most of the traffic is from Google thanks to blog content, think of your ability to write additional SEO blog posts. Or, if the majority of the traffic is from Pinterest, think of the techniques to boost exposure and click-through rates.
  • Revenue & profit margin: Research the standard profit in the niche. For instance, the average profit margin for jewelry is around 42.6% and for watches is 30%-50%.
  • Costs: The common multiplier of a dropshipping store is around 30-36 times its monthly profit or 2.5-3 times its annual profit. So, if a prebuilt Shopify site makes $10k in profit per month, It should cost no more than $300K-$360K.
  • Store history: Check Wayback Machine, ScamAdviser, and especially past reviews from customers for any potential scams or blacklist risks.
  • Products, niches, & suppliers: Besides profitable niches & products and trustworthy suppliers, check for competition to see the ability to differentiate yourself from other brands.
  • Social media presence: How many followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok does the store have? Are they bots? Ways to keep growing the accounts?
  • Payment processors: 7% of people abandoned their shopping carts because the retailer didn’t offer enough payment methods. Therefore, check if the store still has access to Shopify Payments, Paypal, and Stripe.
  • Speed: Researchers show that a poor-performance store can see a decrease of 79% in the number of repeat customers. In another study, a one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% loss in revenue. You can use PageSpeed Insights to check for the loading speed of a prebuilt store.
  • Design: The site should not only look beautiful and credible but also be responsive, consistent, easy to navigate, and optimized for conversion.
  • Email lists: Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels for eCommerce. According to a study, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. So, look for a dropshipping store that maintains an active email list.
  • SEO: Does the store have a good SEO structure? For example, the product URL should be clean and include keywords. Images should have alt text. Pages should have meta descriptions.

What To Do After Buying Turnkey Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Here’re the top 6 things you should do after buying a prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store:

  • Check that you have every asset: Make sure that you get Shopify accounts, Gmail names & passwords, social media accounts, business licenses, supplier contracts, existing employee contracts, marketing materials, email lists, and other related legal documents.
  • Optimize the stores: Improve the site’s speed, design, SEO, and every other aspect that you see the potential. By simply doing that, you increase the store’s value tremendously and can even flip it for profit.
  • Promoting products on other sales channels: Besides social media platforms, you can also try listing products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Wish, Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, etc.
  • Writing SEO-optimized blog content: Organic traffic is the most valuable type of traffic. It’s also a free way to get sales once you get some blog posts to the top of Google search results.
  • Expand the product line: You can enhance the premade store’s catalog with related products (e.g., fashion and jewelry are closely bonded, coffee and tea, computer and mobile phones, etc.). Another way is to find a print-on-demand or private-label supplier to start dropshipping custom products with your own logos and designs.
  • Incorporate other monetization methods: 2 most prominent & effective tactics are subscription services and affiliate marketing.


These 15 online providers to buy prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores for sale are carefully chosen based on various criteria, including costs, development duration, site speeds, product & supplier quality, app setup, automation capabilities, and marketing materials.

To sum everything up, if you’re looking to buy an established premade store, Exchange Marketplace, Flippa, and Empire Flippers are the best choices.

On the contrary, for merchants wanting to purchase a new turnkey shop, Brandafy is the cheapest provider while DropBuild offers the most elegant one.

You can also consider going with BigBuy, DropCommerce, Dropship Beauty, BrandsGateWay (built via Lemon Dev), and BDroppy to access their fast-shipping and high-quality products.

After buying a prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store, make sure you have every asset and identify potential areas to improve on.

For more information, check out our complete dropshipping checklist.

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