18 Best Small-Batch Clothing Manufacturers In The USA

Starting a clothing brand or expanding an existing one can be both an exciting and challenging endeavor. One of the biggest hurdles new and small businesses face is finding a reliable and cost-effective manufacturer that can produce high-quality garments in small quantities.

Fortunately, there’s no need to look far: the USA is home to a plethora of low-minimum order quantity (MOQ) and small-batch clothing manufacturers that cater specifically to startups and emerging brands.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the 18 best ones of them. We’ll cover their specialties, services, and what sets them apart, so you can find the perfect partner for your brand.

Best Low-MOQ & Small-Batch Clothing Manufacturers In The USA

Here’re the 18 best low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturers in the United States.

1. The Evans Group

The Evans Group low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Founded in 2005 in the US, The Evans Group is a reliable full-service fashion development and low-MOQ production house for over 3K emerging designers and high-end clothing brands, including Moncler, Banana Republic, Chantel Lauren, Kiln, Cosima, Over + Over, etc.

Its small-batch apparel manufacturing services include sourcing, grading, marking, cutting, hand sewing, trimming & packing, installation projects, and dedicated sewing modulars.

When working with The Evens Group, you will be paired with a dedicated team that walks you from start to finish, including a project manager, a design & sourcing expert, a master pattern maker, and a seasoned seamstress.


  • In-house studio-level production with no minimum required (suitable for high-end brands that require special handling or quality, brands seeking rush orders, or brands seeking runs for publicity or up-front inventory for start-up sales).
  • International shipping.
  • Pay with major credit/debit cards.


  • Factory-level production has a minimum of 50 pieces per style.
  • 4-8-week turnaround times (rush deliveries within 1-4 weeks with additional charges).

2. Lefty Production Co

Lefty Production Co low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Lefty Production Co is a leading small-batch & low-MOQ fashion apparel manufacturing company based in the heart of Los Angeles, California, USA.

The company provides custom/private-label men’s & women’s & children’s everyday wear, swimwear, athletic clothing, urban clothing, lingerie, and bridal garments.

Lefty Production Co has collaborated with some famous fashion brands like Matthew Williamson, Rosetta Getty, Christian Siriano, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

When working with Lefty, you’re provided with one-stop OEM/ODM service, from sketching, designing, fabric & trim sourcing, pattern making, branding, virtual 3D sampling, marking & grading, cutting, size testing, to production, laser cutting, and packing.


  • Deliver to the USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, and France.
  • Consulting and website development services.
  • Pay with credit/debit cards.


  • A MOQ of 50 pieces.
  • Not delivering globally.

3. InStyle USA

InStyle USA low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

InStyle USA is a producer with over 30 years of experience manufacturing clothes with no minimum order requirements or in small batches.

The company offers full-package services, assisting you with design execution, fabric selection, trim selection, first pattern, and all parts of development to get your concept from samples to finished production.

InStyle USA possesses approximately 10,000 square feet of space in New York, with over 60 sewing machines and 2 on-site cutting tables.


  • No minimums.
  • Pay with checks, cash, most major credit cards, ACH payments, and wire transfers.


  • Development generally takes between 2-6 weeks and bulk production takes 4-12 weeks.

4. Scott x Scott

Scott x Scott low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Scott x Scott is a family-owned and operated company in the USA, designing and manufacturing clothes with no minimum order quantity for clients such as Urban Outfitters, Levi’s, and Revolve Clothing.

It has launched multiple brands under its umbrella, starting with the menswear line BSCOTT in 2008; followed by the women’s fashion line Sarah Scott; and a bespoke accessory line One of One.

Scott x Scott’s mission is to provide a full package production service from designing and development, to production and private labeling, at a competitive price with virtually no minimums.


  • No MOQs.
  • Accept major credit/debit cards.


  • Long production times.

5. Prange Apparel

Prange Apparel low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Started in 2013, Prange Apparel is a small-order cut & sew manufacturing company that specializes in women’s boutique apparel, including blouses, dresses, tunics, shorts, and pants made from silks, tencel, cotton, rayon/viscose, wool, polyester, bamboo, knits, and a variety of blends.

It crafts all products in a 6000-square-foot facility in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


  • Price breaks at 100 and 250 units.
  • Accept major credit/debit cards.


  • The minimum order quantity is 25 garments per style and color.
  • The turnaround times for manufacturing are usually between 3-8 weeks.
  • Doesn’t manufacture basic t-shirts, hoodies, children’s wear, outerwear, undergarments, jeans, and bridal wear.

6. Tailored Industry

Tailored Industry low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Tailored Industry is an on-demand no-minimum clothing manufacturer located in New York, United States, specializing in men’s & women’s knitwear.

Its catalog contains 120+ production-ready styles, including t-shirts, polos, tank tops, sweaters, blazers, hoodies, joggers, pants, shorts, bralette tops, dresses, knee-length skirts, leggings, long skirts, and scarves.

Those products can be made with your own labels. You can also request adjustments to create a custom style.


  • No MOQs for on-demand services.
  • Support Shopify print-on-demand dropshipping.
  • Payment via Visa, Mastercard, Affinity cards, American Express, PayPal, etc.


  • On-demand services cost $299-$699/month.
  • No-subscription bulk production services require a MOQ of 300+ pieces.

7. Nikibiki

Nikibiki low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Founded in 2001, Nikibiki is a leader in custom American-made small-batch women’s/junior’s seamless wear manufacturing, including crop tops, bralettes, camis, tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, biker shorts, yoga capris, vintage leggings, bodysuits, dresses, and jumpsuits in sizes from standard to plus.

All of its items are crafted in Los Angeles, using super soft & lightweight fabric built on top of a refined production process and a meticulous quality check stage to ensure the highest standard of quality.

The customization services provided by Nikibiki are custom clothing labels, colors, styles, and price tags.


  • International delivery.
  • Free shipping for online domestic in-stock orders over $500.
  • Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


  • A minimum of 50 pieces per style per color for custom/private-label orders.
  • A minimum of $100 per order and 5 pieces per color for ready-made products.
  • The average lead time is about 4-6 weeks.

8. Renaissance Creative Studios

Renaissance Creative Studios low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Renaissance Creative Studios is a high-quality & luxury garment manufacturer with no minimums located in Los Angeles, USA.

With expert tailors, sample makers, and production managers under one roof, the company is able to provide clients with transparent access to the end-to-end design development of their line.


  • No minimum requirements.
  • Free shipping within the United States and Canada for all purchases over $1000.
  • Payment via major credit/debit cards.


  • Long lead times.

9. Patterns World Inc

Patterns World low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Patterns World Inc has been specializing in pattern making and small-batch clothing manufacturing services in the garment district of Los Angeles USA for over 30 years.

It has collaborated with famous celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, and many other A-List celebrities.


  • Full-package apparel development services.
  • Credit/debit card payment accepted.


  • The minimum is 50 units.

10. Happy Fashion On 36

Happy Fashion on 36 low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Happy Fashion On 36 is another reliable no-minimum garment manufacturer headquartered in New York, United States.

It has partnered with brands like Rachel Comey, Batsheva, Marc Jacobs, etc.


  • No MOQs.
  • Accept major cards.


  • Long production times.

11. C&J Sportswear

C&J Sportswear low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

C&J Sportswear has 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, specializing in pattern making, sample development, and US-based production with no MOQs.

Some of its capabilities are dress-making, cut & sew jersey, suiting, outerwear, shirting, and soft draped garments.


  • No minimums.
  • Pay by Mastercard, Visa, etc.


  • Long lead times.

12. Stylus Apparel

Stylus Apparel low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

The next small-batch apparel manufacturer in the US worth looking into is Stylus Apparel.

Operating since 1978, it develops private-label clothes and uniforms with various decoration and creation techniques, such as screen printing, sublimation printing, embroidery, cutting & sewing, and custom woven fabric labels.


  • International delivery.
  • Accept credit/debit cards, bank checks, money orders, and cash.


  • The minimum starts from 36 pieces.
  • The average lead time for sampling and production is between 2-6 weeks.

13. Seam Apparel

Seam Apparel low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Seam Apparel is a custom clothing wholesale producer with low MOQs in Los Angeles, USA.

It has 10 years of garment production experience and is dedicated to serving both small startups and big brands.


  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Fabric/material sourcing, sampling, pattern making, sizing, grading, marking, etc.
  • Accept all major credit cards, certified checks, and money orders.


  • The minimum is 50 pieces.
  • Long lead times.

14. Affix Apparel

Affix Apparel low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Affix Apparel is a small-batch & low-minimum fashion clothing manufacturer in the USA, with over 10 years of experience serving both small and large fashion brands.

It provides various services, including material sourcing, grading, pattern designing, sampling sizing, cut & sew manufacturing, all-over sublimation printing, screen printing, embroidery, woven labels, satin labels, hang tags, and heat transfer labels.


  • Global delivery.
  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, bank checks, money orders, and cash.


  • A MOQ of 50+ pieces.
  • Lead times are between 2-6 weeks.

15. Quick Turn Clothing

Quick Turn Clothing low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Quick Turn Clothing is the next small-batch & no-MOQ women’s fashion apparel manufacturer situated in New York, USA.

Its customers include Gwynnie Bee, Rent The Runway, Hennings, Heidi Daus, etc.


  • No minimum order requirements.
  • Support Visa, Mastercard, etc.


  • Long production times.

16. Made X Hudson

Made X Hudson low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Made X Hudson is a no-minimum clothing manufacturer situated in Catskill, NY, USA.


  • No production minimums.
  • Accept common payment cards.


  • Long lead times.

17. JJ NEL Production

JJ NEL Production low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

Located in New York, USA, JJ NEL Production was founded in 2011 with a vision to aid local small-scale designers with no-MOQ & small-batch clothing production services.

The company specializes in high-end women’s wear and is capable of handling a wide range of fabrics. This is made possible by a team of experienced pattern-makers, seamstresses, pressers, and finishers.


  • No minimum order.
  • Payment via credit/debit cards.


  • At least 2-3 weeks for small production.

18. MCM Enterprise

MCM Enterprise low-MOQ & small-batch clothing manufacturer in the USA

MCM Enterprise is a vertically integrated no-MOQ clothing manufacturing firm established in 1997 in Brooklyn, United States.

It has worked with many of the biggest names in the fashion industry, such as Nordstrom, Cache, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Guess.


  • No minimums.
  • Accept major cards.


  • Long production times.

How To Start An Online Custom Clothing Store In The USA Without Buying In Bulk From Manufacturers

If you still find the above small-batch clothing manufacturers too expensive or difficult to work with, another option is to use a print-on-demand (POD) service.

It’s a process in which a product is only printed with your own design and shipped to your customer after an order has been placed. This allows for greater flexibility and reduced costs, as there is absolutely no minimum order and no need to maintain inventory.

To start, check out the best print-on-demand partners to create and sell custom clothes online.

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