6 Best Custom Bandana Print-On-Demand Companies

Looking for the best bandana print-on-demand suppliers?

To save you time from scouring the internet, this post will show you the 6 most trustworthy ones of them offering products at competitive prices with great shipping times.

Best Print-On-Demand Suppliers For Custom Bandanas

Here’re the 6 best custom bandana print-on-demand companies.

1. Gooten

Gooten bandana print-on-demand company

Gooten is the best bandana print-on-demand dropshipper in the US for Shopify and popular eCommerce platforms. It cooperates with both domestic distribution centers and a few international manufacturers to expedite delivery and lower shipping costs.

Gooten has manufactured and delivered 4M+ products with less than a 2% error rate and a 95% ship-on-time rate.

Besides square/triangular human bandanas and premium pet bandanas, the company also provides you with print-on-demand dropshipping apparel, cell phone cases, mousepads, mugs, drinkware, art prints, stickers, notebooks, yoga mats, blankets, flags, etc.


  • Blind shipping globally within 4-30 days via UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS.
  • Support overnight fast dropshipping to the US and expedited shipping for international orders (at extra fees).
  • VIP benefits for merchants doing high volume.
  • Support customized packing slips.
  • Payment methods include Paypal and credit/debit cards.
  • Integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Etsy.


  • Production time can be 3-9 business days.


2. PrinterStudio

PrinterStudio bandana print-on-demand company

PrinterStudio is also a print-on-demand supplier based in the US, offering a dozen of bananas and handkerchiefs to which you can add custom photos, designs, images, artwork, and messages.

Additionally, it’s a one-stop online service for creative gift ideas that are hard to find on other platforms, such as photo calendars, metal keychains, wooden puzzles, playing cards, chips, tarot cloths, folded cards, and games.



  • No print-on-demand dropshipping app.
  • No personalized packaging.
  • Turnround times are 4-11 business days.


  • Bandanas: Starting from $10.75.
  • Shipping Costs: From $8.49.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: No.


SPOD bandana print-on-demand company

SPOD is one of the best-quality print-on-demand partners for dog bandanas, adult bandanas, and all-purpose scarves. It’s backed by Spreadshirt – a renowned German eCommerce group having over 20 years of industry experience.

With 5 production facilities across the USA and Europe operated by 750+ employees, SPOD is capable of inspecting, routine-testing, processing, and producing up to 50K orders on a daily basis.

In 2020, the company dispatched 9.8M items with 95% of orders shipped within 48 hours.


  • Ship worldwide within 25 days via USPS and FedEx.
  • Support in multiple languages.
  • 20% off on samples.
  • 50K+ free designs.
  • Pay with major credit/debit cards.
  • Support integration with Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce, Magento, and OrderDesk.



  • Bandanas: From $5.2.
  • Shipping Costs: From $4.51 to the US, $4.89 to the EU, etc.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free.

4. DropshipCN

DropshipCN bandana print-on-demand company

DropshipCN is a cheap print-on-demand company based in China of adult & kids’ face-covering bandanas along with 800+ additional items (t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, pajamas, skirts, activewear, plus-size clothing, crew socks, hats, bags, purses, and more).

Having been around for 10 years, DropshipCN now owns 3 factories with over 150 employees to serve big and small dropshipping stores.


  • Free global dropshipping within 30 days via FedEx, Standard Airmail, and Flat Rate Airmail.
  • Support custom clothing labels, hang tags, and poly mailers with personalized brand names & logos.
  • Bulk wholesale dropshipping discounts.
  • Pay with Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and other major credit cards.
  • Connect with Shopify.


  • At least 3-5 days to print orders.
  • Logistics delays might happen.
  • Products might not be high-quality.


  • Bandanas: From $9.59.
  • Shipping Costs: Free.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free. However, you can upgrade to the $19.99/month Enterprise plan to enjoy 20% discounts on all items and access branding features.

5. InterestPrint

InterestPrint bandana print-on-demand company

InterestPrint is another reliable print-on-demand vendor located in China. It presents you with multifunctional dust-proof bandanas, all-over-print balaclavas, and 700+ other customizable products.

The company has factories totaling 150K square feet operated by over 400 employees which allow for a daily capacity of 5K pieces of goods.



  • Long processing times and shipping delays could occur.


  • Bandanas: From $9.99.
  • Shipping Costs: Usually free shipping from China.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free.

6. JetPrint

JetPrint bandana print-on-demand company

Finally, we have JetPrint. It’s a print-on-demand provider for snood bandanas, sports bandanas, and a lot of other exciting items (e.g., AOP adult & youth fashionshoes & sneakers, custom watches, home decor, etc.).

JetPrint collaborates with dropshipping manufacturers in China, allowing it to offer reasonable prices to over 30k Shopify customers.


  • Global shipping within 25 days from Shenzhen and Hong Kong SAR.
  • Powerful mock-up generator.
  • Pay with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and other credit cards.
  • Connect to WooCommerce and Shopify.


  • Production lead times can be up to 6 days.
  • No branding service.


  • Bandanas: From $9.99.
  • Shipping Costs: Free.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free.


Hopefully, with our curated supplier list, you’ll be able to build a profitable bandana print-on-demand dropshipping brand.

It’s crucial to note that other elements like store optimization, product designs, marketing, and customer service are also vital factors that can make or break your entire business.

To learn more about them, check out our full guide to starting a successful dropshipping store.

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