6 Best Hooded Cloak Print-On-Demand Suppliers

Hooded cloaks, often seen sweeping through the night in our favorite Halloween or fantasy tales, are long flowing garments that cover the body and are characterized by a hood to cover the head. Originating from medieval times, they’ve been a staple in various cultures, symbolizing everything from protection and anonymity to social status. Today, they’ve found their place in cosplay, Renaissance fairs, and even high fashion. With their large canvas, hooded cloaks present a unique opportunity for showcasing custom designs, making them an exciting prospect for personalization and branding.

In today’s blog post, we’re plunging into the captivating world of print-on-demand, with a special focus on custom hooded cloaks. Print-on-demand is a contemporary retail fulfillment method where items are produced only after a customer places an order, thus eliminating the need for large inventories and reducing waste.

We’ve journeyed through countless websites, sifted through various options, and handpicked the 6 best hooded cloak print-on-demand suppliers. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner looking to diversify your product range with a touch of mystique, or a Halloween enthusiast aiming to express your unique style through custom attire, this list will undoubtedly have something to meet your needs.

Best Print-On-Demand Suppliers Of Custom Hooded Cloaks

Here are the 6 best custom hooded cloak print-on-demand companies.

1. Yoycol

Yoycol hooded cloak print-on-demand supplier

Yoycol is a leading print-on-demand company in China for all-over-print unisex microfiber hooded cloaks, scuba hooded cloaks, and knitted fleece cloaks with kangaroo pockets.

Apart from personalizable products, the platform also provides a vast collection of pre-designed items so you can skip the hassle of coming up with beautiful designs and start importing products to your store to sell right away.

Yoycol was established in 2016 and currently has advanced printing machines with an artificial intelligence warehouse system capable of fulfilling 1.8M+ items yearly.

On the website, you can also discover custom t-shirts, crop tops, polos, button-down shirts, hoodies, puffer jackets, joggers, leggings, dresses, shorts, kimonos, pajamas, streetwear, fitness apparel, underwear, swimwear, plus-size garments, hats, socks, shoes, boots, slippers, clogs, fanny packs, passport covers, yoga mats, doormats, wall art, and more.


  • Ship globally via YunExpress, DHL, 4PX, and YDH within 30 days.
  • 2%-5% monthly discounts for merchants who reach certain sales thresholds.
  • Bulk print-on-demand discounts (starting from 10 units).
  • 7-day return & replacement policy for misprinted/damaged/defective items.
  • Custom neck labels.
  • Powerful 3D mockup generator.
  • Free design library.
  • Accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.
  • Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, and Etsy.


  • Production lead times are up to 4-14 days.
  • No personalized packaging.


  • Hooded Cloaks: From $11.96.
  • Shipping Costs: Starting from $16.25 to US/UK/EU, $18.73 to Asia, etc.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free.

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You can go with Yoycol to start dropshipping a vast range of pre-designed products right away.

2. Subliminator

Subliminator hooded cloak print-on-demand supplier

Subliminator specializes in sublimation print-on-demand luxurious hooded cloaks made with a 100% polyester micro-mink outer layer and a soft microfiber fleece lining.

It collaborates with factories in China to offer merchants lower costs compared to many of its European and American competitors.


  • Ship to the US/UK within 6-9 days, to the EU within 4-15 days, and to the rest of the world within 7-20 days.
  • Bulk order discounts.
  • 4-week return policy.
  • 100+ free premium designs.
  • Accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Can integrate with Shopify.


  • Up to 7 days to process orders.
  • No branding services.


  • Hooded Cloaks: From $50.
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are included in the product prices.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: It’s free to begin a dropshipping side hustle with Subliminator.

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If you’re finding a producer of high-end cloaks, check out Subliminator.

3. PrintDoors

PrintDoors hooded cloak print-on-demand supplier

PrintDoors is one of the cheapest print-on-demand suppliers of polyester loose relaxed long-sleeve hooded cloaks.

It was founded in 2022 in China, having invested $8+ million in printing equipment with a catalog of over 800 products.


  • Ship globally within 1-4 weeks.
  • 5%-10% discount on orders of 10-50 pieces.
  • Branding options, including shoe boxes, neck labels, greeting cards, and hang tags.
  • Pay with Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, and PayPal.
  • Connection to Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and Shoplazza.


  • 3-7 days to process orders.


  • Hooded Cloaks: From $10.17.
  • Shipping Costs: From $8.47 to the US/UK/EU, $11.57 to Canada, $9.40 to Asia, etc.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: It’s free to start making money dropshipping from PrintDoors.

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Use PrintDoors to maximize your profits.

4. ThisNew

ThisNew hooded cloak print-on-demand supplier

ThisNew is the next print-on-demand dropshipping website in China, featuring custom Halloween adult full-length capes, children’s long hooded cloaks, and cat-eared short hooded cloaks.

It has modern factories in both Asia and North America totaling 160 square feet run by over 800 workers.

Other products presented by ThisNew are eye masks, bandanas, scarfs, ties, headbands, bucket hats, duffle bags, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, pin buttons, umbrellas, ornaments, leather notebooks, oven gloves, cutting boards, pint glasses, pet hoodies, dog leashes, dog collars, phone cases, iPad cases, mousepads, watches, AirPod cases, AirTag cases, Bluetooth speakers, phone display stands, phone grips, wireless chargers, watch bands, wristbands, license plates, etc.


  • Ship to over 200 countries and territories within 25 days.
  • Discounts for large volume sellers.
  • 20% off your first order.
  • Refunds for unqualified products within 2 weeks of receipt.
  • Accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, and Discover.
  • Compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy.



  • Hooded Cloaks: From $25.99.
  • Shipping Costs: From $3.60 to the US, $0.90 to the UK/EU, and free to Asia.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Start dropshipping for free.

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Use ThisNew to expand your product offerings.

5. Merchize

Merchize hooded cloak print-on-demand supplier

Merchize provides print-on-demand hooded cloaked coats and 350+ other items, such as ringer tees, rash guards, knitwear, baseball jackets, jumpsuits, jerseys, children’s wear, aprons, bags, wallets, wall clocks, candles, stationery, kitchenware, tapestries, shower curtains, pillows, blankets, signs, flags, mugs, tumblers, puzzles, pet supplies, car seat covers, bumper stickers, Mother’s Day gifts, etc.

The company stands out for offering a prebuilt dropshipping store solution that allows you to effortlessly manage orders across multiple marketplaces and automatically sync, fulfill, and track shipments.

Merchize owns a 48,500-sqft manufacturing facility in Vietnam with an average production capacity of 200K orders/month.


  • Global shipping within 20 days.
  • SEO-optimized & fast pre-made storefronts with SSL certificates, powerful marketing tools, 2-day payouts, and customer support handling.
  • 20% discounts for sample products.
  • Tier discounts based on your monthly sales.
  • 60-day return & refund policy.
  • Custom labels, hang tags, inserts, and personalized packaging.
  • FBA-fulfillment services.
  • Pay with PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer.
  • Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping.


  • Might need up to 10 days to produce items.


  • Hooded Cloaks: From $36.50.
  • Shipping Costs: Free to the USA, $9.40 to the EU, and $19.46 to the rest of the world.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free with limited features. Paid plans start from $79 to access more advanced tools like store analytics, upsell & cross-sell functionalities, unlimited bandwidth & storage, SEO optimization, etc.

Best For

If you’re interested in opening your own online print-on-demand storefront with minimal setup effort, try Merchize.

6. WCFulfillment

WCFulfillment hooded cloak print-on-demand supplier

WCFulfillment carries print-on-demand AOP hooded cloaks made from 100% polyester with a soft sherpa interior.

The company is trusted by more than 30K active customers and rated highly on Shopify.


  • Ship globally within 2-6 weeks.
  • Payment methods include PayPal and major credit cards.
  • Support integration with Shopify.


  • Up to 5 working days to process orders.
  • No custom branding solutions.


  • Hooded Cloaks: From $39.99.
  • Shipping Costs: Starting from $4.99.
  • Dropshipping Subscription Fees: Free. You can also upgrade to the Premium $9.99/month plan to get discounts on all products.

Best For

Leverage WCFulfillment to enhance your product line.


These suppliers are carefully chosen based on various criteria, including product range, product quality, processing times, shipping speed, shipping rates, and payment methods.

In summary, if you’re looking for cheap print-on-demand providers of personalized hooded cloaks, check out Yoycol, PrintDoors, and ThisNew.

In case you’re finding partners with higher-quality items, consider Subliminator and WCFulfillment.

Finally, Merchize is the best option to quickly create your own hooded cloak print-on-demand store.

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